wait me (2007) 09/10/2007

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Anchorperson: Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

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In September 1988, in Afghanistan, near the village of Mukhamedka, a special squad was ambushed.

Most young guys, most were not twenty.

Many called each other by nicknames, as in school - Kutsy, Gocha, Mucha, Tooth, Old, Vanek, Mammoth ...

Ours have 3 armored personnel carriers and 50 fighters, and dushmans have little brisk jeeps, they were called "Barbukhayki", and a large number advantage.

The outcome of the battle, seemingly predetermined, changed, strangely enough, one accurate shot: The mammoth hit a Barbukhayka with a grenade launcher - and through this breach ours escaped the ring.

Miraculously, in general, escaped.

Then there was still a lot of fighting, but thank God they survived.

Six months later, the troops were withdrawn from Afghanistan, and they departed, who went somewhere, settled down.

And then, almost 10 years later, one of them wrote a letter to our program, in which he asked to find everyone else ...

There were more than 20 people.

The meeting was conducted by colleagues in Tolyatti.

Wanted Stanislav Turkin, born in 1979, disappeared in St.

Petersburg on August 1, 2007


Today we are introducing one person to you, this is the police general, deputy head of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Russian Interior Ministry Gennady Ivanov.

We have been cooperating with the police for a long time, but now, I hope that it will become even closer.

Gennady Ivanovich and his colleagues will now come to us at the shooting, so that where it is possible, they can immediately help someone, and where problems are more difficult - in any case, they plan together some ways to solve them ...

M. Shukshina shows photos and presents brief stories of the lost.

Photo: Vadim Moskalev, he is 7 years old.

On May 30 of this year, his parents took him to his grandmother, in the city of Sowing, Novosibirsk region.

In the evening he went out into the yard and got lost.

Photo: Zarina Normatova-Ilyina, now she is 10 years old.

The girl disappeared after the tragic events in Beslan on September 1, 2004.

That day she was in a seized school with her mother and brother.

They died.

About Zarin to this day nothing is known.

There are witnesses who have seen Zarina alive in the Emergency Situations Ministry tent ...

Photo: This boy's name is Ferry-Armel, the surname Essamambo.

Сейчас ему 15 лет.

In 1994, together with his father, Lambert Essamambo, MD, he left for Brazzaville, Congo.

Already 11 years from them there is no news.

Photo: Gennady Vinogradov, 27 years old.

He disappeared at the age of six, in December 1986, in the village of Bolshoye Shirokoe, Shakhunsky District, Gorky Region.

At home he was called "Gennashka" ...

If you know someone, call us right away.


This is a quote from one letter that came to us on the transfer. "...

I can not forget it.

I beg you, find her, I will fall on her knees before her and ask her for forgiveness.

If only to look at her ....

Therefore, I beg you: find her for me, there is only one hope for you ... "It seems to us that many men could subscribe to these words.

We think that even in the studio today there are those - right?

But more about that later.

Appeals for help in searching from the studio:

1. Evgeniy Vorobyev, born in 1987, is looking up

He disappeared on September 22, 2005 in Kovylkino.

2. Is looking up Simanduyev Nison, born in 1958

3. Emelianenko Eugeny, born in 1990, is looking up

4.Rasnov Margaret is looking for.

In March 2001, she left for work in Moscow and did not return.

Many of you already know that every month we issue such posters here - with photos of children who have disappeared recently.

For those who have not seen the start of the transfer, we remind you that today in our studio, together with us, the Deputy Head of the Criminal Investigation Department of Russia, Major General of the Police Gennady Ivanov, is receiving.


The story of Anatoly Kalashnikov, who is looking for Lyubu Bakhmetyem.

She is his first love.


We met in the 68th year, in the village near Timirtau, at the dances.

Lyuba remembers the acquaintance, talks about her life-being.

Before leaving for the army, they quarreled, he didn’t even call her, she wrote to him - he replied to her in that spirit that they’ll still not wait ...

Today, he considers himself guilty ...

After 34 years, Lyuba and Anatoly meet in the studio.


Austrian Herbert Pils for several years looking for his father - a Russian officer.


At the age of 14, from his mother, Rosa Haberfellner, he learned that his father’s name was Nikolai and that after the war he served in Austria with the rank of captain.

Herbert also has a single photograph of his father.

The video from Herbert was handed to us by the staff of the Boltzmann Institute (Graz).

August 13 was broadcast ...


And on the same day, during the broadcast, the faithful response came from Nicholas's niece - Svetlana Kuryzhova ...

In confirmation, the relatives sent exactly the same photograph of Nikolay, which was shown on the air, and a photograph of Rosie Haberfellner ...

There was no doubt: in the photo - Nikolai Garkovets, born in 1921

Unfortunately, he has not been alive for 6 years (Rosa Haberfellner died as many years ago), but his two daughters, Vera, Nadezhda, 5 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, are alive.

And today in the studio, Herbert meets with the sisters.