wait me 09/17/2007 (2007)

Telecast №82009, 1 part, duration: 0:41:05
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

Reel №1

Plot: Back in 2000, we received a request from a person who asked for help in finding his relatives in Japan.

It was about the children of his father - a Japanese prisoner of war, Kodzi Mikami Data, there were very few, almost no archival documents were preserved ...

But a few years later we received another letter - from a woman who bears the same last name - Mikami ...

She also asked to help her find brothers and sisters in Japan.

So, in August of this year, we met in the studio two people wearing the same last name - Mikami.

Now no one has any doubts.

Valentine and Alexey recognized each other.

They constantly communicate, they visit each other.

It now remains to find their relatives in Japan.

Japanese journalists became interested in this story - then, in August, we had representatives of two television companies in the studio.

And recently, their story about Mikami and his children was released on television in Japan.

The plot of Japanese television about the history of the Mikami family.

Appeals for help in searching from the studio:

1. Dmitry Chekhlenok, born in 1990, is looking up On May 22, 2007, he came to Moscow to work and disappeared.

2. Tamara Ryabukhina, born in 1931, is wanted.

In May 2007, she left Yeisk for Moscow and disappeared.

3. Darya Zaitseva is looking for friends, Michael and Eugene, met in the train on July 18, 2007

4. Nina Kalinina, born in 1941, is looking up.

On August 9, 2007 she left home in the Moscow Region. and gone.

5.Kazimira Martynyak is looking for relatives.

Lost in 1941 during the evacuation.


Valentina Shekhovtsova is looking for son Oleg.

She has not known anything about him for 14 years - since he left for work in the Irkutsk Region in 1993.

A few days later she received from him the only one — the first and the last — a telegram: “I drove well.

Everything is good".

Since then - nothing ...

The story of Oleg, who lives in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, works in the construction brigade ...

Recently married.

When he talks about mom, his voice trembles ...

He also looked for his mother, wrote letters many times, tried to call.

As soon as access to the Internet appeared, I went to our site and saw my mother’s application for his search.

After 14 years, mother and son meet in the studio.

Continuation of appeals from the studio:

6. Wanted Konstantin Stotsenko, born in 1960, disappeared on 04/10/97 in Nevinnomyssk.

7. Nikolai Khamenya, born in 1975, is starting to go to Moscow to earn money.

Last called home in 2005

8.Viktor Baltau-Rakhmanov, born in 1973, is looking for a mother, Elena Rakhmanova.

Previously lived in St.


9. Alena Osmanova is looking for a girlfriend, Tatiana Sergeeva, born in 1964, presumably lives in Moscow.


Vladimir Byakov, 6 years ago, his son Alexander went to Surgut to work, and since then there is no news ...

Vladimir came to the studio primarily to look for his son.

In the second, to search for brothers and sisters (there are seven of them altogether ...).

This tradition is in this family: to leave for work and disappear for years ...

Vladimir Byakov himself went to work 55 years ago.

He was then only 19 years old ...

Meanwhile - he is still looking for.

Vladimir's brother, Yuri, came to the meeting.

And also: they have one more sister - Nina.

She, too, has long been lost ...

She lives in Nizhny Tagil.

Yuri and Vladimir, in the studio, were given letters from their sister.

We hope that the son of Vladimir Alexandrovich will also be found and will return home.

Photo: Youness Kardash.

He lives in Morocco, and is looking for his beloved girl, Victoria Bonachova, whom he met in Kharkov, in 1997.

Vika, if you are watching us now - call the editorial office.

Photo: Victoria Savchenko.

She is now 69 years old.

She is looking for Stanislav Tomchuk.

Many years ago, they studied together at the Tomsk Engineering College, and then he went to Baikonur ...

Photo: Kirsten Raanes from Norway.

She is looking for her daughter's father.

Kirsten and Andrei met in May 1945.

He was a prisoner of war in Tromso - he worked at the Lichter factory.

He was then 19. In the summer of 45, Andrei was sent home to Stalingrad.

And in 1946, Kirsten gave birth to a daughter.

Photo from Germany.

Ella Miller, born 1942

Her sister is looking for.

They broke up during the war, in 1944 - the parents died, the children were distributed to different orphanages ...

It is known that before the 60th year Ella was in Kazakhstan.

Continuation of appeals from the studio:

10.Lidia Kolomiets is looking for a girlfriend, Svetlana Martynenko, born in 1955, the connection was interrupted in 1983.

11. Anna Kosolapova, born in 1923, is looking up November 8, 2006, she left home in Penza and did not return.

12. Sofia Gafuri, looking for a second cousin, Ramil Davletshina.

The connection was lost in 1994.

In the studio Arthur Yanitsky.

His brother is looking for his father, Ibrahim, from Albania.

Father Arthur and Ibrahim, Wafa, while studying in Moscow, at MADI, met a girl Lyudmila.

Acquaintance grew into love.

Everything happened in the late 50s.

After graduation, Wafa decided to return to his homeland in Albania.

The son Arthur was born at the end of 1961, and at the beginning of 1962, Albania withdrew from the CMEA and the relationship was practically interrupted.

Wafa received only three letters from his wife.

As soon as it became possible to leave Albania, Wafa immediately got ready to fly to Russia, but sadly, he could not.

He suffered a heart attack.

Wafa died in 1983

After 46 years, the brothers meet in the studio program.

Calendar: 09/17/2007

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