wait me (2007) 04/23/2007

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Producer VID

Anchorperson: Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

Reel №1

Сюжет из Латвии.

Лагерь для нелегальных эмигрантов.

The story of Patrick Ballosy (Congo) and his girlfriend Olga Sandori (Latvia).

He was supposed to be deported to his homeland, a few days before, Olga had come to see him.

In order to prevent the deportation, he decided to glue the palms of each other’s hands.

This “adventure” is told: camp chief Raymond Palchevsky, Acting Head of the Migration Service of Riga, Janis Davis and Olga herself.

As a result, they pasted.

Patrick was deported.

Since then, the connection with neither interrupted.

Now Olga is trying to find him.

Appeals for help in searching from the studio:

1.Zinaida Glazunov is looking for a son, Vladislav Voronkov, born in 1974

He disappeared in February 2004 in the Moscow region.

2. Svetlana Belinskaya is looking for relatives of Nikolai Belinsky living in Poland.

3. Hanifa Sizhazhev looking for a daughter, Rimma Sizhazhev, born in 1959

Disappeared in 1994 in Nalchik.

4.Lubov Rybakov looking for the sons of Alexei and Patrick Elang living in the Republic of Congo.

5.Виктория Шомова ищет Дениса Гончаренко, 1994 г.р., котрый пропал в г.Сочи в 2005 г.

Teleconference Moscow-Kazan.

Appeals for help in the search.

1. Christina Grineva is looking for Pavel Rostov’s father, born in 1970, the connection was interrupted in 1989.

2.Galina Martynova is looking for a son born in 1972

Has gone 9.09.2004.

3. Lyaysan Gimaletdinova is looking for the father of Rafkat Gimaletdinov, born in 1963, who drove a car on August 10, 2004 and nothing is known about him.

Anvar Islamov found a friend of Sergei Ivanov, born in 1959. native of Kyrgyzstan.

4.Валентина Семина ищет Анастасию Азину, 1951 г.р. 19.11.05 уехала на электричке и до сих пор не вернулась.

5. Mother is looking for a daughter, Alina Gaiduhaeva, born in 1991, who left the house on July 9, 2007 and still has no news from her.

6. Daughter is looking for the father of Viktor Sokolov, born in 1947, born in Mogilyov, Belarus.

Communication with him was interrupted since 1975.

The presenter meets and talks with volunteer assistants of the program in Kazan.

7. Paul Gulyaev is looking for Evgeny Gulyaev’s father, born in 1964. 10/23/94 left home and does not make itself felt.

8. Leonid Ivanov is looking for a childhood friend of Vadim Olkhovsky, born in 1938, whom he has not seen since 1961.

Boris Kazansky found a friend Lyudmila Danilkevich, whom he broke up with in 1958

The plot of the Khabarovsk Territory.

The story of acquaintance in the train of Yuri and Kati (Yuri told her at the beginning of the program in the studio).

Катя говорит о знакомстве и о том, что была шокирована, когда узнала, что Юрий ее ищет.

Young people meet in the studio.

Photos and brief stories of the recently lost.

If you know someone, call us.

Eugene Dotel found the father of Orlando Dotel, a native of the Dominican Republic.

The plot of the Dominican Republic.

Views of the country, cities, attractions.

Father O. Dotel says, he is glad that Eugene found him and invites his son to visit.

Introduces the sisters Ariella, Katya and brother Caesar.

After 27 years, Eugene meets with them in the studio.