wait me (2003) 09/08/2003

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Anchorperson: Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

Reel №1

The plot of the man (codename Oleg), who was lost and lost memory.

He found himself at the station of Novorossiysk.

According to him, he served in the army in Mongolia, then served in the riot police, was in Chechnya.

He has a wife, Lena (Alena) and a son, Igor.

If someone knows this person, respond.

Appeals for help in searching from the studio:

1.Elena Zhuk is looking for mother Galina Nesterova, born in 1947, a native of the city of Vladikavkaz with whom she broke up in early childhood.

2. Nikita Golovachev was born in 1993, born on 06/11/03, left home for the village of

Agapovka, Chelyabinsk region and did not return.

3.Galina Zarudko is looking for a girlfriend Lyubov Kisel (Morozova), born in 1948, with whom they lived in the same house in 1965-68.

4. The father is looking for a daughter, Svetlana Koledenkov, born in 1985, 11/22/02 left her job in Lukoyanov, Nizhny Novgorod region, but did not appear at home.

The plot from Ireland.

History of Arthur Foules, who served in the years of the Second World War on ships of the Arctic convoy.

Chronicle of England beginning of the century and the chronicle of the Arctic convoy during World War II. In 1943, the convoy sailors lived in Arkhangelsk.

There A. Foules met Nina Ehert.

They met only three months, and then Nina disappeared.

Arthur has been trying to find Nina all these years, but so far without success.

He even came to the studio himself and told about his life, about those wartime about acquaintance and relations with Nina.

If someone knows about this story, call us at the editorial office.

Teleconference Moscow-Chisinau.

Search aids:

1.A aunt is looking for a niece Svetlana Lipkin (Albu) born in 1964

In 1994 she went to Russia to earn money.

Perhaps living in Surgut.

2. A wife is looking for a husband and son Victor and Alexander Gil, with whom she broke up in 1991. Until now, they have not made themselves known.

3. Philip Vasiliev is looking for friends with whom in 1942-45 he was in forced labor in the city of Braunschweig (Germany).

4.Мать ищет сына Александра Стынко 1979 г.р., 10.05.97 ушел из дома в г. Единец и до сих пор не вернулся.

5. Mother is looking for the son of Peter Armatsu, born in 1966, disappeared in March 1996 from a house in the village of Malye Mepeshty.

In the studio, 7-year-old Igor Glotov, who found his father, Viktor Glotov.

His mother left her grandmother 5 years ago and went to Italy to work.

With her husband, they are divorced.

Thanks to the kind people and the “LM” program, father and son meet in the studio.

Continuation of appeals about the search from the studio:

6.Margarita Lenskaya is looking for the youth of Eugene Grishin born in 1939, whom she met in 1959 in Bryansk.

7.Sin is looking for father Ivan Melnichuk, born in 1929, disappeared on 08.22.03 near three railway stations in Moscow.

8. Daughter is looking for mother Lyubov Kantemirova, born in 1968, on July 12, 2003, she went by train to get berries and still has no news from her.

Сюжет из Казахстана.

The legend of the ancient genus Shaboltai.

About one of the brothers, whose name was Abdirbai.

Kazakh wedding in the village Sukyti.

About the love story and the wedding of his beloved daughter Abdirbai tells the aksakal Yelem Odabur.

The daughter of Ulbasly fell in love with the worst enemy of the father of the red commander Dzhaldybai.

He was against their marriage.

However, Dzhaldybai stole Ulbasly.

In the studio, Kuvangul, the daughter of Ulbasly and Dzhaldybai, who, after many years, meets her cousin Korganbek.