Scandals of the week (2001) 04/05/2001

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Anchorperson: Petr Tolstoj

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The main scandal of the week: the conflict between the shareholders of NTV television.

The point of view of the representatives of the company and Gazprom-Media: the chief editor of NTV Vladimir Kulistikov, the chairman of the board of directors of NTV Alfred Koch, the general director of NTV Boris Jordan.

Report from the rally, the opinions of journalists about the change of leadership of the channel: director of news programs NTV Grigory Krichevsky, leading the program "Today" Andrei Norkin and Marianna Maximovskaya.

America quarreled with China over an American spy plane colliding with a Chinese fighter in the sky.

Beijing demands an official apology, not forgetting to dismantle US secret equipment.

The American crew is imprisoned, the search for the shot down Chinese pilot continues.

Riot policemen with machine guns arrived at the sports park "Volen", blocked all entrances and exits, frightened visitors.

Nikolai Baranov, Volen Park Manager, Tatyana Panfilova, Chief Accountant, Natalia Solomatina, Financial Director, Sergei Mirzoev, lawyer, Anton Korolev, shareholder of Volen CJSC, visitors to the park, tell the story.

The Department of Internal Affairs of the Moscow Region opened a criminal case against Volen Park about the illegality of the parking lot at the hotel; lawyers and shareholders believe that the whole thing is in an attempt to arrange the seizure or redistribution of property.

Pre-election scandals are continuing in the Tula Region: an attempt was made on the life of Igor Tarodeyev, the head of the election headquarters of the candidate for governor Yuri Brezhnev; Governor’s candidate Alexander was also beaten.

Comments journalist Alexey Drygas.

Gelman vs Luzhkov: Companions of Sergei Kiriyenko accuse the mayor of Moscow of illegally vesting prefects with authority.

The decision of the court was commented on by the head of the headquarters S. Kiriyenko in 1999, Marat Gelman, the representative of the movement “First Free Generation” Vladimir Shmelev, the chairman of the Moscow City Duma Vladimir Platonov.

Elena Mavrodi and Leyla Al-Khatib were detained by the police on charges of attempting to abduct another child’s child from the Scientific Research Institute of Pediatrics.

The representative of the press service of the GUUR Albert Lukin to open a criminal case under article 226.

In the preparation of the plot used shooting operative footage and recording a telephone conversation with the director of the Institute of Pediatrics.

Clashes of football fans led to the fact that after the match “Spartak - CSKA” more than 700 people were detained.

The public is outraged by the actions of the police, the Spartak club wrote an open letter to the Minister of the Interior Boris Gryzlov.

TVC station materials: interviews with beaten fans about the mass brawl in the stands at Luzhniki and comments from psychologist Tatiana Muzhitskaya.

В ресторане "Лимпопо" прошел ежегодный конкурс "Черная Мурка", или конкурс чернокожих исполнителей "блатной народной песни".

Impressions were shared by writer Arkady Weiner and actor Alexander Belyavsky.


Kulistikov V.M. - Russian journalist, media manager, general director of the NTV television company (2004-2015).
Koh A.R. - Russian statesman, entrepreneur, deputy prime minister of the Russian Federation (1997), writer.
Jordan B.A. - businessman, media magnate, general director of NTV and Gazprom-Media companies (2001-2003), president of the Renaissance Insurance group (since 2006), public figure.
Krichevsky G.A. - Russian journalist, radio and TV presenter, head of information broadcasting on the NTV television channel (2000-2001), general director of the television channel Zvezda (2007-2013), teacher.
Norkin A.V. - Russian journalist, media manager, radio and TV presenter, member of the Academy of Russian Television.
Maksimovskaya M.A. - Russian journalist, TV presenters, author and host of the information and analytical program "Week" (2003-2014), member of the Academy of Russian Television, entrepreneur.
Gelman M.A. - political consultant, collector, art manager, writer and publicist.
Platonov V.M. - Russian politician, chairman of the Moscow City Duma (1994-2014), president of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Weiner A.A. - A writer, screenwriter, playwright, former criminal investigator, brother and co-author G. A. Weiner.
Tanich M.I. - songwriter, music producer, People's Artist of the Russian Federation, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, creator of the music group Lesopoval.
Belyavsky A.B. - Theater and film actor, TV presenter, Honored Artist of the RSFSR, People's Artist of the Russian Federation, Honored Artist of Poland.




Moscow region
Tula region

Media; International military organizations; Crime and Accidents; Football
Social life; Defense and internal security; Sport