Women's stories (2000) 01.15.2000

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Anchorperson: Pushkina Tatjyana

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The heroine of the program is Tatiana Okunevskaya, a famous Soviet film actress, Honored Artist of the RSFSR, who celebrated her 85th anniversary last year.

It is difficult to unequivocally call her fate happy or unhappy - so tragedy and love, ups and downs, merged tightly in her.

Her life is a slice of time, in which practically all of our history is imprinted.

She comes from a noble family, so her loved ones did not escape the terrible fate prepared for many in this country in the 30s.

She began to act in films early.

Fragment from the film / “Pyshka”, directed by M. Romm, 1934. She became a star, she had fans.

The first early marriage was unsuccessful.

The second time she married a well-known proletarian writer Boris Gorbatov, with whom she went to the front with the concert brigades during the war.

Photos from the personal archive of the actress.

Chronicle of the late 40s.

On the podium L. Beria.

Photos from the archive of the actress.

Video (reconstruction) fence and mansion L. Beria.

Chronicle of the late 40s.

Marshal Broz Tito (Yugoslavia) arrives in Moscow.

Broz Tito in the bed of the Great Tetra.

Chronicle of Moscow, a flower shop.

About the novel by T. Okunevskaya and Tito.

Photos from the archive of the actress.

On the arrest in 1948. 6 years, the actress spent in the camps, and by a miracle she managed to stay alive.


Kazakhstan steppe, poppies, camp logging.

After returning to Moscow, she was left alone - the husband, who had officially refused her, died, other people lived in the apartment, the adult daughter already had his own family.

Photos from the archive of the actress.

It didn’t work out a stellar acting career either - I had to leave the theater, she was practically not invited to the cinema. although she starred in more than one dozen films, among them - “Pyshka”, “Hot Days”, “Last Night”, “Night Patrol”, “Ballet Star”, etc.

But in spite of all this, she did not withdraw into herself and did not lose her amazing female charm and beauty.

She continues to live life to the fullest, writes books and hopes that when her three great-grandchildren grow up, they will be interested to learn about the incredible events of her life, which she talks about in this program.

Photos from the home archive.