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Anchorperson: Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

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The operation "Hospital", which is being conducted jointly with the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, is continuing.

The story about the search for Yekaterina Ivanovna Vasilyeva from Dolgoprudny: on January 13, 2009, the woman left home, she became ill in one of the Moscow pharmacies, from where she was sent to the hospital.

Employees of the pharmacy called the program and told the patient's full name, she also managed to say the name of the street where Sovetskaya lives.

In Moscow, there is such a street and the Vasiliev family lives on it, but no one has disappeared from them.

Then the search began in the cities of the Moscow region.

Thanks to the help of the postman and the indifference of people, very soon Ekaterina Ivanovna’s son came from Dolgoprudny and took her home.

The plot featured pharmacy employees Lyudmila Bolshakova and Tatyana Salmina, the postman Tamara Kharitonova and a friend of the victim.

Visiting the program is Deputy Chief of the Investigation Division of the Department of Criminal Investigation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, police colonel Yury Vasilievich Maslov and the head Department of Criminal Investigation of the Department of Transport of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, police colonel Grigory Tkachenko.

Photos of unknown patients with memory loss:

A young man found by the police at a bus station entered a hospital in Tambov in early December 2008.

A young man found in Bashkiria.

A man who was hospitalized in Novy Urengoy in 1997; perhaps the name is Konstantin Olegovich Uranov.

The woman, Novy Urengoy, may be called Olga Rachkovskaya, 1980, b.

A man, St.

Petersburg, only remembers himself that he was in slavery, he was severely beaten, forced to work; perhaps the name is Vyacheslav Viktorovich Ivanov.

The girl who calls herself Tatiana Zakharova.

Ravil Yalalov is also in the hospital, possibly looking for him.

A woman is looking for a nephew: Anatoly M. Karpov, born in 1956, disappeared in Moscow in July 2004.

Olga Maximova is looking for a brother: Pavel Viktorovich Maximov, born in 1969, disappeared on December 25, 2008 in Moscow, lived in Biryulyovo.

Yuri Gerasimchuk is looking for a son: Sergey Yuryevich Gerasimchuk, born in 1985, disappeared in May 2008 in Volgograd.

Svetlana Viktorovna Tsukanova is looking for her father: Viktor Horikov, born in 1937, disappeared in Belgorod in May 2006, suffers from memory lapses.

Vera Ivanovna Agafonova is looking for a son: Konstantin Sergeevich Agafonov, born in 1985, February 14, 2007 went to work and disappeared.

An excerpt of the program dated January 26, 2009: the story of brick factories in Dagestan, the release of Ramil Shamsutdinov and his meeting in the studio with his relatives.

An investigator leading the case of Konstantin Agafonov came to Ramil to the hospital with his father Kostya and photographs, and the patient recognized Kostya in one of the photographs, the young people were in slavery in one factory.

Valery Shabazov was also found in Dagestan there.

Photos of people who may be in slavery in brick factories:

Vladimir Evdokimov, b. 1979, disappeared in 2002 when he went out for firewood; a month later he sent a letter in which he said that he was in Dagestan.

Victor Gribkov sent the last letter from Makhachkala.

Igor Sitnikov went to work in Dagestan in 2005 and disappeared.

Alexey Minaev disappeared in 2002, a year later a man appeared at his sister, who said that he worked with Alexey in Dagestan.

Sergey Khmar went to Dagestan in 2004, in April 2005 they reported that he was at a brick factory.

Valery Bogdan allegedly went to Kaspiysk to build a plant.

Nikolay Bespalov went to work on May 12, 2005, it is known that he was at the station in Satarov (Volgograd region), where recruitment to factories took place.

Dmitry Gularov disappeared in Makhachkala in June 2006.

Sergey Zinin is looking for his father: Boris Glebovich Zinin, born in 1960, the connection was cut off in 1981 after the divorce of parents.

Valentina Sergeevna Sidelnikova is looking for a friend: Valentin Sergeevich Borisov, born in 1939, met in 1960 in Blagoveshchensk.

Margarita Tabakian (says Avakian) is looking for her father’s grandmother: only the name is known - Elizabeth, gave birth to a son in Batumi and left at the maternity hospital, later came and wanted to take it away, but the adoptive parents did not give the boy away.

Alina Aleksandrovna Borzunova is looking for her father: Alexander Borzunov, born in 1928, disappeared on December 25, 2008 in Konkovo, Moscow.

An excerpt of the program from 02.02.2009, chronicles of the operation "Hospital", patients with complete or partial memory loss:

Sergei Chernykh claims he came from Ivanovo.

Maxim was hospitalized immediately after the New Year.

Unknown man discovered on January 7, 2008 at a Moscow restaurant.

Unknown man confusing the names of Voronin and Voronov, calling different addresses in Moscow.

Adil Gurbanovich Bagirov was found in a serious condition on December 23, 2008, allegedly speaks Azerbaijani; the man was recognized by neighbors and relatives; his daughter went after him, perhaps he was already at home.

Maxim also learned that his niece Galina arrived in the studio and was sent to the hospital where her uncle was.

Lyubov Alexandrovna Yazvtskaya is looking for a telephonist who helped to track down her daughter.

July 31, 2005 Irina and her husband Andrei had an accident near the town of Genichesk (Kherson region, Ukraine), a woman was taken by an ambulance, but no one could tell her mother which hospital.

Three hours later, an unknown Ukrainian telephonist called with a message that Irina was alive and gave the hospital phone number to her mother.

The program staff sought out a telephone operator, her name is Elena Nikolaevna, the women were able to meet in the studio.

At a meeting with Lyubov Alexandrovna, Elena Nikolaevna arrived with her son Sergey, he made a request to find her father - Boris Glebovich Zinin.

Meeting father with son.




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