wait me (2004) 10.25.2004

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Anchorperson: Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

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M. Shukshina.

These kids got lost quite recently.

Volodya was found sleeping in an electric train in August, and Lena was brought in from Orekhovo-Borisovo in September.

Оба ребенка вспоминают о родителях и ждут, когда мамы заберут их из приюта.

Лена, фамилия Горшова или Гарчева, на вид ей пять, шесть лет.

The girl says that she has sisters, brother David, mother Marina and grandmother.

Volodya also says that he has a brother and sisters, his mother Anya and his father Zhenya, that he lives in Moscow.

We hope very much that after this program, Volodya and Lena will be found close.

If you can help with the search, call us.

I. Kvasha We want to remind all the employees of the police and social services that now every month there is a poster with photos of missing children.

The Main Division of Criminal Investigation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia takes part in the preparation of the poster.

By the way, the father of one of the children you see on this poster is in our studio today.

Search history Vani Gaidukov.

Alexander Gaydukov says that for two years he has been missing a son.

The father during this time traveled half the country in search of him.

The staff of our tracing group repeated the boy’s father’s entire journey.

The plot of the search for Vanya.

Vanya disappeared in paragraph

Horoshevsky, two years ago 09/22/02. In the police Pyatigorsk still not closed the case of the search for Vanya.

The investigator talked about how the bus driver saw the child in Pyatigorsk.

Next - evidence of people who saw Vanya.

The guards of the department store were the last to see him ...

The latest version - he could get used to the Gypsies ...

His father was convinced that it would be the Gypsies who would help him find Vanya.

However, the Gypsy post failed.

My father was close to solving the problem.

He was wrong only at one point of the route.


We, too, were in Armavir, that's what they managed to find out.

The plot from Armavir. 09/23/2002 on the platform the boy was standing alone, said that he had come by train from Kislovodsk, said he was lost.

For further identification, he was sent to a social shelter.

Alexander recognized his son Ivan in this story.

Сегодня путешествие Вани и его отца, длиною в два года, закончилось в студии программы.

Appeals for help in searching from the studio:

1. Mom is looking for her daughter Maria Krivtsova, 1985. native of the Voronezh region, with.

Upper Momon. 13.03.03 she went to Moscow and worked in the Maryino district, the Baltika cafe.

2.Moskaev Leonid is looking for a childhood friend of Mikhailov Dmitry, born in 1981, previously lived in Kaliningrad.

3.Orlov Dmitry is looking for parents.

He was brought up in an orphanage in Moscow.

He knows that his mother's name is Orlova Tamara, born in 1948, can live in Petropavlovsk - Kamchatsky.

4. Maksimova Galina is looking for her son Maksimov, Alexei, 1980, born.

He left on 11.10.04. from home and still not returned.


Aganesov Valery is looking for a daughter Aganesovu Tatiana with whom she lost contact in 1980, when she lived with her mother in Narva, Estonia.

We have guests from Narva in the studio.

It turns out that Valery Georgievich was also looking for - a daughter and granddaughter.

Today they are all found in the studio of our program.


Dmitry Fradkin found Belousov Yulya, born in 1989 from Ryazan.

We met on Pitsunda, Abkhazia.

We only saw her in the dining room.

In the pension prompted her name and surname.

Yulia is our guest, we asked her about a trip to Pitsunda, but she does not know who is looking for her.

Seeing a photo of Dima, she said that she remembers this guy, he was sitting at the next table.

Young people meet in the studio.


The story of Signore Luigi Peduto.

He came to us from Salerno, Italy.

He is 82 years old and he is looking for a man whom he has not seen for almost 60 years.


Luigi served in Yugoslavia.

There he was taken prisoner and sent to a camp in Austria.

In the city of St.

Pölten, he met Mokrina (she called herself Maria) Yurzuk.

She, like Luigi, worked at the Glanstof factory.

Mokrina told Luigi that she was born in Ukraine, she got married there and gave birth to a daughter Nadia.

When the war began, her husband was taken to the front, and she, with her small daughter in her arms, was hijacked to work in Austria.

Two years Luigi and Mokrin worked together in St.


When in 1945 the factory began to bomb, they fled from the city.


Mokrina, Luigi and little Nadia.

About 5 kilometers from the city was the village of Gietersberg.

Luigi went there alone in search of housing and work.

They lived there from April to July 1945.

Then, Soviet soldiers appeared.

Luigi decided that he would go to Ukraine with Mokrina, but he was not allowed.

But he remembered her all his life ...

Now Luigi lives alone in Castel San Lorenzo.

He is 82 years old.


Waking up at 4 am, Morkina Andreevna begins housework.

Mokrina Andreevna still remembers how Luigi courted her.

She remembered and told about acquaintance with Luigi, about his promise to take to Italy (but he was not allowed to take her with him).

She called on her name - Morkina from the word “wet” - tears, tears ...

Morkina Andreevna also told about her life, how she loves nature, how much fun during the holidays.

Still stored photograph taken in 1945.

After 60 years, Mokrina Andreevna and Luigi Peduto meet in the studio