wait me (2002) 03/25/2002

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Anchorperson: Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

Reel №1

Inna Vishnevetskaya is looking for Artem, a son of Egorov, born in 1986. 12.02.2001 he went to a school in Moscow in the area of ​​Izmailovsky Square and disappeared. (Ether 3.12.2001) Plot: History of the search for Artem.

The details of the mother says Artem.

Photos from the family album.

About him say his classmates.

They note that he was fond of games in the computer club, where he spent his modest savings.

At the gas station, he met with Vladimir, who helped him, sheltered him in a warehouse, gave him a job.

However, after three months, Artem disappeared.

If you know something about this story, call us.

Teleconference Moscow-Kiev

Appeals for help in searching:

1.Kucher Nina, looking for a daughter Sukhonos Anna, born in 1977 On September 13, 2000, she left her home in the village of Yurovichi, Gomel Region, Belarus, and did not return.

2. Gultekin Ali from the Netherlands is looking for Natalia Kovalenko, born in 1979

In 1999, Natasha worked in the Netherlands.

Ali loves and waits for Natasha.

3. Terentyeva Lydia is looking for her sister Pitsedas (Kovalishina) Yutiu Semenovna, with whom she was separated by the war.

Presumably lives in Italy.

She has a daughter Nadya and husband Valery.

4. Firova Maria Kharitonovna is looking for brother Firov Gregory, born in 1942 01.23.2002 went to work from the Novotroitsk Kherson region. to Russia and does not make itself felt.

5. Mayskaya is looking for parents of her mom, Margarita Mayskaya. 05/10/1958, in the suburb of Chisinau Kostyuzheny, a child was found, a girl.

They found her three boys, three brothers.

They carried the child to the Baby House.

There she was given the name Mayskaya.

In February 1959 she was adopted and taken to Ukraine.

I would also like to find these boys and thank them.

Appeals for help in searching from the studio:

1. Victoria Rybakova looking for her sister Olga Olga Rybakov, born in 1965

In 1967-1968 her, unbeknownst to her mother, was adopted from orphanage No. 29, Art.

Ilinskaya in Moscow region.

Mother had a hard time.

When she got a house, she took four children from orphanages.

And the fifth, Olga, could not find.

There is information that Olga grew up a very cheerful girl, loved horses, she has a son, only her mother remained from adoptive parents.

2. Maria Yurchenko is looking for Vyacheslav Yurchenko’s son, born in 1963 10/4/1997, he left home in Novopolotsk, Vitebsk region. and never returned.

3. Natalia Semendueva is looking for Sergey Semenduev’s brother, born in 1957 08/17/1998, he was abducted in Makhachkala, Dagestan.

Sergey is a journalist.

In 1999, the kidnappers were caught, but they reported that Sergey was sold to Chechnya.

May be located in the Pankisi Gorge.

Photos of those who could not come to us.

1. Lyarkova Yarkova disappeared from the city of Kropotkin in the Krasnodar Territory in February 2000.

She worked as a seller.

2. Pilyugina Victor is looking for a mother, who is already 91 years old.

In 1997, Viktor Nikolaevich went to Tambov to see a doctor and disappeared.

On his chest is a tattoo in the form of an eagle.


Sergey Pakhnin is looking for his colleagues in Afghanistan — Gennady Shabalin and Ivan Chizhchenko.

They served together as part of the 66th brigade in 1982–84. in Afghanistan.

Pakhnin Sergey was one of the best medical instructors - he almost got into a vein with his eyes closed, and he could put a dropper in the dark directly into the gorge.

During the joint service, the guys almost intermarried.

They corresponded for some time, and then the letters did not become ...

After 16 years, Sergei meets with Gennady Shabalin in the studio.

Valentina Zvyagintsev is looking for father Kovalenko Grigory.

The last time she saw him was five years old. G. Kovalenko went to the front on the first day of the war.

The girl and her mother were sent to the rear by a car, they were bombed by a car, things and some documents were missing.

Mom and little Valya traveled to her relatives in Suvorov for almost half a year.

After some time, my mother was taken to the NKVD and convicted for the loss of documents.

Then the notice came that G. Kovalenko was missing.

People were brought up by a grandmother and grandfather.

The girl turned for help to her uncle.

He, through relatives, found out that Luda’s father is in Brazil, he has a family, he works as a carpenter.

Uncle soon died.

The question "How to find a father" remained open.

If you can help with the search, call us.

Two more searches in Brazil:

1. Yevgeny Lebedeva is looking for an aunt, the father’s sister, “who after the German captivity married, it seems, from Odessa.

And went to Brazil. "

2. Larisa Schultz is looking for a sister by her father, Shirinskaya Lyudmila, born in 1940 “At the beginning of the war, father Shirinsky Stepan was forced to leave with a factory in Novosibirsk.

He did not manage to take away his wife and infant daughter.

As a result, they were in the occupation and were taken to Germany.

In 1947 he married my mother in Novosibirsk and I was born.

In the years of the thaw, 2 letters from his daughter unexpectedly came - she lives in Brazil, she is fine, she married, a son was born ...

My mother, fearing to harm her father, hid letters from him.

Time has been lost.

Dad is no longer alive, but I want to see my sister ... "

The plot of "Russian in Paraguay", which was filmed by our film crew.

Photos from the archives of Russian officers who emigrated to Paraguay.

In November 1920, General of the Tsarist Army, Ivan Timofeevich Belyaev, left Russia.

On March 8, 1924, he became the first Russian to set foot on Paraguayan land.

His son Svyatoslav tells about another officer V. Kannunikov.

He talks about his father's participation in the war with Bolivia.

Notes that the Russian diaspora is now quite large.

And many Russian officers such took part in that war.

Among them was General I. Belyaev.

About him say the locals.

They perform a national dance.

About his father, Colonel Viktor Butlerov tells his son.

He shows a Russian cemetery.

Personal pilot D. Dudayev, Alexey Tokmakov, also recently arrived here.

He himself tells about his story.

Archival photographs about the life of the Russian diaspora in Paraguay.

The plot from Denmark.

The story of Ulla Thomsen from Denmark, who has been looking for her father for many years - a former prisoner of war Vasily Vasilyev.

This story began in May 1945 on the island of Langeland in Denmark.

The commandants of the German concentration camps received a secret order - to load the prisoners onto barges and sink into the sea.

People miraculously saved themselves - Russian tanks entered the city.

May 4 uncontrollable barges nailed to the Danish island of Langeland.

Four of the Russians who escaped settled in the family of Ulla Thomsen’s mother.

Among them was a young guy from Sevastopol - Vasily Vasilev (or Vasilyev), born in 1923.

Love arose between him and Ulla's mother.

In August 1945, Vasily returned to the USSR. Before the war, he lived in Sevastopol, on the street.

Lenina, d. 56. Ulla learned this story 4 years ago. (Ether of July 9, 2001)

We continue to search for the pilot - the hero of the Soviet Union Dotsenko Ivan Ivanovich.

We continue to search for Egorov Artem, who left home on 12.02.2001. to school in Moscow in the area of ​​Izmailovskaya Square and disappeared.

If you know something about these people, respond.