wait me (2000) 10/09/2000

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Anchorperson: Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya.

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Studio: I. Kvasha talks about the first issue of the newspaper “Wait for Me”.


Sergei Volzhentsev, who was looking for an army friend of Anatoly Evgrafov.

In the process of the search, it turned out that Sergey’s friend is looking for Vyacheslav Kozlov.

They have close relations - Sergei was Vyacheslav more than a brother, often replacing the boy with his mother.

During a serious illness of Kozlov, Sergey was on duty at his bedside, even making injections.

And they married their sisters.

After many years, friends meet in the studio.

Vera Sologashvili found the mother.

Tatyana Nikolskaya, who married 30 years ago and left Kazakhstan for Azerbaijan.

She could not settle down there.

And my husband set a condition - let him go home, if you give me a receipt that you leave me a child.

When Vera was one year and two months old, her husband presented a receipt and took the girl away.

Tatiana herself was looking for her daughter, but she did not find it and turned into the program.

The plot from Rubtsovsk, in which mother Tatyana Mikhailovna talks about how she lost her daughter, about her life without Faith.

After 30 years, mother and daughter meet in the studio.

Appeals for help in searching from GUM:

1. Police in Stavropol are looking for relatives of a boy found at the entrance.

The child looks like 2-3 years old, responds to the name Anton.

2. Yury Kovtun is looking for his brother and friend Oleg Nikolayev, who disappeared on the night of October 10 to October 11, 1998, in the Lazovsky district of the Primorsky Territory, tentatively in the Krakovka, Kievka, Assumption coves.

All three are quite big businessmen.

After 10 days, the corpse of one of them - Erokhov A.V. It has not yet been possible to find either a brother or Oleg Oleg.

Probably could be forcibly taken to North Korea.

3.Elov Peter is looking for a son, Andrew, born in 1983. March 8, 2000, together with friends (Pavel Fedchenko and Dima Nikitenko) went for a walk after school.

Friends have returned home, nothing is still known about Andrei.

4. Viktor Kozlov is looking for a friend Vasily Meshcheryakov, born in 1942, with whom he served in the army from 1962 to 1965. in Kuibyshev.

5. Lyudmila Koryakova is looking for Vladimir Koryakov's son, born in 1966 12/2/99 I went to work in Moscow from Yaransk, the Kirov region, from the organization "Rubin".

Since then, nothing is known about him.

6. The Moscow police are looking for Aronov Andrei, who in August of this year left the Ostankino shopping center on a green Range Rover and disappeared.

7.Isachenkov Yury is looking for Anatoly Leshchenko, born in 1954

He left for work in Moscow in June 2000 from Riga.

8. Pechnikova (Sergeeva) Galina is looking for his sister Postnikova (Sergeeva) Elena.

Her husband is a military man, they often changed their place of residence and lost contact with her sister.

If you can help with the search, call us.


The story of Svetlana Gorbunova (USA), who is looking for daughter Margarita, who was stolen by her husband in San Francisco.

In June of this year, my husband said that he was leading his daughter to the zoo, while he himself went to the airport.

Now he is brought to justice for kidnapping in the USA. Where Margarita does not speak. / The girl was found 4.09.2000 /

Guest in the studio employee of the detective agency "Alex" Stanislav Arkhagov.

Search history

Oles Lizogub looking for a father.

The boy lived in a happy family.

But there was a tragedy - parents got into an autocacao.

The father died, the mother became disabled.

And then, grandmother said that the deceased was his stepfather.

And the real father of the boy is Gypsy Victor Krichun.

We found a gypsy dad, but unfortunately could not come.

But now wait a meeting for long.

Nelly Paralina found a friend Andrei Danilenko, a soldier with whom she was familiar only 15 minutes before his departure to Chechnya.

Then they corresponded, but not for long.

After a few years, the young meet in the studio.