wait me (2005) 09/05/2005

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Anchorperson: Domogarov Aleksandr, Hamatova Chulpan

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The story of the lost Yana Markova.

In December 2004, four-year-old Yana was found in an abandoned house ...

She was sent to an orphanage, the prosecutor's office took up the case.

But they only found out that the Markov family (mother and 5 children) lived in Moscow ...

The plot from the orphanage.

The teacher talks about Jan.

After we showed the plot about Yana in the program (air from 06.26.05), her older brother Zhenya Smurygin and his wife Lena responded.

They said that the whole family decided to pick up Yana.

Zhenya and Lena and Lena's father came to the studio “Wait for me” for Yana.

Appeals for help in searching from the studio:

1.Sophia Bakalova from the USA. She's looking for her father, Joseph.

Father and mother - Nadezhda Bakalova met in Moscow.

He was a soldier from Morocco and studied at the military institute in Moscow approximately 1980-1984. Later, parents had to part.

Many years have passed and now Sophia really wants to find her father.

2. Sergei Vinichuk is looking up in 1971, lost in 1986. in Yaroslavl under unexplained circumstances.

3. Nina Vinichuk (Zubova) is looking for a relative, Ivan Efremov, who went missing during the Second World War.

The plot of with.

Chukur-Minzhir, Moldova, about the history of the Chobanu family.

Vera Kharabadzhi, who has been searching for her sister Anna for 62 years.

She was 12 years old when she was lost.

The family had four sisters and one brother: the eldest Valentine (born 1923), Anna (born 1930), Marusya (born 1938), Vera (born 1928) and brother Gregory (1932 born)

Father, Chobanu Matvey, worked as chairman of the village council.

Mom, Maria Chobanu was a housewife. 13.06. In 1941, the family was repressed and exiled to Kazakhstan.

In May 1942, Annushka, together with her friend Taisiya Chernova, carried the milk to her brother and sister and got lost ...

Taisiya returned home, and since Anna nothing has been known since ...

If this story seems familiar to someone, call us.


In August 2003, Igor Bezruchenkov, who was then 19 years old, served in the army in the city of Volsk and went to the hospital.

There he met Svetlana Popova.

There was a "friendship that grew into deeper feelings."

We met, made plans for the future.

Then Igor went on vacation home to Murmansk - and lost contact with the girl.

Already a year, as a guy in the civilian world, and continues to look for Svetlana.

Having found out who was looking for her, Svetlana Popova immediately agreed to come to the studio “Wait for Me.”

Meeting in the studio.

Continuation of appeals from the studio:

4. Anzor Dzimkhov is looking up (born in 1973, 12.03.84, he left home in Nalchik and still has not returned.

5. Vera Naidenova (Shol) is looking for his brother Ivan Shola, whom he knows nothing about since 1947.

The story of Karina Dudina, who met Sergey Tikhon in 1996.

She worked as a sound engineer in the Latvian circus "Baltics", and Sergey was an assistant in the room "Air Monkeys".

When the "circus season" ended - Sergey went home to Tula.

They began to correspond.

But letters often did not reach ...

The last time they communicated in June 1999, Sergey congratulated the Picture on his birthday.

We found Sergey.

He retired from the circus, where all 6 years old performed in the "Flying Monkeys" and working as a bus driver.

Three years later, young people meet in the studio.


Vitya Vozhzhov, born in 1990, disappeared on March 8, 2005. I went to my grandmother, congratulated her - and since then no one had heard anything about him ...

They filed for a search.

All to no avail ...

Mom says that the guy is good (up to grade 6 was an excellent student at all), there was no conflict in the family.

Vityu found in Ufa.

He was detained by the police ...

In the studio "Wait for me," mother and son meet after several months of separation.

Continuation of appeals about the search from the studio.

6.Elena Ionova, looking for her friend Ivan Fomin.

They met on the Moscow-Tula train in the fall or in the winter of 2002.

7. Andrei Burtsev, born in 1989, is looking up 05. 06.2005 he left home in the Belgorod region and has not returned yet.

The story of Hins Krieger.

He came to the studio from Riga, Latvia.

The fact that he was adopted, Hins learned in 12 years.

As an adult, Hins found out from someone that his father might be a Finn.

And then Hins understood why, when he saw a spear at eight years old, he reached out to him, “as if he were his own”, after all, throwing a spear is a national Finnish sport.

This passion gave results - Hins master of sports in javelin throwing.

Hins really wants to find a mother.

We already know that my mother, Tatyana Yakovleva, worked at the Orsk-Khalilovsky Combine, a machinist conveyor.

She left Novotroitsk shortly before the birth of her son.

Most likely - in Leningrad.

From there - like, to Odessa.

Further traces are lost while ...

If you can help with the search, call us.


The story of Olga Luft, who lost her family (parents and elder brother and sister) in 1941.

On the eve of the start of the war, her 4-year-old girl was sent to stay with her grandmother in Saratov ...

The war began - and they could not pick it up ...

Olga no longer hoped to find someone.

But miracles happen, and Olga's older sister, Alvina, also wrote to us.

She is looking for Olga.

The plot from Germany about his sister Alvina, who tells about his fate.

With the beginning of the war, their family was evacuated from the village of Kashira near Moscow to Kazakhstan.

There, in Kazakhstan, they lived until 1995, then they left for Germany.

Now there, in Germany, there lives a large and friendly Lufts family: Olga has 7 (!!) siblings.

In the studio, Olga Luft, meets with her sister, whom she has been looking for for so many years and meets with relatives, whose existence she did not even know.