wait me 12/03/2001 (2001)

Telecast №81900, 1 part, duration: 0:49:02
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

Reel №1

Studio. I. Kvasha reminds that in the summer the program, together with the Rybinsk factory “Mayak”, produced several million matchboxes with photos of missing children.

Mom of one of them, Misha Parshin, today in the studio. O. Parshina said that on June 20, 1999, Misha went to watch cartoons on TV, he was deaf and dumb.

Later they began to search for Misha, but he was nowhere to be found.

The police refused to accept a statement about the disappearance of the child.

Parents went to Rostov.

There, the police said that they had seen Misha, but they did not detain him, because he was not wanted.

Helped photo and Misha Parshin found.

Misha meets with his mother in the studio.

The plot from St.

Petersburg about the lost Margarita Khudyak 10 years.

Already a year, as her mother is looking for Irina Khudyak.

She tells about this story.

About how she received a letter from Petrozavodsk, where it was written that her daughter had been abducted and the criminals demanded a ransom.

She reported to the police, and the task force into place.

The film crew of the “ZhM” program went there.

A seizure operation was carried out, but a student from an institute who wanted to capitalize on this story got into the “network”.

The girl was not with him.

If you know something about this story, respond.

Appeals for help in searching from GUM:

1. A daughter is looking for mother Valentina Mukhina, born in 1925, on 9/10/01 she left home in Pushchino, Moscow region, and did not return.

2. Mother is looking for a son, Artem Egorov, born in 1986, 12.02.01 went to school in Moscow and disappeared on the way.

3. Graduates 10 "B" class Budennovsk secondary school number 2 looking for the class teacher Lyudmila Plisova born in 1941

4.Brother is looking for brother Vladimir Trunilin born in 1971

He disappeared in December 1991 from military unit 26520 in Akhalkalaki (Georgia)

Appeals for help in searching from the studio:

1. A wife is looking for a husband, Alexander Yudin, born in 1974.

He disappeared on the way to work between Novogireevo and Leninsky Prospect.

2. The father is looking for the son of Dmitry Orlov, born in 1994.

11.11.01 disappeared in the woods of Kirzhachsky district, Vladimir region.

3. Rodion Stoyanov is looking for his half-brother Stanislav Stoyanov, born in 1978, who probably lives in Tashkent.

Brother Pavel found his sister Olga Guzikova, whom he broke up in an orphanage in early childhood, when her sister was 4-5 years old.

After 15 years, brother and sister meet in the studio.

Teleconference Moscow-Kiev.

Appeals for help in searching:

1. Lyudmila Dyachenko is looking for relatives of the father of Vladimir Perutsky, who probably lives in St.


2. The son is looking for the mother of Olympiad Kazakov, born in 1939, a native of the city of Lyubertsy, Moscow region.

3.Alla Milko is looking for Joan and Raisa Milko, born in 1939 and 1943.

Communication with them broke in 1956

4. The father is looking for the son of Sergey Levchenko, born in 1960.

He disappeared in Shevchenko (Kazakhstan).

5. Mother is looking for the son of Ivan Kisil, born in 1974

Passed overboard service on the ship "Yauza" in Murmansk.

The story of Lily Cropmann, began in Monte-Video, in Uruguay.

The girl was 5 years old.

She had documents with her name, testifying that her parents were immigrants from Riga.

She never went to school.

She never had a family.

Lily married at 19 years old for the first comer in order to escape from the streets.

Relationship with her husband did not work out, in 1968 she emigrated to the United States, leaving her husband and two children in Uruguay.

Relationship with her daughter Austrelia Sarah Henice and her children did not exist.

Austrelia moved to Spain, where she married and in 1970 gave birth to a son, the grandson of Lily - Alejandro of Berlin.

In total, the family Austrelia Sarah had 4 children.

In the mid-80s, Alejandro went to study in Moscow.

He studied for 6 years and was a talented microbiologist.

In Moscow, he met a Russian girl, Natasha, and married her.

In 1991, the girl was born Sasha.

The relationship with his grandson was much better than with his daughter, in any case, he called his grandmother.

Lily Kropmann is a very lively, energetic woman, despite her 75 years.

Leads an active lifestyle.

He knows several languages.

After many years, Lily meets with her granddaughter and great-granddaughter in the studio.

Calendar: 12/03/2001

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