wait me 08/29/2000 (2000)

Telecast №81904, 1 part, duration: 0:36:33
Producer VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

Reel №1

I. Kvasha says that the number of lost children has recently increased dramatically.

And therefore, in this release of the program a lot of time is given to them.

Studio: The story of the lost children Kolya and Ani, who were taken to an orphanage.


The shelter is still Zhenya Burkaltsev, 6 years old.

He was found at the entrance on Goncharov Street (Timiryazevskaya metro station).

The child says that he has a mother Oksana and dad Seryozha.

Parents left him in the doorway.

Guest in the studio: Tatiana Barsukova - director of the orphanage.

There was a message from Kharkov, that a three-year-old boy, Artem Antoshenko, was found near the station ?, which, apparently, was behind the train.

Searches of parents by local authorities have not brought results.

The plot of a boy from Kharkov.

Artem was found on May 22, 2000, he is about 3 years old.

Brown eyes, dark blond hair, he speaks Russian cleanly, was well dressed.

Clip "Lost Children".

Lebedeva Lena-8 years.

She disappeared in 06/18/94. The girl was walking in the yard, no one else saw her.

The story of the lost Alesha Syrovatsky 1992 born On 1.08.1999, a family with friends went on a picnic in the river.

With them was 7-year-old son Alyosha.

At some moment it turned out that two foreign cars passed by and the boy was gone.

It is not to this day.

The father is looking for the son of Vasily Kuznetsov, who disappeared on 04/20/02. According to the orientation, "the boy was allegedly kidnapped and taken to an unknown destination."

Grandmother is looking for K. Tenite's granddaughter

The story of Christina Tenite lost a year ago.

The fate of the girl from birth is not very successful: having married a second time, the mother left the girl.

The girl was brought up by her grandmother.

Suddenly, the mother returned.

She took Kristina to herself - she needed a nurse.

The boy grew up, Christina went to school.

And suddenly the girl disappeared - she could not leave herself, she did not come to her grandmother.

The story of the lost Andrei Alekhin born in 1985

In July 1996, in the afternoon, he went out into the courtyard and disappeared.

The boy was 11 years old.

The story of the lost Vitaly and Andrei Zadorozhny.

On 18.03.98, the two sons of 1983 and 1985, were left home.

Until now, they have not returned.

The story of the lost Andrei Nikitin, born in 1985 who disappeared 5.03. 2000. The boy was engaged in the school of ballroom dancing and did not return after school.

Appeals for help in searching from the studio:

1.Panfilova Valentina Ivanovna is looking for Batskov Alexey’s brother.

Two years ago he joined the army.

Demobilized this year, did not come home.

He served in the Rostov region. 2. Svetlana Kiritsova is looking for Zotov Lyudmila born in 1945

Probably lives in Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan

3.Suslova Irina is looking for the son of Alexander Ushnev, born in 1998

Missing in the suburbs.

Should have arrived at work, but did not appear.

No news of him so far.

She is sure that the son is alive, got into trouble and cannot tell about himself.

Appeals for help in searching from GUM:

1. Alla Nemkovich is looking for sister Sayfi (Guk) Lyudmila, born in 1967 07/09/1999 left home and never returned.

Probably lives in Minka, Belarus.

2. Golubev Tamara is looking for Alexander Golubev’s son born in 1975 On April 3, 2000 he left home.

He went to Ryazan, got to the police.

From the police he was released.

Since then, he has not returned home.

3. Tabunova Lydia is looking for Anatoly Kostyleva, born in 1931

We met in 1954 in train number 57, "Leningrad-Moscow".

The connection was broken in 1956. It is assumed that in the 60s. he went to virgin lands in Kazakhstan.

4. Mamykin George is looking for brother Nikolai Mamykin born in 1955

He disappeared 1.11.91 in the town of Balakovo, Saratov region.

Until now, nothing is known about him.

5. Rinad Salikhov asks Dmitry, an army friend with whom there is no connection for 9 years, to respond.

Rinad served in Afghanistan and a friend in Africa.

Dmitry is from Gagra (Abkhazia).


The history of the search for Oksana Judoze (Finland), who is looking for mother Lilia Brynko.

She came to the studio with her friend, who helps her in searching and translating.

Oksana's father, a citizen of Nigeria, studied in Moscow in the 60s, met a Russian girl.

They had a daughter, and later a brother.

Then they left Russia for Nigeria.

However, the war began there.

They moved to England.

In the 70s, parents divorced.

The father with the children (by the court) left again for Nigeria, and the mother returned to Moscow.

Oksana loves her mother very much and wants to find her.

She shows photos from her archive.

Studio. I. Kvasha tells Tatiana Barsukova, the director of the orphanage, that during the program, the grandmother Ani was found, which was mentioned at the very beginning transfer. T. Barsukova explains that there will be a whole procedure confirming family ties.

Calendar: 08/29/2000

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