wait me 02.11.2002 (2002)

Telecast №81902, 1 part, duration: 0:49:11
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

Reel №1

I. Kvasha suggests once again to look at the photos on the studio stand.

And tells a few brief stories of the lost.

If you can, with something to help in the search, call us.


The story of Dima Balandyuk.

Karim Kaponovich, a police major in Kazakhstan, brought Dima Balandyuk, who is looking for a mother.

Father stole his son from his mother.

Dima lived with his father in Kazakhstan for 8 years.

Dima did not have a relationship with his father, and he ran away.

I went to a detention center, where they promised to help him find his mother.

Many years later, Dima meets with his mother in the studio.

Teleconference Moscow - Baku.

Appeals for help in the search.

1.Akhmedova Svetlana is looking for mother Akhmedov (Chebotarev) Galina, born in 1941 06/19/93 she got on the Baku-Moscow train No. 5, but never reached her relatives in Kursk.

2. Karimov Nazrin is looking for her first teacher, Lyudmila Neverova.

She worked in school 189 Baku. 7-8 years ago, she moved to Russia.

The last letter from her came from Norilsk.

3. Fedotova Natasha is looking for mother Fedotov Hope, born in 1948 and father Fedotov Michael, born in 1950

They live in Uzbekistan.

Natasha is now in Baku without documents; she cannot leave or find a job.

4. Museib looking for the son of Museibov Rafik, born in 1970

He disappeared in 1995 in Veliky Novgorod or in St.


5. Chigirina Anna, born in 1978 looking for the mother of Krishna Radshimivale, born in 1948, by Indian nationality.

Before adoption, the girl was named Tulika Krishna.

Until 1978, my mother studied and lived in Moscow, in the hostel number 49.

Studio I. Kvasha: The history of the chess game, which was started 69 years ago.

It was in 1933 that Nikolay Nikolayevich Ratsin was arrested in 1935 for “preparing an attempt on the assassination of Comrade Stalin”.

After reading Wells Invisible novel, 17-year-old schoolchildren began to fantasize: I wish I could become invisible and get into the bakery, how much bread you can get!

Someone said: but to get into the Kremlin, it is interesting!

Among the boys was a scammer who told where it should be that a circle of terrorists was going and preparing an assassination attempt on Stalin.

All six were immediately arrested ...

During the interrogation, Kolya was surprised, because “Invisible Man” is an unreal thing!

To which the investigator replied: you are not judged for this, but for the idea that was born to you.

So Kohl was on Solovki.

Sergey Shchegolkov got there at the beginning of 1933. He studied at the Federal Industrial University of the training complex of the All-Union Association of Precise Industry at the Aviapribor plant.

He was 17 years old.

Suddenly, he and two other friends are arrested and accused of preparing a terrorist attack and of anti-Soviet rule.

They tell how M. Gorky came to Solovki.

Chronicle of the 30s about Solovki camps.

The video writing of Mikhail Semenovich Sochalin, who is looking for former prisoners of the Solovki.

He is looking for and Nikolai Ratsin.

And also Vasily Konstantinov, Evgeny Agapov, Georgy Evdokimov, Sergey Shchegolkov, Evgeny Chernov, Sergey Gerasimov, In the studio, Sochalin had a telephone conversation with Ratsin and Schegolkov.

Appeals for help in searching from the studio:

1. Family Yatsevich looking for a son Yatsevich Roman, born in 1980 11/19/2000, he went to study from Kazakhstan in Ust-Kamenogorsk, but did not appear there.

2. The Balashin family is looking for Sergei Zaitsev's brother, born in 1957. from Vladimir.

Sergey is a dentist, he traveled to his patients in the Moscow region on his "Audi".

On 2.04.01, he visited a patient from Dagestan, in Gzhel, and after that no one saw him.

After 2 months, his car was found in Volgograd, it was already resold 2 times in Makhachkala.

Relatives assume that they sold their brother to Dagestan.

3. Bubennikova is looking for Alexey Bubennikov’s son, born in 1977

Alexey disappeared 11/11/1993 in Moscow near the metro station Avtozavodskaya.

4. Zueva Catherine is looking for the father of her adopted son.

The son was born 06/17/1982. Since 06/18/1982, they are not separated.

When a son was born, his father was serving a sentence for a fight.

A friend of her father gave birth to a boy and left him in the hospital.

In 1994, his father sought them in the village of Romanovka, Tselinograd region.

Mother and son now live in the village of Malaya Tsarevschina, Samara Region.


Rodion Stoyanov is looking for a half-brother after his father Stanislav Stoyanov, born in 1978, who lived in Tashkent.

As a result of the search, my sister Katya was found.

Rodion and Kate meet in the studio.

The story of Evgenia Troshkova, who found her sister Galina.

In 1980, their mother committed suicide (thought she could not feed three children).

The father gave the children to orphanages: Zhenya to the baby house, her sister Galya to the orphanage, and Natalia sent them to relatives in Siberia.

Three years later, the father took Zhenya, he wanted to pick up Galya too, but it did not work out.

Now Zhenya wants to find her sister.

It turned out that Galya was also looking for Zhenya, through our program.

The plot from St.

Petersburg about the history of the Troshkov family.

About those orphanages where the sisters got.

Neighbors, educators talk about them.

Video writing Gali from Kansas (USA).

She talks about her fate.

The fact that in 1996 she was adopted by an American family and now she lives in the USA.

Telephone conversation Gali with Zhenya.

Baranova Tatyana Anatolyevna found her first love. (???) Meeting in the studio.

Inom (???) was looking for a brother and sister.

Today there was a sister.

Brother meets his sister in the studio.

Larisa Vissarionova is looking for mother Vissarionova Valentina, born in 1948, a native of Chita.

After the divorce, it was difficult for her to raise her daughter, and she gave her upbringing to relatives.

The girl lived there for 4 years.

Mother visited her.

And since 1983, does not make itself felt.

Mom, until she was found, but aunt Larissa called.

Larisa meets with an aunt in the studio.

Calendar: 02.11.2002

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