wait me 12.11.2001 (2001)

Telecast №81978, 1 part, duration: 0:45:01
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

Reel №1


Continuation of the story of Tamara Gorodneva, who is looking for her half-sister Tamara Ivanovna Gorodneva.

This story, like many others, is an echo of the war. (Broadcast from 6.08.2001) Story from the village.

Pervomaisky, Saratov region, about his half-sister Tamara Gorodneva.

The sister herself, relatives and fellow villagers remember their father Ivan Gorodnev and his family.

My stepbrother came to meet my sister.

Many years later, they meet in the studio.

Requests for help in the search from GUM:

1. Natalia Khakimova is looking for her mother Tamara Gavrilina, born in 1935.

She lived in Elektrostal, Moscow region. 25.08.2001 she didn't come home. 2. Zagorodnova Irina is looking for the brother of Zagorodny Alexander, born in 1972.

My brother worked as a construction worker in the village.

Myshitskoye, Moscow region.

I haven't heard from him since 1997.

3. Pokhilova Tatiana is looking for her daughter Alina Pokhilova, born in 1984, and her friend Olga Shpuntova, born in 1983, who disappeared with her 1.07.2000. The girls did not return from a disco in Gomel, Belarus.

Since then, nothing is known about the girls.

4. Oleg Ivanovich Kuntsev is looking for his brother Vitaly Kuntsev, born in 1938.

In 1974, my brother came to visit Kaluga.

Oleg saw him off, put him on the train, and since then there has been no news from his brother.

5. Tatiana Kudryavtseva is looking for a friend of her youth Anatoly Tsuranov, born in 1948.

We met in 1970 in the Belsky district of the Kalinin region.


Requests for help in the search from the studio:

1. A mother is looking for her son Albert Khalishkhov, born in 1974, a native of Kabardino-Balkaria, who went missing on New Year's Eve on December 31 during the storming of Grozny in 1994. An unknown soldier was found dead, wearing Albert's clothes, and a photo was in his pocket.

There are two girls in the photo.

This soldier is buried in Moscow.

The mother asks the girls from the photo to respond to shed light on this story.

Maybe they know where her son is, or the name of the dead soldier, because his mother is probably looking for him, too

2. Natalia Zaporozhskaya is looking for two sisters, Zaporozhye Vera (Hera) and Zaporozhye Praskovya.

In 1929, after the death of their parents, they were sent to orphanages.

3. Galina Mamkina is looking for her son Alexey Pavlyuk, born in 1976.

Alexey studied in Moscow at the Academy of Light Industry.

On 29.03.96, he went to visit friends in Vykhino.

Nothing has been known about him since.


The story of Vasina Roxana, who is looking for relatives.

She was born in Tashkent.

At the age of 5, her father took her to an orphanage and left her, promising to return.

But he didn't come back.

Roxana remembers that she had a sister, Natasha, and also remembers her father, whose name was Vladimir Parkhom.

After the adoption, the name was changed to Roxana Mavasheva.

Then the foster parents went to live in America, and Roxana was left all alone in Moscow.

She needs to find her family.

At the age of 17, Roxana got married and changed her last name to Vasina.

My husband and I later separated.

Many years later, Roxana meets with her sister Natasha in the studio. I. Kvasha hands Roxana two tickets to Tashkent.

Their father is waiting for them to visit

Moscow - Chisinau teleconference, Cathedral Park.

Requests for help in the search:

1. Chegodar Fyodor is looking for his sister Natalia Chegodar, born in 1948.

In 1951, the children were sent to different orphanages.

Natasha got into c.

Varzaresti, and Fedor in c.


2. Wanted Slatvinskaya Svetlana, born in 1962 11.01.99, went to work in Turkey.

The last time I called my mother was in May 2001 from Bulgaria.

3. Sister is looking for a younger sister Victoria Borsch, born in 1983 17.08.01 she went to Odessa with her fiance Dima and the Albu family.

4. Markin Olga, born in 1982 and Victoria, born in 1984 are looking for Markin's father Vladimir, born in 1956.

My parents are divorced.

My father and I last met in Buryatia in the village.

Toximo in 1994.

5. Antonina Igrunova is looking for A. K. Igrunova, who in 1960 gave her an orphanage in Chisinau.

Antonina was born on January 21, 1960. On March 3, she was transferred from the hospital to an orphanage.

6. Teslar Elena is looking for her husband Teslar Vitaly, born in 1960. 28.08.2000 left home in Chisinau and did not return.

He could have gone to work in Moscow.


Alena Dombasheva is looking for relatives in Moldova, with whom she parted 19 years ago.

It so happened that Alena went to Kazakhstan with her father to visit her grandmother.

She didn't think she would stay there forever.

She had completely forgotten the Moldovan language.

I wrote to my family, but there was no response to the story from my native village of Meresheni, Moldova, where Alena's mother lives.

Relatives, fellow villagers, Alyona's teacher and classmates talk about the mother and their family.

After 19 years, Alyona meets her mother in the studio

Calendar: 12.11.2001

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