wait me (2005) 12/05/2005

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Producer VID

Anchorperson: Kvasha Igorj, Hamatova Chulpan

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Search aids:

1. Sushchinskaya Catherine is looking for Ales Olin, 1978.R. from Kherson.

He left home about 10 years ago.

After the disappearance, a note was found, which stated that he had accomplished a great deal and that he needed to start life anew.

2.Galina Kondrakova is searching for Irina Molodova (born in 1961) the mother of her adopted daughter.

There were kind people who told her that she was a receptionist.

Now my daughter really wants to find her own mother.

3. Peter Ali Canara is looking for the father of Ali Mohamed Canar (a citizen of Guinea).

In 1981, he graduated from the University "Steel and Alloys", Faculty of Ferrous Metallurgy.

He went home in 1982

4. Vladimirova Oksana is looking for Irina Velp, 1989.R. and her friend Anastasia Stepchenko, 1991.R.

The friends disappeared on September 24, 2005 in the town of Pushkino, Moscow Region.

5. Vera Shuenkova is looking for a son, Alexander Shuenkov, born in 1985.

In May 2004, he joined the army.

He served in the city of Vladikavkaz.

He was in hospital twice, 15.07. he was commissioned from the army.

Where he is now is unknown.


Recently, a 15-year-old boy came to our booth at Kazan station, who said that he did not remember anything about himself ...

First of all, we asked for advice to the doctors, but the next day they answered that THIS case has nothing to do with medicine ...

The story is about the history of Alexander Smirnov, it is usual: parents divorced, Mother married a second time, relations with her stepfather did not work out.

The guy ran off to his father in the Vologda region, but he was not needed there either.

Out of desperation, Sasha came to Moscow, tried to live on his own, and even got a job as a worker in a construction brigade.

But he quickly realized that he would not just not work here, but would lose the latter.

I remembered that in the program "Wait for me" help those who lost memory.

I decided to lie, and suddenly in Moscow they would leave ...

But for now, my mother came to the studio for Sasha, who all this time was very worried about her son.

Continuation of search appeals:

7. Gayane Arutyunova is looking for the son of Edgar Arutyunov, 1983, born 17.11.05. left home in Moscow and still has not returned.

8. Lukmanov Rinat is looking for Murat Lukmanov, 1980, 03/05/2001, disappeared in the Rostov region. under unexplained circumstances.


The mother found the son of Anatoly, who left Moldova for work in Moscow.

The plot in which the son talks about how "conquered" Moscow.

Thanks to the program, mother and son meet in the studio.


Inna Boyko found the son of Alexander, who often leaves the house.

He was in Moscow with his grandmother, then went home, but did not get there.

Thanks to the group of the search for the transfer mother and son met in the studio.

Continuation of appeals about the search from the studio.

9.Мать ищет сына Семена Косырева, 1983 г.р. 14.05.05 ушел из дома и до сих пор не вернулся.

10. A son is looking for father Michael Sedykh, born in 1956

He disappeared on July 4, 2002 in the Tula region under unexplained circumstances.

11.Victoria Mlechina is looking for a friend of Roman Saleymanov, whom she broke up with in July 2005

12. Son is looking for the father of Anatoly Fedorov, born in 1941

He disappeared in the early 80s in Moscow under unclear circumstances.

13. Mother looking for Denis Bovyrin’s son born in 1983.

He left home 05/21/04 and does not make itself felt.


Alexander Kaleganov found an army friend of Pavel Malakhov, born in 1937, with whom he served in the same tank crew.

After 45 years, friends meet in the studio.

Fragment of the transmission from 11/11/05

The plot of the guys Grozny boarding school, who are looking for their loved ones.


Three guys from this boarding school came to the program.

There is good news for them.

After 12 years, Evgeny Ter-Sarkisyants meets with her godmother Larisa Vladimirovna.

Brother and sister Dima and Lucy found cousins ​​Misha, Sasha and sister Katya.

The guys invite Dima and Lucy to themselves in Astrakhan.

The plot from Grozny about the children of the orphanage who are looking for, waiting and hoping to find their relatives.

The story of Anzor Dadaev.

He himself recalls his very difficult childhood.

As strangers sheltered him, but he did not catch on.

The plot of the mother of Anzor.

Photos from the family album.

Mother talks about how she lost her son during the war, how she searched for him all this time.

Chronicle of the war in Grozny.

After 7 years, mother and son meet in the studio.