musical train (1996) 02/01/1996

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Producer VID

Anchorperson: Ivan Demidov

Reel №1

The program is 5 years since the first broadcast on February 2, 1991.

Excursion into history: the year of 1991, the musical signs of time.

The birth of the rubric "People's Hit Parade".

The biggest concert of Oleg Gazmanov in Luzhniki.

The collapse of the duo "Kar-Man".

The first album of the band "Lube".

On October 6, Igor Talkov was killed in the Oktyabrsky shopping center in St.


The heyday of Dmitry Malikov.

The release of the last "Black Album" of the "Cinema" group; Victor Tsoi about what it means to be a musician.

Memories of the putsch.

August 14, Mike Naumenko died (according to other sources - August 27).

November 24, Freddie Mercury died.

In December, Mikhail Gorbachev takes in the Kremlin foreign rock musicians.

Alla Pugacheva was awarded the title People's Artist of the USSR.

TC "VID" celebrated its first anniversary.

Music in the program:

Hymn of the Soviet Union in the performance of popular musicians (video clip).

Oleg Gazmanov, a clip for the song "The Tramp".

A fragment of the film "Zone of Lube" (1994, directed by DL Zolotukhin), the song "The Moon".

Dmitry Malikov, clip for the song "Do not hide a smile."

Vadim Kazachenko, the song "Golden".


Ugolnikov IS - actor, TV presenter, film director, screenwriter, producer, Honored Artist of Russia, academician of the International Academy of Television and Radio.
Malikov D.Yu. - pop singer, composer, pianist, actor, TV presenter, producer, People's Artist of Russia.
Pugacheva A.B. - pop singer, composer, stage director, producer, actress, TV presenter, People's Artist of the USSR.
Milyavskaya (Gorelik) LM - pop singer, actress, director, TV presenter.
Tsekalo A.E. - musician, actor, director, screenwriter, TV host, producer.
Minaev S.Yu. - Russian musician, singer, disc jockey, actor, TV presenter.
Markin V.N. - Russian musician, singer, composer, TV presenter, entrepreneur.
Margulis E.Sh. - Russian rock musician, singer, composer, Honored Artist of Russia, member of the groups "Time Machine", "Resurrection", "Shanghai", "Araks".
Ivanov A.Yu. - composer, poet, singer, TV presenter, leader of the group "Rondo".
Penkin SM - Russian singer, composer, actor.
Dobrynin V.G. - Russian composer, pop singer, People's Artist of Russia.
Gazmanov OM - Russian pop singer, poet, composer, actor, producer, Honored Artist of Russia, People's Artist of Russia.
Lemokh S.M. - Russian singer, composer, leader of the groups "Kar-Men" and "Carbonrock".
Rastorguev N.V. - Russian singer, leader of the musical group "Lube", actor, TV presenter, People's Artist of Russia, public figure.
Talkov I.V. - Soviet rock musician, poet, film actor.
Tsoy V.R. - singer, poet, composer, actor, artist, founder of the rock group "Kino".
Kinchev K.E. - rock musician, songwriter, leader of the group "Alisa".
Listiev V.N. - TV presenter, journalist, first general director of ORT, an entrepreneur.
Rostropovich M.L. - cellist, pianist, conductor, teacher, public figure, People's Artist of the USSR.
Mercury F. (Balsara F.) - British singer, composer, songwriter, music producer, poet, artist, vocalist of rock band "Queen".
Makarevich A.V. - musical and public figure, Honored Artist of the RSFSR, People's Artist of Russia.
Kutikov A.V. - Russian rock musician, composer, music producer, Honored Artist of Russia, member of the groups "Time Machine", "Leap Year", "Nuance".
Presnyakov V.V. - pop musician, singer, composer, arranger, actor.
Galanin S.Yu. - Russian rock musician, poet, composer, founder of the bands "SerGa", "Brigadiers", "Gulliver", member of the bands "Brigade C" and VIA "Rare Bird".
Malinin A.N. - pop singer, composer, actor, Honored Artist of the RSFSR, People's Artist of Russia.
Khavtan E.L. - guitarist, vocalist, composer, leader of the group "Bravo".
Syutkin V.M. - singer, musician, songwriter, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, professor of the vocal department of MGU State University named after MA Sholokhov.
Mazaev S.V. - rock musician, singer, songwriter, actor, soloist of the group "Moral Code", Honored Artist of Russia, music producer.
Kazachenko V.G. - pop singer, Honored Artist of Russia.
Gorbachev MS - State, political and public figure, the last general secretary of the CPSU Central Committee, the last Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, the first chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, the only President of the USSR.
Gorbachev R.M. - public figure, a member of the Presidium of the Soviet Cultural Foundation.



Music; Musicians; Anniversaries
Culture and Arts; Persons of arts; Biography; Social life