wait me (2005) 11/14/2005

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Anchorperson: Kvasha Igorj,Hamatova Chulpan

Reel №1

The plot of the search assistance.

Ekaterina Zosimchuk.

On October 17-18, a single girl, about 1.5 years old, was found on the platform at a suburban station near Chelyabinsk.

The police did not immediately take away the child, because they were confident that a frightened mother would come running after her.

However, as time went on, but the mother did not appear, then the police decided to examine the girl’s clothes and found a piece of paper in a hat on which was written “Contact the“ Wait for me ”program, her dad would be looking for her.

Zosimchuk Ekaterina Evgenievna ".

Outwardly, the girl is absolutely normal, adequate.

Equip clean.

Now she is in city children's hospital № 1. If you can help with something in the search, call us.


Galina Volchek, director:

"Theater" Contemporary "and this year will celebrate 50 years.

We would like to invite our first viewers to this holiday.

The first performance "Eternally Alive", which was at night.

Call and leave your coordinates in the program "Wait for me."

Plot: Elena Krylova is looking for a daughter, Yana Gryaznov, born in 1991, who disappeared after a disco in Yampol, Vinnitsa region, on July 9, 2005.

Search history: Yana went with a friend to a disco.

When the girls were returning home, some unknown guy called Yana.

He said he knew her and offered to meet.

Yana spent her friend and since then no one else has seen her.

Perhaps this is related to Andrei Stoyan, the boy with whom Yana communicated there.


Valery Bondarev (before the adoption of Veselov), trying in vain to find at least some information about his brother, but without success.

I understand that so many years have passed, but suddenly you will find at least some information about Valentina Veselova.

If you can help with the search, call us.

Appeals for help in searching from the studio:

1. Victor Alekhin is looking for son Alekhin Sergey, born in 1972

In October 2005, he left Togliatti to work in Moscow.

And there is still no news from him.

Son Roman, from Moldova, found a father whom he had not seen since childhood.

After more than 20 years, father and son meet in the studio.

Фрагменты программ от 25.10.2004 и 19.09.2005

The story of Luigi Peduto from Italy.

I was in captivity in Austria, I worked at the Glanstof factory.

Together with me worked Yurzuk Mokrina Andreevna.

With her was her little daughter Nadezhda, she was then three years old.

Mokrina herself is from Ukraine, p.


She was at that moment 24 years old.

After the Victory, they were sent to the USSR. More we have not seen.

And I so want to know about her fate !!!

Luigi Peduto met with Mokrina in our studio, then he went to visit her, and now Morkina went to visit him in Italy.

The plot is from Italy.

Mokrin visiting Luigi.

He shows her his house.

Introduces her to soy relatives and friends.

Recalls the terrible days of the war.

Shows a photo from your archive.

Continuation of appeals from the studio:

2. Pavlova Galina is looking for a daughter, Daria Pavlova, born in 1983.

She disappeared in October 2005 under unexplained circumstances.

3. Kulebyakina Lyudmila is looking for Boris Antonov's friend.

Separated in 1964 in the city of Grozny.

4. Lalaev Estra from Israel, looking for the son of Naftaliyev, Joseph, born in 1950

Before moving to Israel, they lived in Grozny. 07/31/86 went to the Urus-Martan district.

Since then, no one else has seen him and does not know where he is.

5. Alexey Domashnev is searching for Lydia Dorofeev’s grandmother, born in 1926, who was lost in Taldom, Moscow region. 10/17/05 Coming out of the house, the grandmother did not find the way.


Svetlana found her sister (?) Galina, who her friends took in 2000 to Samara from Kyrgyzstan.

The plot from Samara.

Says sister Galina.

She was promised a good job, in the end she stood on the market and traded pies.

Two years ago, she had a daughter.

Now she really wants to return to their homeland.

Five years later, the sisters meet in the studio.

Fragment of the program from 05.30.05

Plot: Helmut Vahiller is looking for relatives.

In 1937, all Jews were expelled from the country, and my father was expelled from Germany.

He was 14 years old.

He came to Poland.

In 1939, his father, fleeing from the Germans, fell into the Russian zone of occupation.

If he had called his name, he would have been shot like a German spy.

He threw out the documents and called himself Vakhiler Mikhail Efremovich, born in Rivne.

In that confusion, it somehow slipped through and he survived.

He kept this secret to 91 years.

Then I recognized her and made a request to the red cross.

The father made a request to the Cologne magistracy.

From there they sent him a birth certificate, but he cannot prove that he is him.

And the Germans do not believe that Vakhiler Mikhail Efremovich and Helmut Wochiler are one person.

Helmut Vachiller in the studio.

The plot from Belgium.

The relative of G. Vahiller by mother tells.

He remembers the story of his family.

Speaks about how she learned that Helmut was alive.

After 57 years, Helmut meets in the studio with a cousin.