Scandals of the week (2000) 11/25/2000

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Anchorperson: Petr Tolstoj

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A scandal in the Kursk region around the beating of former vice-governor Sergei Maksachov in the city administration building.

Interview with Sergei Maksachyov in the hospital about interrogations regarding the financial activities of A.Rutskogo and the subsequent beating; chairman of the regional Duma Viktor Chernykh and acting governor Alexander Mikhailov say that this incident is a provocation, and they accuse the victim of lying.

Alexander Rutskoy put forward counter accusations.

Visiting the program, Vladimir Zhirinovsky and Konstantin Borovoi, discussing the "new style" of regional politics.

The project of the national anthem of the Russian Federation: Ilya Reznik wrote lyrics to the music of Alla Pugacheva.

Comments of the guests of the program.

Three Moscow National Bolsheviks captured the bell tower in St.

Peter's Church in Riga and threatened to blow it up if the authorities did not release Mikhail Fartbukh, former NKVD officer, convicted of participation in the Stalinist repressions.

After negotiations with the Russian ambassador, the terrorists surrendered to the Latvian special services.

The ruptured action provoked a wave of searches and arrests, including people uninvolved in the Russian National Bolshevik Party.

The leader of the Moscow national Bolsheviks Anatoly Tishin about his participation in the preparation of the action.

The representative of the Ministry of the Interior of Latvia, Andris Staris, gives details on the beginning of the investigation.

Comments of the guests of the program.

The Supreme Court rejected the protest of the Prosecutor General's Office in the case of the first arrest of the Krasnoyarsk businessman Anatoly Bykov.

National deceit with the help of the media: the staging of a contract killing of members of the Krasnoyarsk criminal group Pavel (Vilor) Struganov and Vyacheslav Esmetdinov; "Victims" are alive, and Anatoly Bykov is in Lefortovo prison.

Interviews: Attorneys Heinrich Padva and Robert Dubinnikov, deputies Vadim Bulavinov and Vladislav Demin, prosecutor Sergei Lapin.

Comments of the guests of the program.

Scandal in Peru: the flight of President Alberto Fujimori to his historic homeland, the resignation petition was sent from Tokyo.

Opposition representative Alejandro Toledo convinces the president of corruption.

Continuation of the scandal surrounding the opposition of television lotteries "Golden Key" and "Russian Lotto", the view of the owner of the "Russian Lotto" Malik Saidullaev.

The airline "Siberia" is suspected of assisting one of the religious sects.

The representative of the company "Maharishi Products", whose products are included in the set of catering, Santoro Antonio claims that the activities of their organization is purely commercial.

Representative of the airline Mikhail Koshman reports that "Siberia" decided to meet the believers and does not distribute the baked goods of this company anymore.

Oleg Zayev from the Center for Sectarianism and Father Constantine argue that all food products that are produced with the support of foreign entrepreneurs are sectarian.


Zhirinovsky VV - Doctor of Philosophy, Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation, public and political figure.
Borovoi K.N. - Russian politician, entrepreneur.
Rutskoy A.V. - state and political figure, governor of the Kursk region (1996-2000), doctor of economic sciences, candidate of military sciences, professor.
Mikhailov AN - Russian state and political figure, governor of the Kursk region (since 2000).
Reznik, I.R. (IL) - poet-songwriter, actor, screenwriter, honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts, People's Artist of Russia, People's Artist of Ukraine.
Padva G.P. - Honored lawyer of the Russian Federation, lawyer.
Bykov A.P. - Russian public and political figure, entrepreneur.
Bulavinov V.E. - Russian state and political figure, Mayor of Nizhny Novgorod (2002-2010).
Demin V.A. - Russian actor, martial arts master, social and political figure.
Fujimori (Fujimori) A.K. - State and political figure, President of Peru (1990-2000).
Toledo A. - Professor of Economics, Peruvian statesman and politician, President of Peru (2001-2006).




Kursk region
Krasnoyarsk Territory
Novosibirsk region

Policy; Courts and prosecutors; Crime and Accidents; Entrepreneurship; Air transport
State institutions; Sectors of the economy; Transportation; Aviation