wait me (2004) 04.19.2004

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Anchorperson: Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

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Igor Vladimirovich likes to remember the words of one person who came to our studio to look for his daughter: “Wait for me” - this is an encyclopedia of human destinies. ”

Here is another page. “11 years ago my parents left me a pledge to gypsies.

They returned for me late and the Gypsies did not give me away.

I lived with these people for several years, and then I ran away.

And I am looking for brother Julian and little sister Felice. ”If Diana Vartik, who wrote this letter to us, did not sit in our studio today, we would have decided that it was a joke.

Diana tells her story: Parents did not have work, money, too.

They engaged to the gypsies.

Soon the parents decided to go to work in Ukraine.

Asked the "owners" of the money for the road loan.

They gave, but in exchange for Diana.

At first, Diana lived well.

After domestic conflict, Diana ran away.

That was in 1996. For 8 years already, Diana has been living with her sister Olga.

The plot from Moldova.

And so, as it happens, the village where Yulik and Felice live in a boarding school is just an hour’s drive from the village of Diana.

Sometimes, everything is much closer than it seems.

Ten years later, Diana meets with her brother and sister in the studio.

Teleconference Moscow - Chisinau.

Appeals for help in searching:

1. Alla Ivanova is looking for a front-line girlfriend, Kurashvili (Koptelova) Ekaterina, born 1923-1924.

In recent years, she lived in Zugdidi, Georgia.

2.Tsurkan Inna is looking for a husband, Valeria Grinenko, born in 1954, who disappeared in Kiev in December 1994.

3. Sergey Fridman is looking for his father, Friedman Yuri, born in 1949

According to rumors, my father went to live in Saratov.

4. Maria Syrbu is looking for his brother Yuri Paskar, born in 1961, who left to work in Moscow in 2002.

He disappeared on August 24, 2002 in the area of ​​Kievsky railway station.

Appeals for search assistance from the studio:

1. Yakhina Adlifya is looking for a husband, Yakhin Abdulkhak, born in 1914. 05/29 03 he went to a polyclinic in Moscow and disappeared.

2.Tropnikova Tamara, born in 1948, is looking for a mother, Kirillina Miletina, brothers and sisters.

In October 1944, my mother was sent to work in Moldova from Moscow.

She had a boy with her, Valeri.

Then my mother gave birth to a daughter, Svetlana, and then, Tamara. (Ether 27.06.2000)

The story of Oleg Cherepanov, who is looking for Vadim's brother, born in 1969 and sister Veronica, born in 1977

When Oleg was 3 years old children were separated, because his father died.

Oleg was sent to a shelter, from there to the orphanage and to the boarding school.

Where identified brother with sister is not known.

The plot of the city of Kalach, Voronezh region.

Video script of brother Vadim, who is also looking for Oleg.

From Charvak father left for work in Nakhodka.

Once he took with him Vadim.

It turned out his father had a woman in Nakhodka.

When mom found out about it, she spree, sold out the whole house and disappeared.

Soon the children were taken to the nursery, and from there they were distributed to orphanages.

Vika's sister was immediately adopted and she lives somewhere near Novosibirsk.

After many years, the brothers meet in the studio.

The plot of "Pilot Bush."

Chronicle of the 80s, D. Bush, M. Gorbachev.

Chronicle of 1945 Meeting on the Elbe.

Yalta Conference.

Village Vasilyevka

We were approached by residents of the Ukrainian village of Vasilyevka, who are confident that they saved the life of the future American president in December 1944. During the war they were hijacked to Germany and worked on a farm.

One day they saw a plane that was flying at a low altitude and was clearly descending.

9 people jumped out of it with parachutes.

Allied pilots were Americans.

One of them was called Bush.

Once, in the 1970s, Nikolai saw George Bush on TV and recognized the rescued pilot in him.


Barsukova Vera found a daughter, Dolyan Zoya, with whom she was lost in 1985 after the earthquake in Armenia.

Videopismo from daughter Zoe.

When the war began in Armenia, life became very difficult.

Shells exploded near the house, letters did not reach.

Zoe did not want to burden her mother with details.

Husband died.

Zoya was left alone with four daughters.

The fourth daughter, mother has not yet seen.

Zoe has five grandchildren.

After 19 years, the mother meets with her daughter Zoya and granddaughter Alina.

Continuation of appeals about the search from the studio:

3. Korshunov Vladilena is looking for a son, Pilgun Gregory, born in 1987 On February 26, 2004, the son left home while mother went to the store.

That day, the son received a passport, which he left at home.

4. Kapikova Venus is looking for her sister, Aparina Nadia, born in 1953, who disappeared in February 2002. It was established that Nadia bought a train ticket on February 28, 2002, to Adler.

5. At the request of parents, Natalia Alexandrovna Gordeeva, born in 1990, is wanted. 07/09/03 went to the city market in Reutovo and still has not returned.

6.Gulevataya Natalia is looking for a brother, Gulevaty Ivan, born in 1984

In February 2003, he left the Chita region in Irkutsk.

Since June about the brother is not known.

7. Volkov (Mamzurina) Maria Sergeyevna is looking for her uncle, Mamzurin Alexey, who in 1917 remained wounded in Germany.

He was picked up by a German, healed, and his brother stayed there to live.

They had two sons, Sergey and Alexey.

In 1951, the brother sent his sons to live alone in America, the second to Canada.


Layosh Hullai came to us from Hungary.

He is looking for a Russian woman Alexander Shustov.

In 1945, Layosh came to the Voronezh region, the village of Grachevka.

There he met Alexandra.

She was a teacher.

They started a warm relationship.

Layosh believes that thanks to this woman, he still lives.

The plot from the Lipetsk region, where lives Alexander Shustova.

Alexandra was 19 when prisoners were brought to Grachevka.

One prisoner really looked at the Shura.

And once asked to come to visit.

Learning that he was being transferred to another camp, Layosh came to say goodbye and presented her with a medallion, which is still kept by Shura.

Igor Kvasha gives Lajosha a ticket to Lipetsk.