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Anchorperson: Efremov Mihail, Shukshina Mariya

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M. Shukshina, at the request of relatives, shows photos of the lost and tells their brief stories.

The plot of the Krasnodar Territory.

Sisters Karine and Narine are looking for their father, Serob Ghazaryan, who has not been seen for more than 30 years.

When the parents divorced, the eldest Karine was 5 years old, and the youngest Narine was 3 years old.

Mom took them to the Krasnodar Territory to her parents, and her father stayed in Armenia.

Today Karine and her son came to our studio.

The plot from Armenia about the father S. Ghazaryan.

He himself and his son tell their story.

After 30 years, Karine meets with her father in the studio.

Plot: We were called by social patrol officers and reported that they had found a man, a German citizen, who came to Russia to travel five months ago and was robbed here.

Employees of the social security patrol tell how they practically repelled him from people who offered him to get on the bus and go to earn "decent money" ...

Appeals for help in searching from the studio:

1. Olga Samsonova is looking for his parents, brothers and sisters.

2. Oktiabrina Kairova is looking for Alexander Alikin born in 1981

He disappeared in 2002 in Rostov-on-Don.

3.Tagzima Dinikeeva looking for a daughter, Elvira Dinikeeva, born in 1974

She disappeared in 2004 in the Orenburg region.

4. Vladislav Beresnev born in 1990 is born.

He disappeared in 2004 in Moscow.

5. Jamilahon Baratakhunova is looking for a son, Ulugbek Baratakhunov, born in 1975

He disappeared in 2008 in Moscow.

6. Valentina Heinz is searching for Lyudmila Gorodilova, born in 1953.

Communication with her broke in 1979.


Searching for one story about which they wrote to us from Nizhny Novgorod ...

Elena Anatolievna Nepochatova is looking for the family of his great-uncle Ivan Volkov, who after the revolution ended up in France.

He knows little about him: Ivan had a family, three daughters - Cecilia, Janet and Christine.

Ivan kept in touch with his relatives until 1970.

After the death of her grandmother, Nadezhda Volkova (Ivan’s sister), Elena found many letters and photographs from France.

I would like to renew contact with my relatives.

The plot is about Aunt Christine.

In France, the youngest daughter of Ivan Volkov, Kristin Ruzen, was found.

For relatives from Russia, Christine gave a video greeting and her address.

The plot of p.

High Hill, Smolensk region.

Nina Dzhabarova, looking for her daughter, Angela, who was stolen 20 years ago by her husband and brought to his homeland in Tajikistan.

Villagers are talking about it.

She herself talks about her life-being.

Angela's parents met in 79 in Prokopyevsk.

In 1980, the son Sasha was born, and in 1982, the daughter Angela.

After the divorce, in 1991, when Angela studied in the second grade, her father took her out of school and secretly took her from her wife to Tajikistan.

Mother ran through all instances: she turned to the police, to the passport office.

She was advised to go to Tajikistan herself and pick up her daughter.

I got to Moscow, but I could not get to Tajikistan.

It was 1992, there was a war ...

It turns out that Angela is also looking for a mother through our program.

The plot from Tajikistan about the daughter Angela, who recalls how her father took her, how she lives here.

He promises that he will soon see his mother as soon as he prepares his passport.

M. Shukshina shows a few photos of the lost and presents their brief stories.

We have already shown the photo of Andrei Tatarintsev - he disappeared as far back as 2005.

And recently, a woman wrote to us, who claims that she saw him in the Krasnodar Territory, on the Olkhovsky Farm.

According to her, the locals met him there before.

Photo: Alexey Kartashov disappeared on June 9.

He left in the direction of the garden section "Soslovino" from the village of Dyakovo, Moscow region and has not returned to the present

Photo: Lesha Bakun, 14 years old.

He disappeared in June of this year in the Novosibirsk region.

He rode a bicycle from the village of Verkh-Krasnoyarsk and still has not returned home.

Photo: Heinrich Tseglovsky, Jurgis Vysotskis, Uldis Vanag.

Rail Vakhitov is looking for the crew of his tank.

In 1964 we served in Chernyakhovsk, in the same tank crew.

And there were four of us of different nationalities - Heinrich Tseglovsky, a Pole.

Uldis Vanag, Latvian, Jurgis Vysotskis, Lithuanian.

Photo: Nastya Anokhina is looking for her father - Oleg Ivanishchev.

When he left, Nastya was still small.

Now she is left alone and is looking for dad.

Photo: Ella Poddubnaya, 14, is searching for her father in Turkey, Isa Guneya.

For seven years, Ella has been raised by the cross.

Photo: Karen Abgaryan last time called his family in Armenia on January 9th and said that he was going to Orenburg.

More news from him was not ...

Photo: Albert Karimov disappeared in July 2011 in Kazan.

According to rumors, one of his fellow villagers saw him in May in Dagestan.

Photo: Sister from Dagestan is looking for Parisis Aldanova, born in 1970.

The last time they saw each other was in 1996, before Parisizat left for Moscow.

Photo: Roman Shushenachev is looking for Yulia Kuleshov, whom he met in 2008 in the town of Yarovoy Altai Territory.

Photo: Vladimir Barakhtin born in 1966

May this year disappeared on the way from Makhachkala to the town of Rodniki, Ivanovo Region.

Last called May 28th.

This is a photograph of Uliana Leschinin’s father.

And the letter is: Around 1941, my father was captured in Estonia!

An Estonian family saved his life, his surname is unknown to me.

According to the stories of his father, he had a daughter there, who was named Linda.

I want to see my dear person. perhaps the daughter will recognize him ...

Photo: Valery Surovtsev is looking for his half-sister - Helen.

It is known that at the end of the 80s Elena left for her husband's homeland in the Congo.

And from there they moved to Belgium.

Photo: Fluza Krasko, born in 1969, is looking for his son Stanislav.

He writes that in August 1999, Fluza went to visit Moscow.

She promised to return home to Saransk in September - and disappeared.

Photo: Alexander Dmitrienko is looking for a girlfriend of his youth.

The last time they met in 1959, when Alexander studied at a military school in Leningrad.

Photo: Five years ago Svetlana Shlyapugina, born in 1966, disappeared in the Istra district, Moscow region.

If you can help us with these searches, please call us.


Timur Pavliashvili, found his father, Nodar Pavliashvili.

Timur’s mother, Elena, met Nodar in 1986 in Rostov.

Elena came there to work from Belarus, Nodar - from Georgia.

In 1987, they were married, according to tradition, was a real Georgian wedding - in compliance with all the customs of the Georgian people.

The bride was taken to the house of her husband in Georgia.

We lived there for a little over a year, and then went to Belarus.

The plot from Georgia about the father of Timur.

Nodar left Belarus in 1991, when Timur was 2 years old.

Elena went with her son to Israel.

So they were lost ...

After 21 years, father and son meet in the studio.