wait me 03.11.2002 (2002)

Telecast №81908, 1 part, duration: 0:45:01
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

Reel №1

Studio. M. Shukshina shows some photos and tells brief stories of the lost.

If you can, with something to help in the search, respond.

Last week we received a call from Yuri Nikolayevich Vorobev from Stary Oskol.

Yuri recognized Marina and Tatiana from photos of their classmates at the booth.

After many years, classmates meet in the studio.

Teleconference Moscow - Kemerovo.

Appeals for help in searching:

1. Galina Syutkina is looking for relatives of her father, Palau Ertlba, born in 1918, who were lost during the war.

2. Valentina Kopaneva is looking for Alexander Kopanev's son, born in 1962. 06/22/96 he left home in Kemerovo and did not return. (51792 IT DBK from 11/14/2000)

3. Sergey Roman seeks the father of Roman Nikolay, born in 1953, who went missing in June 1994 in Komsomolsk, Poltava region.

He went to Moscow.

Recently, he lived in Shatura, Moscow region

4. Gortseva Svetlana is looking for Khakimov-Vents Andrei, who lived in the city of Yurga and who in 1994 went to Germany.

5. Isaeva Valentina is looking for her nephew Vshivkova Oleg, who in 1990 moved from Tajikistan to the Kaliningrad region.

6. Tokmakova Dasha is looking for a friend named Vahan, whom she met in 2000 in the “Eaglet” camp on the Black Sea.

He lives in the village of Novomikhailovsky, Tuapse District, Krasnodar Territory.

7.Ermak Daria is looking for his father’s friend, Valery Obozenko.

In 1982, they graduated from the Higher Military School of Communications in Kemerovo.

Valery was a witness at his father's wedding.

Obozenko's parents lived in Feodosia.

Studio A man came to us who does not remember anything about himself.

He was called Seryozha, he was already used to this name.

In the hospital where Sergey turned, he was advised to come to our studio.

Sergey talks about how he woke up in the train.

Moscow seems unfamiliar to him.

On the escalator in the subway, he clearly felt himself for the first time.

Sergey has a tattoo, this is a parachute dome and a bat, and the date: 1987-1989.

Presumably, Sergey is 32-33 years old.

If you can, with something to help in the search, respond.

Appeals for help in searching from the studio:

1. Alexei Craftsmen looking for the wife of Shevchenko Ales, born in 1979 On February 12, 2002, she left home in the area of ​​Dynamo metro station and did not return.

2. Kaygorodova Galina is looking for a sister to Valentina Afanasyev, born in 1948. 12/16/01, she left home in the village of Aktobe, Tatarstan and did not return.

Sister invalid 2 groups.

3. Parents are looking for Olga Fedorov, born in 1976

She graduated from the Medical Academy in Krasnodar and after exams, 06/18/01, went home, but did not get to her home.

4. Parents are looking for Maxim Vovchuk, born in 1978. On May 27, 2001, he drove away in his own car to Pavlodar, Kazakhstan, and disappeared.

Boris Lebezhikhin found a friend of Aleksei Igrinev, born in 1931, with whom he served in the Navy in Sevastopol in 1951-1956.

He lived in Moscow on the street. Z. Kosmodemyanskoy.

After 54 years, friends meet in the studio.

The story of the lost boy Besso.

In the summer of 1995, on the market in Sukhumi, police detained a little boy of about five years old.

Suddenly the boy rushed to an unfamiliar woman and began to shout “Here is my mother!

This is my mother!

Mom, I'm here! ”The woman was shocked, but suddenly said:“ Yes, I am his mother. ”She felt sorry for the child.

The boy called himself Besso.

And he named two names: Eroidi and Shotashvili.

He said that he lived in Kiev, the shooting suddenly began, he was frightened and ran away.

Some old man, Thomas Ivanovich, caught up with him and helped him hide.

Then he and the old man got to Sochi.

Then Thomas Ivanovich was severely beaten, and he died.

Besso was left alone.

And Alla's family left the boy with her.

Alla decided to find his parents. and through friends in Kiev, I recognized the phone on the street.

Pirogov, 2. In 1997, Alla again called Kiev and contacted her neighbors Shotashvili.

It turned out that this family went to Israel for permanent residence.

The plot from Sukhumi, Abkhazia.

Ether of August 27, 2001. Besso himself talks about his ordeals.

Market traders speak about that meeting in 1995.

Says a woman in a family that has been living for 7 years with Besso.

He hopes to find his parents.

Teleconference Moscow - Kiev.

Appeals for help in searching:

1. Dovotova Barbara is looking for Tatyana Martynenko’s daughter, born in 1976

At the end of March 2001, her daughter went to Moscow to work and did not return.

Works somewhere in Odintsovo.

2.Golovko Natalia is looking for Alexander Vlasov's nephew, born in 1982. from Belomorsk. 06/16/01, he left by car from home in the Chernihiv region. and never returned.

3.Ekaterina Leonenko (Glushchenko) is looking for the Disabled sisters, Galina and Nadezhda, whom she met in Germany during the war.

4. Zinaida Terekhova is looking for three grandchildren who live in Congo, Rosalia, Armond and Francine Gielle.

Their parents are dead.

5. Gorbunova Nina is looking for Dmitry Gorbunov’s son, born in 1964 native Timirtau.

The son lived and worked in Kiev.

Missing 1.05.99g.


Search history Dobrysh (Karelina) Susanna Vladimirovna, who is looking for her comrade-in-arms, Bulanova Afanasy Ivanovich, as well as Afonya and Boris, together with which as part of an intelligence sabotage group, was sent to the Germans in the rear, to the occupied territory of Belarus.

When the war began, Susanna was 17. She was a scout-radio operator.

One day her parachute got entangled in the tops of three pines.

The girl was 24 kilograms of radio with power.

She reached for the finca and, cutting the lines, fell into the snow.

Boris and the commander helped pull out Susanna.

Susanna later married the commander.

It was officially believed that Boris had disappeared, but after the war, the head of the group, Major Kruglyak, saw him alive.

Calendar: 03.11.2002

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