wait me 03/21/2005 (2005)

Telecast №81958, 1 part, duration: 0:52:04
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

Reel №1

Fragment of the program from 31.01.05

Valery Lankin was looking for his daughter Tatiana, a first - year student at Moscow State University.

The plot is about the search for Tatyana Lankina, who was just lucky: on the way of a girl who decided to hitchhike, met good people-employees of the traffic police post of Gelendzhik, policemen, local residents, employees of the store of the village of Vasyutinskaya (Krasnodar Territory).

Within an hour and a half after the broadcast, the parents were called and told where their daughter was.

Requests for help in the search from the studio:

1. Tsyplakova Natalia is looking for cousins: Ilinsky Igor and Boris.

In 1953-54. they are from p.

Zyryanka went to her grandmother in Gorky (now Nizhny Novgorod).

Since then, nothing is known about them.

2. Maltsev Roman, born in 1983, is wanted.

He studied at the MISIS of Moscow on 19. 05.2004. He did not return to the hostel.

He has a bad heart, has undergone 2 operations.

Mars Sharifulin, who is 15 years old, came to us for the program with the director of the school where he studies.

It so happened that the boy was left in Uzbekistan all alone.

My mother went to Kazakhstan to draw up documents and after a while stopped calling.

Thanks to the program "Wait for Me", Mars meets in the studio with his father and grandmother, whom he has not seen for about nine years.

M. Shukshina shows photos of the lost.

Photo:Alexey Sysoev.

In December 2003, he went hunting near the village of Dzyakino (this is in Udmurtia), and since then-no news… Photo: Anna Chmil from Transnistria.

In July 2003, she and a friend, whose name is Sergey Demenchuk, went to work in St.


Photo: Nikolay Ivanovich Shlyukhin.

On December 12, 2004, he left his home in the village of Bear Lakes near Moscow - and disappeared.

He suffers from partial memory loss - so he may not remember his address himself…

Photo: Zhenya Yakovlev from Nizhny Tagil, born in 1987

He is fond of radio engineering.

In September 2004, I was at home, soldering something - I found that some part was missing.

He followed her into the store and disappeared.

If there is anything you can do to help with the search, please call us.

Continuation of search requests from the studio:

3. Grigory Deitch (Israel) is looking for a childhood friend, Alexander Tumarevich, born in 1944.

He was a Gypsy and lived in a camp near the town of Zarasai in Lithuania. the boys were in the same class.

After the 4th grade, the camp left Zarasai for Daugavpils, and the connection was interrupted.

4. Silenko Rosa is looking for her cousin Tamara Vavilova (born in 1939).

They broke up in the 60s.

5. Yudicheva Lyubov is looking for Yudicheva's son Dmitry, born in 1976. 17.09.04 left home, he was waiting for the guys who allegedly work in the district of Istra, Moscow region.

He was never seen again.


German journalist Gunther Hesse conducted the first radio report from Moscow in 1961. It was then that he met Zhanna Marchuk.

Their relationship ended when Gunther had to leave for Germany.

In the search for Zhanna, we were helped by an application in our database from her sister Galina Marchuk.

Hesse Gunther asked the " Wait for Me "to find only the address of Jeanne, as he himself had been looking for her for a long time.

After 44 years, Gunther meets Jeanne in the studio "Wait for me".

Photo: Lydia Runner (1940). 16.09.04 she disappeared in Novorossiysk.

She was wearing a straw hat and slippers.

Relatives believe that something could have happened to Lydia Petrovna's memory.


Fragment of the program from 28.02.2005

Yaroslav Burchak was looking for his relatives, father, grandmother and aunt, from whom he was separated in 1995. And in our computer database, there was an application for the search for Yaroslav's grandmother from her long-time friend-Nina Stepanova.

Today, in the studio of the program "Wait for Me", Valentina Burchak meets not only with Yaroslav, but also with her friend, whose connection was interrupted in 1961.

Videopismo from Germany.

Fedor Bloschytsky or Ploschytsky, born in 1919, is wanted.

During the war, he had a family in Germany.

His wife's name was Christa Mente, born in 1925.

They met in 1945 in Oschersleben.

After the end of the war, he was exiled to the camp.

Now his daughter is looking for him, who wants to know about his future fate and really wants to meet her father or his family.


Olga Muromtseva from Yakutia, found Eric Amakh -a loved one, whom she met on the Internet.

Eric is a composer who lives in France. "We continued to communicate.

Everything was just wonderful! …But suddenly he disappeared... " - Olga wrote in her letter.

It turned out that Eric just needed to leave for a while.

To meet Olga, Eric came to the studio "Wait for me" from France.

Calendar: 03/21/2005

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