wait me (2005) 03, 28, 2005

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Anchorperson: Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

Reel №1

Appeals for help in finding lost during the Second World War.

1.Novikova Dina is looking for her cousin, Gruzdova Mark.

Even before the war, he was drafted from Smolensk, served in Izmail, and before the war he was transferred to Chisinau (Section 3).

At the request of the parents came the answer that he was missing.

2. Belyaev (Sviridenko) Maria is looking for Nikolai Sviridenko’s brother, born in 1934

He lagged behind the train during the Second World War, during the evacuation to Siberia.

His father, Sviridenko Matvey, was missing on 12/16/1941.

3. Sorochan (Romanenko) Alexandra is looking for a front friend of Kirnosenko Roman.

He saved her from a burning house.

Front-line friends were lost during the attack on the Smolensk direction.

4. Guseva (Nerovnaya) Iraida is looking for Gennady Baikov, born in 1923, he served at the postal field station No. 145, the 141st rifle regiment, the commandant's platoon and went missing.

The last letter from him was June 26, 1942


About a story about acquaintance on the Internet: Olga Muromtseva from Yakutia, looking for Eric Amah-a loved one, he is a composer, lives in France.

But suddenly he disappeared ... - Olga wrote in her letter.

Fragment of the transfer of 03/21/05 and the plot.

It turned out that Eric just needed to leave urgently.

To meet with Olga, Eric came to the studio from France.

Now Olga and Eric are making joint plans for the future.

The plot from Norway: Anna and Eva Volum tell the story of the acquaintance of their grandmother Berit with the Russian prisoner of war Velorik Vinogradov, which began immediately after the war in the town of Garli.

During the war he was a pilot, in Germany he was captured, then he was sent to a camp in Norway.

In the summer of 1945 the veloric returned to Russia.

And on March 15, 1946, Berit gave birth to a son.

Berit's letters to Russia came back.

Anna and Eva want to know about the future of their grandfather Velorik Vinogradov.

Appeals for help in searching from the studio:

1. Ekaterina Rubleva is looking for a guy.

He does not know his exact name.

At the casting "Star Factory-5", everyone called him Master Fash.

2. Anna Alexandrova, who was a prisoner of the "Festung-Domitz" camp on the Elbe River, on May 2, 1945, was released by American soldiers.

Now she is looking for former prisoners of this camp.

3. Bodak Sergey is looking up, 1971.R.

At the end of February 2004, he and a group of tourists went hiking along a circular route in the area of ​​Elbrus in the upper reaches of the Kuban River.

March 8, 2004, should have been returned, but this did not happen.

4. Nadezhda Gordeeva is looking for Dmitry Gordeev’s brother.

Children, two sisters and a brother were placed in different children / homes.

Dima was then 4.5 years old.

Older sister name is Lena.

Dima called her mom.

In 1998, in an orphanage, the sisters were told that they had adopted their brother.


The story of Zaitseva Lyudmila about the search for the son of Konstantin Zaitsev, who disappeared six years ago.

Even before her appeal, the database already had information that he was in the Orenburg region.

It turned out that Constantine was in trouble, but there were good people who helped him and now everything is behind ...

Mom meets her son in the studio "Wait for me" after six years of separation.

Continuation of appeals about the search from the studio:

5. Mother is looking for daughter Dubinchuk Oksana, 1980.

The girl disappeared in her yard, in the town of Enakievo.

Donetsk region.

On March 8, 2004, she brought the dog out and did not return home. 6. Sergey Ganovsky is searching for Irina Ursulov, born in 1985.

They met in 2000 at the Kazan railway station, when they were left without documents and money.

Later, Irina managed to get documents and go home.

7.Sokolova Elena is looking for the son of Alexander Sokolov. 04/17/04

Alexander did not come from school.

8. Megabyan Avetik is looking for his former family.

In 1981, they moved to live in the village of Ilmen, Arkadarsky district, Saratov region.

In 1995, the correspondence was interrupted.


Maria Fedorovna Surkova asked to find a Jewish girl who she managed to hide in their house during the war.

Then the girl was recorded under the name Priymak Maria Pavlovna.

In her family, her name was Manya.

But it turned out that in the transfer database, there are already three applications for the search for Maria Fedorovna herself.

True, not from Mani, but from the elder sister of Maria Fedorovna - Tamara.

Sisters have not seen each other since 1964. Today they meet in the studio after a long separation.

And the search for Mani continues.


Search history of Lena and Marina.

One is twenty, the other is eighteen years old.

They are from the same village near Moscow.

Just before the New Year, they mysteriously disappeared.

The plot of the search for girls.


Sheremetyevo Airport -2. Airplanes in the parking lot.

Roads, blizzard.

Police cars.

Parents talk about them.

Slavic Post Office.

It turns out that they went to Slavyansk-on-Kuban to visit an unfamiliar guy.

Romantic journey almost turned into a disaster for girls.

Being in a strange city, without money, they were forced to live with a certain woman Lyuba.

A woman using the simplicity of girls began to blackmail and extort money from them.

Employees of the “Wait for Me” search group were at the post office in Slavyansk-on-Kuban, just at the moment when Lena and Marina were to come for the transfer of money from their parents.

This is how we managed to help the girls get out of this situation and send them home to their parents.

The fathers of the girls at the Kazan railway station meet I. Kvasha, and then they meet the daughters from the train.