wait me 09.07.2007 (2007)

Telecast №81878, 1 part, duration: 0:41:10
Producer VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

Igor Kvasha tells the story of the missing truck driver (the names and surnames of the participants are not named).

On May 18, 2007, the driver contacted the Turaevo industrial zone near Lytkarino, said that he had unloaded and was going to Novomoskovsk, but did not get there.

My wife tried to call him, for three days the phone did not answer, then she disconnected.

Then the woman wrote to the program, and she went on the intended route of her husband, to put up leaflets with his photos at all possible parking lots and gas stations.

Not far from Turaevo, she found a husband and his Kamaz.

It turned out the man just felt bad.

For three days he remained in the cab of the truck, unable to call or reach the nearest settlement, and expected help.

Now this man in the hospital, he underwent surgery, he must recover.

How many people in these three days have passed and passed by, and each of them could become a chance for salvation ...

Zhanna Igorevna Potapenkova, 15, is looking for her father and other relatives.

After the death of the mother, the girl lived for three years on the street in Odessa, spent the night in the hatches of the heating mains, in the entrances and in the markets.

During one of the raids, Zhanna was discovered by police and sent to a rehabilitation center.

The relatives of the girl were found in St.

Petersburg, grandmother Maria Petrovna and elder sister Angela came to the meeting.

Svetlana Gavrilko is looking for a daughter: Yana Valentinovna Gavrisenkova, born in 1995, April 12, 2007 left home in Moscow.

Vladimir Korovyakov is looking for a friend and girlfriend of his youth: Yuri Zuykov, a graduate of the military music school in Ufa, graduated in 1954; Lyudmila Ryzhova, born in 1943, met in 1961 in Orenburg.

Lyubov Shulepova is looking for a friend: Yury Mikhailovich Loginov, born in 1941, last met in 1965.

Valery Ivanov is looking for Timur Tazurkaev’s childhood friend.

In 1992, their families moved from Grozny to Belarus, fleeing from the war, then Timur went to his relatives in Moscow or returned to Chechnya, it is not known for sure, the connection with him was interrupted.

Videopismo from Milana's friend: they are married to Timur, raise a daughter, live in Moscow.

Timur teaches karate children and still remembers children's tricks and joint holidays.

Timur's meeting in the studio with Valery and another common friend, Alexander Vyaznikov.

Александра Валерьевна Фабричникова ищет Игоря Платонова, с которым познакомилась в декабре 2003, когда он поздно ночью подвез ее домой.

The connection was lost in April 2004, when Alexandra had her mobile phone stolen from all contacts.

Igor's father saw the program with a story about Sasha and called him from Kostroma.

At first, Igor did not believe that someone could look for him, but then he remembered Sasha and even painted her portrait from memory.

Meeting in the studio.

Anna Migal is looking for a son: Igor Viktorovich Migal, born in 1964, was in service in military unit 74507 in the Volgograd region, the city of Kamyshin, the connection was interrupted in October 2004.

Lidia Filatova is looking for a sister: Valentina Petrovna Lukinova, born in 1932, left home in the Moscow region on September 12, 2006.

Israel Kambarov is looking for a son: Ibrahim (Ibrahim) Kambarov, date of birth 07/07/1981, disappeared in Moscow on November 18, 2004.

Vyacheslav (last name not known) is looking for his mother, two brothers and a sister.

In 1990, the family left for Israel, last communicated with Vyacheslav, when in 1997 he flew to visit them.

After returning to Moscow, he moved, his relatives in Israel also changed their address, and in 2003 Vyacheslav left for Germany.

Vyacheslav passed the Moscow apartment for a long time, brother Vitaly regularly arrives there, but neither the tenants nor the neighbors give a new address to his brother.

Family meeting in the studio.

Search by photos:

Igor Alexandrov was born in Dushanbe in July 1960, grew up in an orphanage, lives in Germany, and wants to find one of his relatives.

Samuel Gurevich lived in the Moscow Region in the 1950s, studied at the MAI; looking for a friend of her youth Sofia Teisheva (Grozbina) from Israel.

Alexander Ponomarenko was born in January 1930 in Ust-Kamenogorsk, in 1952-1958 worked as a military translator in the GDR, in 1961 he returned to the USSR, presumably in Leningrad; looking for Yutta Sheltske (Kliber), who bore him a son.

The Italian Marco Pintakuda from Brussels is looking for Zemfira Tushakova, whom she met more than 10 years ago on the Edinburgh - London train.

Antonio Bellini is looking for Anastasia, whom he met in September 2006 on the beach in Rimini.

Reinhard Heninger, born in 1947, is looking for a father: Mikhail Ivanovich Pokul, a Soviet soldier, was in Austria in 1945-1946, but in 1946 he returned to his homeland; mother kept one letter, dated approximately 1948-1950.

Representatives of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for the Study of the Impact of Wars, led by director Stefan Karner, are also visiting the program.

Video script from the village of Leushkovskaya, Krasnodar Territory: about Michael, who is no longer alive, tell his sister Galina Gurina, nephews Ivan and Alexander.

In 1947, Mikhail married, later he had two children.

Shortly before his death, he told them about what happened in Austria.

Son Nicholas tried to independently find Reinhard, but did not receive an answer to his request.

Family Pokul invites Reinhard to visit.

Meeting in the studio with brother Nicholas and sister Claudia.

Locations: Krasnodar region [761]

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