wait me 03/18/2002 (2002)

Telecast №81951, 1 part, duration: 0:45:58
Producer VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

Reel №1

Studio Love Belolipetskaya looking for a man who was saved by her son, and witnesses to this.

He stood up for the girl against the four offenders.

One of the hooligans was the son of a prosecutor and now a criminal case has been filed against his son.

The lawyer said that at the trial it was very important that the son saved a person’s life.

But she does not know how to find witnesses.

We found them.

We managed to find the family of a boy who was found under a bridge in the Roslavl area.

The boy was named Andryusha.

He was in the orphanage "Hope".

It turned out that the kid was kidnapped. (Ether February 18, 2002) Photofit of the abductor.

The plot of the village Kalininets, Naro-Fominsk district.

Teleconference Moscow - Kiev.

Requests for help in searching

1.Mirgorodskaya Natalia Alekseevna for 6 years went to trade in Kiev.

Она пропала в марте 2000 г.

2. Bozhok Tatiana Konstantinovna is looking for a girlfriend, Rodionova Maya A., who in 1956 studied at the Kiev Institute of Food Industry.

3. Son is looking for father Vladimir Prikhodko, born in 1962

In 1999, he left Kiev, presumably to Kaliningrad.

4. Bobko Evdokia is looking for Bobko (Prilipko) Svetlana's daughter-in-law, born in 1977 1.10. 01, went to Kiev for shopping.

Home, still not returned.

5. Chizhova Anna is looking for Boris Shiryaev’s brother, born in 1926.

At the beginning of the war his brother went to the front, and until the beginning of the 60s nothing was known about him.

Recently it turned out that he has long lived in Canada.

The correspondence continued until the mid-60s.

6. Alexey Kovalevsky is looking for Mikhail Kovalevsky’s father, born in 1959.

Previously, his father lived in Norilsk, was born in Krasnoyarsk.

7. Pavel Sinyavsky is looking for his son, Sergey Sinyavsky, born in 1965.

In 1989, the son of friends went to Vladivostok, where he had served.

Until now, no news from her son.

8. Hope is looking for Kamano Marcel's nephew, born in 1978, who lives after his mother’s death in Conakry, Guinea.

Studio Plot.

The story of Tamila Bisultanova.

Says Vyacheslav Izmailov, military columnist for the "new newspaper". 05.05.99 in Nalchik, on the way to school, a 14-year-old girl, Tamila Bisultanova, was abducted.

A month later, Tamil’s parents received a letter from which they realized that their child had been stolen for the purpose of ransom.

The Bisultanovs were willing to pay the ransom, but the kidnappers didn’t contact us anymore.

Если вы можете, чем-то помочь в поиске позвоните нам

Seeking help in searching from the studio:

1. Suyarkov Paul is looking for brother Suyarkov Peter, born in 1972

In March 1991, he left the military unit in Kimry, Tver region, without permission.

2.Strunina Lyudmila is looking for a daughter, Strunina Julia, born in 1991

In June 2001, the daughter and stepfather left for the funeral of his mother in Kutaisi, Georgia.

After this, nothing about the daughter is unknown.

3. Belyakova Tatiana is looking for Katkov Michael's half-brother, born in 1964

After the army, my brother went to Odessa.

There he worked in the port of Illichivsk seaman.

After 1990, there is no news from him.

4. Agafonov Taisiya is looking for the sons of Agafonov Sergey, born in 1985 01/17/02, he went to the Polytechnic College of Cherkessk and did not return.

5.Алиев Яшар ищет дядю Алиева Назима, 1940 г.р.

In the fall of 1999, he left Azerbaijan for Vladivostok.

Last called in 2000 from Khabarovsk.


Struogenene Vida-Veronika from Lithuania is looking for relatives.

As a child, she was taken out of the filtration camp in the fall of 1943 in Siauliai (Lithuania).

There were rumors that children could be taken from the camp.

The adoptive parents of Veronica then had no children and decided to take the girl

In 1960, Vera graduated from school and went to work at the Ruta confectionary factory.

After work, a woman approached her and said that in Ogonyok they wrote that a girl who had been left in the Šiauliai war was wanted, and she had a white birthmark around her neck.

Then Vera did not pay attention to it.

However, now she would love to find her parents or relatives.

M. Shukshina: here are the photos and brief stories of those whose relatives could not come to us.

Teleconference Moscow - Ryazan.

Search aids:

1. Maria Motorina is looking for Gennady Motorin’s son, born in 1969. 10/17/98 gon he left home in Ryazan and still has not returned.

2. Kovaleva Zinaida is looking for her husband Kovalev Ivan, born in 1921 10.10.01 gon left home in Ryazan and never returned.

Possible loss of memory.

3. Alexander Nazhoutdinov is looking for fellow soldiers in the Orlovsky Infantry School (1942) Alexander Manyakin and Nikolai Bagdasarov.

Still looking for brother Alavetdin Nasretdinov, born in 1922, missing in 1942

4. Melnikova Anastasia is looking for a girlfriend Valentina Lavrushko, born in 1933

Previously, she lived on Sakhalin.

5. Mishlanova Marina is looking for son of Mishlanov Egor, born in 1984 September 6, 2001. The son left the house and did not return.

He was last seen in the Ryazan-Michurinsk train.

He has Down syndrome.

6. Kulakova Zinaida is looking for her husband Kulakov Valentina, born in 1938 12.06.96, he did not return from the dacha.

7. Oganesyan Nonna is looking for brother Sergey Vanyan, born in 1969

He left Baku for Ufa in 1993 and still does not report anything about himself.

8. Ella Zinovieva is looking for Nikolay Nikitovich Fedosov’s grandfather.

Presumably he lives in Ruza.

The plot from Oslo, Norway


Ryadum Martinsen reports that she has been searching for a Russian prisoner of war, Yeremeya Mishenko, whom she met in the Haugesund camp, during the war for 58 years.

If you can, with something to help in the search, call us


The story of Raider Vigelius from the city of Tannu, Norway.

In 1964 he met a girl in Murmansk.

They went skiing together and became very friendly.

The girl's name was Faya.

She lived in Monchegorsk.

Thanks to the program, the staff of the embassies, Faina was found, not in Russia, but in Argentina.

After 38 years, Raider and Faina meet in the studio.

Calendar: 03/18/2002

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