wait me (2008) 09.06.2008

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Anchorperson: Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

Reel №1

History Galenko Marina, who is looking for a father, Galenko Gennady, born in 1932, a native of the Gomel region, the village of Rudnya, who disappeared under strange circumstances.

The plot of art.

Golubitskaya, Krasnodar Territory.

Granddaughter with a camel walking down the street.

In the courtyard of the house a monkey, a peacock.

Beach on the Azov Sea.

Granddaughter, daughter and neighbors are talking about father and grandfather. 12/18/07, according to an eyewitness, Galenko G.I. drove away from his home in a car of unknown brand with unknown people, allegedly buyers of the house, in an unknown direction.

He has not returned home yet.

If you can help with the search, call us.

Appeals for help in searching from the studio:

1. Arthur Mikhailovsky, born in 1990, is being explored.

He disappeared in September 2007 in the city of Podolsk.

2. Larisa Shkolnaya is looking for her great-grandfather, Alexander Gnedashova, born in 1907, went missing in 1943

3.Natalya Kalyagina is looking for her daughter, Yevgeny Kalyagin, born in 1986, the connection was interrupted in June 2007.

M. Shukshina shows a series of photographs and presents brief stories.

Photo: Aghavni Grigoryan, she is 88 years old.

She is looking for a granddaughter from Greece, who learned that her grandmother had driven out the owner of an apartment in Essentuki.

In May last year, the grandmother was seen at the entrance to the park to them.

Gorky, she asked for alms with the words: "My children are in Greece."

Photo: Roman Titov, 34 years old.

I arrived on January 26, 2008 in Moscow to earn money.

I called my relatives and said that I stopped on the street of Cosmonaut Volkov ...

In the morning of January 28, he left home and did not return.

Photo: Vladimir Zinin, 66 years old. 09.23.06, he left home to shop in Penza and disappeared.

Photo: Sergey Shuvalov, 20 years old. 02/25/08 he and his parents waited for the train at the Yaroslavsky railway station in Moscow.

Gone unexpectedly - lost in the crowd.

Movement coordination may be impaired.

Photo: Valery Efimov, 38 years old.

He disappeared 11.11.07 in Perm.

He was last seen at a diner not far from home.

Photo: Oleg Nikiforov, 40 years old.

In 1996, he was carrying cargo from Riga to Moscow.

He stopped with a friend in the village Idritsa, Pskov region.

At dawn I left him - and disappeared ...

Photo: Tatiana Dybina, 40 years old. 11/1/2004 left home in Kashira and did not return.

She was last seen in Moscow at the Paveletsky railway station.

Photo: Vasily Shaimardanov, in April, decided to visit his niece in the town of Kungur, Perm Region.

He got on a train in Kaliningrad, but did not get to Kungur.

Gone down the road.


The history of the search for Lydia Ilaeva, who is looking for Uncle Vasily Galievich.

She tells about her uncle, that this gold was a man, very kind, with a sympathetic heart, a little strange, as if not from this world.

When a person disappears and there is no news for two years. most likely something happened to him.

For example, we began to cooperate with the department of social assistance to homeless citizens of Moscow.

Now we compare their base data with ours.

And immediately there were a few coincidences ...

That is how Vasily Galiyevich was found.

Lydia Ilaeva and uncle V. Galiyevich meet in the studio.

Continuation of appeals about the search from the studio:

4. Natalia Azarova is looking for the father of her child, Bayram Hasich.

In 1998 he went to Yugoslavia

5. Maria Savelyev is looking for his uncle, Alexander Zakharov, born in 1953.

6. Vladimir Antonenko, born in 1951, looks up, disappeared at the station in Moscow on May 12, 2008.


History searches Irina Bugayeva, who is looking for Nicholas.

They met last summer, in August, on the Krasnoyarsk-Adler train.

It seems that nothing special happened - but Nicholas simply conquered Irina.

Irina graduated from the Krasnoyarsk Medical College, her friend Katya works there, with whom they traveled, thanks to which there is a photo of Nikolai.

The girl really wants to find Nicholas.

Nicholas found our volunteer assistant, programs - Shokalsky.

He really comes from Tikhoretsk, but now works in Sochi, he masters the specialty of a builder and a plumber.

He immediately remembered Irina.

Irina and Nikolai meet in the studio.

Continuation of appeals about the search from the studio:

7.Natalya Sineva is looking for her brother, Vladislav Arsaev, born in 1975, disappeared in the summer of 2006 in Moscow.

8.Valentine Kim is looking for his father, Anatoly Bayev, born in 1930, and relatives in his line.

Pictured Valentine with mom and stepfather


Search history Alexey Voronov, who is looking for his first love, Tatiana Gladkikh.

They met in 1985 in a dormitory of a medical school, where they studied together.

Romantic relationships crowned the birth of a common son.

But the 17-year-old father was not allowed to marry his own mother and sister.

Since then, he has been married and divorced twice, and now believes that the best woman in his life was she - his first love.

He is looking for her and their son together.

He just wants to know how they live, to see his son, even in the photo.

The plot of Tatiana and their son.

T.Gladkikh talks about his life, recalls Alexey.

The fact that the son of Anatoly is now serving in the army.

Shooting in parts.

A platoon comes with a song.

Soldiers dismantle the machine.

Dining room, lunch.

Physical training.

Anatoly says that it was a surprise to him that his father was looking for him.

Tatiana married when her son was not even a year old.

Released at the insistence of his mother, so that the son did not grow up without a father.

Chosen was the perfect father.

But, alas, he died nine years ago.

The son would never have known that his father, who had raised him, was a stepfather, if not for a search application from his own father.

The son learned the truth from his mother after a call from the editorial office.

But, apparently realizing that the mother still loves his own father, he agreed to meet him in the studio.

After many years, relatives meet in the studio.