wait me (2004) 07.26.2004

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Anchorperson: Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

Reel №1

Studio. I. Kvasha asks everyone to take a close look at our booth.

On it photos of people who disappeared this year.

1.Evgeny Beznosov, he is now 36 years old.

On January 1 of this year in Moscow, he went to the store and disappeared.

2. Mikhail Zakhmatov from Shushensky Krasnoyarsk Territory, he is 80 years old.

On January 1, 2004, he went for a walk and disappeared.

3. Alexander Kokorev, 23, and Vladimir Dubas, 17, from the village of

Tuchkovo Ruzsky district, Moscow region January 1, 2004 about went for a walk and disappeared.

Both of them are very important witnesses in one criminal case.

4. Olga Popova January 3, 2004 went to work and disappeared.

5. Yulya Ioshpe from Rostov-on-Don, on February 3 she disappeared on the way from work.

We hope that with your help someone will be there soon.

Appeals for help in searching from the studio.

1. Olga Novozvantsev is looking for a son, Nikolai Novozvantsev, born in 1971, who was supposed to leave Moscow for Saratov on March 30, 2004. But he did not come home.

2. Bobrova Lyudmila is looking for his father, Dmitry Dushkina, born in 1927 On May 24, 2004, he disappeared in the city of Gai, Orenburg Region.

The father left the house in slippers, without documents, and still, nothing is known about him.

3. Family Chuburkov looking for a son, Sergei Chuburkov, born in 1981

On the night of May 23-24, 2004, he drove his Peugeot-307 car from Ul.

Prechistenka on Kutuzov Avenue and disappeared.


Oleg Popov found a wife, Olga Popova, born in 1981

Olya went to work from Smolensk on January 3, 2004, last called in February and hasn’t made herself known since.

Two small children are waiting for her at home.

Videopismo from Olga.

She now has a very difficult situation.

She is grateful to her husband for the fact that he is engaged in children and wants to meet with Oleg and talk about everything.

We decided that this meeting should take place behind the scenes.


Danilenko Nikolai found a son, Vladimir Avramenko, born in 1982 who in January 2004 went to Moscow for construction.

In late February, the son sent a letter from Ulyanovsk without a return address.

Father meets son in the studio.

Continuation of appeals about the search from the studio:

4. Peter Krivogub is looking for a son, Vitaly Krivogub, born in 1983. student of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, Faculty of Informatics. 12/25/03, he left the institute and disappeared.

5.Dmitry Khrapko is looking for a girl, Irina Taskayeva, whom she met in Turkey in June of this year.

Irina is 14 years old.

6.Gaisanova Lydia from Ingushetia is looking for a doctor, Anna Leshchenko, who has been treating for the last 6 years and put her son Zaurbek on her feet.

Then it became known that Anna Vasilyevna from the diagnostic Center quit.


The story of Vladimir Martirosyan, who found a daughter, Martirosyan Raisa, a native of Kremenchug, Ukraine.

Then she married and left for Bulgaria with her husband.

In 1973, Paradise came to visit.

Video script from Bulgaria.

Raisa Vladimirovna is also looking for her father and really wants to see him.

Father meets with his daughter in the studio.

And Raisa meets and meets his brother by his father.

We want to show you a single video, not very typical for our program.

These women came to Moscow from Voronezh and Belgorod for help.

For many years they have been looking for their daughters.

Many of them believe that their daughters are kidnapped.

Mothers received official permission to hold a rally in the center of Moscow on Pushkin Square.

Today there are four of them, but in fact - much more.

Antonina Perflieva is looking for a daughter, Jeanne Perflieva, born in 1976.

Antonina one of the first mothers began to go to Voronezh Square, then other mothers joined her.

Zhanna disappeared on 1.08.96, she went to work and did not return.

Mother from Voronezh is looking for Alla Poskakov’s daughter, born in 1971 06/21/98 she and her friend got into the car to get to the house.

The driver was found on the third day.

It turned out to be Khalin Sergey, who has been involved in night-time driving for 16 years.

Mother appealed to all instances, it remains only to turn to God.

Cherkasova Hope is looking for a daughter, Galina Cherkasova, born in 1977 On October 5, 1999, at 8 am, Galya went to work and never returned.

Maslova Galina from Belgorod is looking for a daughter, Oksana Maslova, born in 1976

In 1998, Oksana graduated from the institute.

In search of work, advertised in a local newspaper.

Soon the employer showed up, Oksana met with him and seemed to be coming up.

Then he called and made a new appointment.

Nobody saw Oksana anymore.

The problem of the disappearance of girls is very serious.

We have one witness how serious it is.


The story of the sisters Luba and Vera Andreev.

On the evening of January 25, 2003, Lyuba and her mother came from Buzuluk.

In the evening, a car drove up and people asked Lyuba, they offered the job as a newspaper seller in Buzuluk.

She went with her sister.

When they reached Samara, the sisters guessed that they were being taken away.

The women told them that they were being taken to Moscow to engage in prostitution, and that they had been sold.

January 26, in the evening they already went to work.

The first one was sent to Vera.

When Lyuba arrived at the place later, the sister was not there.

Lyuba was in slavery for 4 months.

Then she went down from the third floor, got on the bus and got home on trips.


We want to tell one very old story in which we need your help.

The plot from the village of Kazaneshty, Moldova.

About the history of the family Grabovskih Domnik tells, the only one of the Grabowski.

Until 1947, they lived in the village of Kazanesti until 1947. Then, in the south of Moldova, famine began.

Its reason was that the authorities took away all the bread.

They also took away the cattle.

The family of Kirill Grabovsky left too.

People tried to leave for Ukraine, to Romania.

Grabovskie drove to Chernivtsi.

There, my father put the family on the train, and he fell behind.

Son Peter, went to look for his mother and got lost at the station. 3 days Natalya and her daughter lived at the station and looked for her son.

On the way back Natalia became really bad.

She realized that she was dying.

Having buried her mother, Domnika returned to the village.

And then his father suddenly returned.

Kirill Grabovsky and found out that only one of Domnik remained from his entire large family.

When Peter disappeared, he was wearing his mother's vest, and on his shoulders was a soldier's cloak.

If you can, with something to help in the search, call us.

Continuation of appeals about the search from the studio:

1. Mikhail Vasilyevich Shepelev from Kolomna is looking for a nephew, Nikolay Vasilyevich Shepelev, and Anna Vasilyevna Shepeleva.

2.Denisenko (Barbashina) Tatiana previously lived in Tashkent, Samarkand, looking for many people.

Tatyana's grandmother, Maria Dolnikova, comes from a very rich family in the past.

She fled from home for love, leaving all her relatives.

Tatiana is also looking for her first love, Christophoridis Takis from Greece, whom she met in Tashkent.

3. Bryantseva Vera is looking for a son, Bryantsev Alexey.

He lived with his grandmother in the village.

Ramon Voronezh region.

On June 11, 2004, in the evening he left home for the festival of a bard song and never returned.

After 9 days a classmate saw him in Voronezh.


Artem Korolev found the girl he saw at the exam at the Moscow external school number 346 in early June of this year.

On the math exam, she sat in front of Artem.

Having looked at her exam sheet, Artem found out that the girl’s name was Naryshkina Anna.

Artem with Anya meet in the studio.