wait me (2004) 02.08.2004

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Anchorperson: Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

Reel №1


We decided to hold an action on the search for children together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Our posters with photos of the missing children were transferred to all police departments in Moscow.

We really hope for the help of the police and our viewers.

If you know something about these children and about where they are now, call us right away!



1. Dobryaeva Lyudmila is looking for a son, Igor Sashenkin, who is 11 years old. 12/16/03. Igor went to school for a diary and did not return.

2. Olga Dubas is looking for a son, Vladimir Dubas, 17 years old, and his friend Alexander Kokorev, 23 years old. 01.01.04, they went for a walk in the village.

Tuchkovo Ruzsky district, Moscow region and gone.

3. Elena Garmazina looking for her son, Volodya Garmazina, born in 1991 On February 7, 2004, in the evening he went for a walk, but he did not meet with any of his friends, and nothing more was known about him.

4. Filimonenko Larisa is looking for a daughter, Filimonenko Alesya, born in 1989 On 10.10.03, she went to school and never returned home.

In June alone, more than 10 thousand people turned to us, each of whom is looking for someone.

Missing children is, of course, a special case.

Today we have Tatiana in the studio, her son Igor disappeared.

Tanya came to Moscow from Ukraine in search of work.

At first she settled in greenhouses near Moscow.

They lived in barracks, worked, but did not see the money.

Then Tanya got a job as a milkmaid in the village of Ubory.

She gave birth to a daughter.

Igor sat with his sister and brought her for feeding when his mother worked.

And then I had to leave.

When Tanya returned for Igor, she did not find him - they sent him to an orphanage.

Our video.

Igor Alekseenko is 9 years old.

He used to live in Ukraine, he had a cat at home.

In 2002, my mother brought Igor to Moscow and disappeared.

Igor was represented by Dana Borisov.

June 1, on Children's Day, Tanya saw Igor in our video.

We all hope that now Igor will have everything in order.

Tatiana is going to take Igor to Ukraine, but as long as she does not have her own housing, she will give Igor to the orphanage.

Two years later, the mother meets her son in the studio


The story of children in an orphanage in Odintsovo:

We have two boys in the shelter, Igor and Andrew.

They were found on the street without documents.

We cannot find their relatives because boys from Ukraine, and the police for such cases are not taken.

In the personal affairs of the boys, we found the place of registration of their mothers.

Igor’s mother — Tatiana from Ivanovka –1; Andrei’s mother — Nadezhda from p.


Andrei says that his father’s name is Sasha, he often recalls the area called “White Border”, he says that he has aunt Sonya (mother’s sister).

Plot: Recall the video shown on June 1, 2004. Arsen, about 8 years old, 3 years ago he was found in the entrance of a residential building in Moscow.

He is looking for mom.

Presented by Elena Malysheva.

The boy was found at the entrance without documents in the Mikoyan plant area.

Hence, the surname invented in the shelter is Mikoyan, since the boy is clearly non-Russian, he called the name Arsen himself ...

If you can help with the search, call us.


Olya Kabyuk (Kabyuk), 8 years old, is looking for a mother, whose name is Tonya.

Grandmother's name is Lily.

Presumably, they live in Chernivtsi.

Represented by Yana Churikova.

During the shooting, in order to console Olga, Yana Churikova presented her with one thing.

Olya then said that when her mother was found, she would give this thing to her.


Now she presents this gift to her mother, with whom she meets in the studio.

But not only Olin's mother was found, but also her grandmother, and she is also here.


Khokhlov Kirill, 7 years old, is looking for his father, Sergey Khokhlov and a relative.

Dad may be in the Vladimir region.

Represents Valeria.


Mother is deprived of rights.

Father Khokhlov Sergey Ivanovich lives in the Vladimir region, Yuryev-Polsky district, Kosinsky village council.

Plot: Luda Seikina, 9 years old, is looking for Daddy Aleksey in Tajikistan.

Grandpa and Grandma Luda does not remember.

Represents Larisa Verbitskaya.

We have good news for Lyudochka Seikina.

Her uncle came for her.

Victor will take Lyudochka to Oryol, into his family.

After Uncle Lyuda responded, her aunt Lena from Kiev also called us.

The story of Ruslan, lost 3 years ago in Mytishchi.

Represents Ekaterina Andreeva.

The plot from Mytishchi about Ruslan's father, Elbar Huseynov, working as a loader on the market.

About him tells the saleswoman.

He says that 7 years ago he met a girl from Ukraine.

Soon they had a son Ruslan.

When the child was 9 months old, the mother disappeared.

The father left the child to the owner and went to work.

He was not a month.

When I returned, I learned that the hostess (having decided that he had left at all) had given the child to the police.

The father found his son, but without having any documents, the child will not be given to him.

Need a genetic examination.

Thanks to kind people, my father did everything and now he can take Ruslan.

Appeals for help in searching from the studio:

1. Mother is looking for a son, Yevgeny Eliseev, born in 1984. 05/22/04 disappeared in the Arbat district in Moscow.

2. Alexander Malin is looking for relatives of his grandfather Ivan Kiselev, born in 1878, who served on the battleship Potemkin.

Young people Tatiana and Vladislav, children of soldiers of the GSVG in the GDR, found their school friends who they broke up 12 years ago, and they meet in the studio.

Continuation of appeals about the search from the studio:

3. Mother is looking for a son Vladimir Fomin, born in 1972 10/14/03 left home and never returned.

4. Mother is looking for a daughter, Ekaterina Zavyalova, born in, left home and does not let herself be known.

The brothers Mikhail and Dmitry found friends of the girls they met last year in Lazarevskoye (Sochi) and they meet in the studio.

The son found the mother, with whom he broke up a few years ago due to the divorce of parents.

Thanks to the program, mother, son and his half-brother meet in the studio.