wait me 12/24/2001 (2001)

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Anchor:Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya.

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M. Shukshina: we continue to receive messages about found children whom someone can look for.

In July 2001, a boy of about 8 - 10 years old was taken to the duty unit of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Soviet District of Kazan.

The boy hears, understands what he is being told about, but does not speak.

He had numerous scars on his head, perhaps he was beaten.

However, until relatives were found, the police department asked the program to find relatives.

October 15, 2001 at st.

A blacksmith in Priozersk District of the Leningrad Region was found to have a boy of 10 - 11 years old.

His signs - height 140 - 145 cm, thin, dark-brown hair, short, ears bulged, brown eyes, eyelashes, black eyebrows.

The boy does not speak, says only the name Sasha.

July 20, 2001 at 1 o'clock in the night on the territory of the Dmitrovsky district a child of 7-8 years old was found, disabled.

He was wearing a green T-shirt, green shorts, gray panties, and brown sandals.

The boy does not speak, makes only sounds.

Currently located in a psychiatric hospital in Moscow

Photos and short stories of lost children

If you can help with the search, call us.

The story of Sasha Zhuravlev, 9 years old, disappeared last summer.

He was taken away from his mother’s grandmother by a friend of his mother, to be transferred from Perm to Moscow.

At some point, mother and aunt Ella disappeared, and Sasha was left alone on the street.

For a long time, the boy poked around the porches until he was picked up by medical students.

They actively began to search for relatives of Sasha.

Sasha does not want to return to her mother.

But he has a grandmother - Lyudmila Leonidovna Zhuravleva - with which he will now live.

The plot of the ordeals of Sasha Zhuravlev, who dreamed of returning to his grandmother.

Sasha sends a huge hello to everyone who helped him in Moscow.

The guests in the studio are the guys who helped Sasha Zhuravlev get home.

Appeals for help in searching from GUM:

1.Bulavin Maria looking for son Bulavin Alexander, born in 1956

In 1994, he went to Rostov from the Donbass and still has no news from him.

His documents were stolen from him, they are now with his mother.

2. A young person is looking for a girl, Yana Nimmoglot from Yanakievo.

Currently, Yana works in Moscow, lives with her sister.

3. Sidelnikova Nadezhda is looking for Sergey Ignatov’s son, born in 1970.

In 1994, he went to Moscow to work.

Last called in June 1997

4.Lysikova Maria is looking for daughter Lysikova Eugene, born in 1984 On September 20, she left home in Voronezh for classes in hairdressing courses and did not return.

5.Aleskerova S.B. looking for Eldar Shahverdiyev's brother, born in 1965 30.09. In 1997, he left home in Buinaksk, Dagestan, and did not return.

Natalia I. Gudinskaya is looking for a stepfather, Stepanenko Vladimir, who in 1995 left Astrakhan for Gudermes.

After the departure, there was no news of my stepfather.

The plot from Gudermes, Chechnya.

We have not yet found Vladimir Ilyich, but his mother, Stepanenko Galina Vladimirovna, was found in Gudermes.

Natalya Igorevna wants to take her grandmother to her.

Chechnya's State Television and Radio Company helped us find our grandmother.

Material from Grozny.

Chechen children are looking for their parents.

The plot of "Chechen children":

1. The girl is looking for a brother and mother, Tkachenko Valera and Tatiana.

They lived in Grozny.

The girl does not remember the address.

2.Alena is looking for father, brother and sisters.

Their last name is Kozhin.

Father's name is Gena, he is in Primorsky Krai.

Brother Volodya, sisters Alla and Olesya.

3. These children were still in a shelter before the second Chechen war.

They are from a poor family.

Their mother lived in the ruins of the Grozny orphanage. 8 months ago she came out and never returned.

No one knows anything about her.

Her name is Nasukhanova Markha.

4. Shamakhanova Rita is looking for Tanya's mom.

Mom went to Grozny for things and did not return.

The sisters stayed at home.

5. Malchik Suldanov is looking for two brothers.

One name is Mamoth, another Sasha.

Father's name is Ruslan Suldanov.

6. Boy Aslan is searching for his father, his name is Anise Khatuyev.

7. The two Birsanukaev brothers are looking for father Lam Isle and mother Iyga.

8. Gulya is looking for mother Malik Makiramova.

Mom left home and never returned.

Homes were 8 children, the youngest 5 months.

Father Azerbaijani, mother of Chechen.

Children begging in the street.

If you can help with the search, call us.

Appeals for help in searching from the studio:

1. Lerner Rachel is looking for the nephews of Lerner Israel, born in 1937 and Lerner Lydia, born in 1933

Presumably live in Kherson.

Communication with them is lost in 1985

2. Alexander Zolotarev is looking for a friend, Penkin, Elena, born in 1986.

Supposedly, she lives in Moscow.

3.Markova Galina from seeking Alexander Markov's father, born in 1929

His mother was called Nadia.

They lived in Izmail.

Father left for Kyzyl-Syr.

Last time the daughter saw her father in 1958

The story of Nina Gorbacheva, who is looking for Mikhail Vingalov. (Ether of July 16, 2001)

The plot from the taiga, where N. Gorbachev works in the seismic survey party.

She is a cook, storekeeper, accountant and doctor.

She went there immediately after the first shooting, and there she met with Michael.

History of Ruslan Sapronov 14 years.

He came from Kokand (Uzbekistan).

Ruslan is looking for his brother Victor.

He and his mother and older brother in 1994 lived in the city of Vladimir, at the same time the elder brother was called up for military service.

Mother married a second time, and the whole family went to Fergana.

In 1998, Ruslan's mother died, the second husband left Fergana.

Ruslan was identified in the Fergana orphanage.

In 1998 he was transferred to the Kokand orphanage.

After 7 years, the brothers meet in the studio.

The plot of the search for his brother Victor.

Chechen colleagues tell about Victor.

He himself talks about the service in Chechnya.

Guest in the studio: Igor Shum - Mayor of Vladimir.

The city authorities decided to allocate a subsidy to Victor and his family for a 2-room apartment.

Victor's meeting in the studio with colleagues: Kurenkov, Tushinsky and Isaev.

Calendar: 12/24/2001

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