wait me September 28, 2009 (2009)

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Anchor:Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

Visiting the program chairman of the Moscow Bar of Justice Vitaly Ulyanenko.

Olga Zyryanova asked the program to find the missing father.

Sergey Nikolaevich Shepherds became a victim of fraud when he lost documents, including documents for housing, as a result of his deception evicted from the apartment and did not pay the promised money;  it turned out that instead of the contract of sale was signed deed of gift.

Meeting with her daughter in the studio.

V.V. Ulyanenko’s comments: on the basis of S.N. Pastukhov’s statement, the police conducted an inspection, but for some reason refused to open a criminal case, employees of the Moscow Bar Association are raising the archive and intend to appeal the refusal to the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation.

Another victim of fraud - Eugene M. Marshavin.

After the death of his wife on November 28, 2007, Valery Valerievich Postoev’s neighbor took advantage of his depressed condition, began to solder and deceived the apartment, which he soon sold, and took the pensioner to a church parish somewhere in Mozhaisk.

The young people who were there decided to intercede for the old man, and when, after much persuasion, V.V. Postoev again came to the parish, he was threatened by the prosecutor's office.

As a result, all the young people were arrested, afterwards three were released, one was locked up in a psychiatric hospital, another one remains in prison, all are still under investigation.

The mother of one of the young people tells how in a few months in prison her son was turned from a healthy person into an invalid, simply denying him the necessary medical care.

The Moscow Bar Association promises to assist in court.

Filming in the village of Raygorodka: a woman is looking for her niece Natalia Shcherban, her husband Valery and son Igor.

The family lived in the town of Happiness in the Luhansk region, in 2001 they sold an apartment and left for work in Moscow; The last telegram came in 2002, when they congratulated my mother on her anniversary, then the connection was cut off.

Filming in Lugansk: City Clinical Profile Children's Hospital No. 3, the doctor says that Igor was transferred to them from the regional children's orphanage on July 14, 2009.

Igor himself recalls how he lived with his parents in Moscow, once lost on the platform of Kolomenskoye and then moved from an orphanage to an orphanage until he returned to Ukraine.

He remembered that he had grandparents and other relatives, but did not know their names and addresses.

Meeting with grandmother Antonina Nikolaevna in the hospital.

Photos of missing in 2009:

Anastasia Lozhkina, 12 years old, disappeared on August 15 in the village of Lugovoe, Tyumen Region.

Svetlana Nedokhleb, 16 years old, disappeared from the disco in Votkinsk on the night of June 6-7.

Kristina Kravtsova, 16 years old, disappeared in the morning of September 13 in Kiev.

Antonina Yakovlevna Vaskova, 74 years old, disappeared in the evening of June 30 in the village of Karluk, Irkutsk Region.

Oleg Petrovich Matyatin, 72 years old, disappeared on July 29 at a dacha in the village of Shepely, Sobinsky district, Vladimir region.

Evgeny Petrovich Fetisov, 76 years old, disappeared on June 26 during a canoe trip on Uscheva Island, 45 km from the city of Nevel, Pskov Region.

Yuri Mikhailovich Yanenko (Enenko), 49 years old, disappeared on September 1 in Moscow.

Fedor Ivanovich Tkachenko, 36 years old, disappeared in Chelyabinsk on the night of March 21-22.

Anatoly Osipov disappeared in Novosibirsk in 1992.

Suddenly, the program received a response from one village, whose residents were convinced that the man who appeared at their place two years ago and did not remember anything about himself was the one who was missing.

According to the results of genetic examination, it was established that this is still a different person, now they are trying to establish his identity and find relatives.

Mikhail Fedoruk is looking for a father.

Leonid Evgenievich Fedoruk lived with his family in Ukraine, but after the divorce, his mother took her son to Russia.

Mikhail knew that he had a sister, but conversations on this topic were strictly forbidden.

After the death of his mother, he decided to find his father, but did not assume that his sister was also engaged in searches.

Filming in St.

Petersburg: Maria Goncharenko says that she was adopted, and after the death of her adoptive parents she decided to find relatives, left a request in the program and immediately found her brother in the database.

Meeting in the studio with his brother and his wife Taisia.

Wanted Victoria Krutina, born in 1991, disappeared June 26, 2009 in Moscow.

Victoria Saitova is looking for a son-in-law: Alexander Grigorievich Gazenko, date of birth 03/02/1961, in 2003 went to work in Voskresensk, Moscow region, then moved to Yegoryevsk, the connection was interrupted in August 2007

Sergey Nikolaevich Glazkov is looking for a nephew: Yuri Alexandrovich Maltsev, born in 1978, disappeared in April 2006 in Chelyabinsk.

Aleksandr Vilyevich Kamalov is looking for a girlfriend: Nigora (Shaira) Karimovna Radjabova, born in 1965, met in June 1990 in Uzbekistan, broke up in January 1992.

Galina Semenovna Shmelev is looking for a son: Vladimir Nikolaevich Shmelev, born in 1975, disappeared on June 14, 2005 in the town of Mtsensk, Oryol Region.

Olga Udalova is looking for a young man: Roman Viktorovich Bakuradze, born in 1984, disappeared on August 15, 2009 in the Yaroslavl region, on August 19, his car was found on the shore of Lake Plescheyevo in Pereslavl-Zalessky.

Elena Georgievna Yangovatova is looking for a brother: Vladimir Yanovich Pashinsky, last met in 1987, the connection was broken in 2007, he lived in the Kuvandyk district of the Orenburg region.

In 2008, the woman received a letter from the chairperson of the municipal administration, where he reports that her brother is in a difficult situation - without documents and without housing.

Filming in the Orenburg region: Vladimir talks about life in Kuvandyk and how he lost his home, family and livelihood.

Meeting in the studio.

Filming in Luanda: the family is looking for a niece Amira, who was born 07/31/1986 in Odessa.

An excerpt of the program dated 08/17/2009: the father of the girl, Major of the Air Force Amarilda da Gama Dias de Elvas, talks about meeting with Amira's mother when he studied in the Ukraine at the flight school.

When Amarild was called to war, he was forced to return to his homeland, his daughter remained with his mother, but then his mother left her.

The girl got into an orphanage, from where her foster family took her.

When Amarilda returned to Russia for another training, he saw the program “Wait for me” and decided to ask for help.

After the release of the program with the participation of Amarildu, a response came from the village of Karolino-Bugaz, Odessa region: Amira’s adoptive father and her friend told about the fate of the girl.

Amira grew up and married, gave birth to a son, after a divorce she moved to Turkey, where she got married a second time, she is fine.

Video script from Amira from Istanbul.

Meeting in the studio.

Calendar: 08.2009

Locations: St. Petersburg [814] Orenburg region [794] Ukraine [229] Angola [7] Turkey [224]

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