wait me (2009) 02.02.2009

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Anchorperson: Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

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Plot: A meeting of a special task force, established by the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, was held to search for the most difficult cases, which are addressed to our program when a person simply disappears, suddenly, without a trace and inexplicable.

A month ago, the department staff prepared for us a first sample of unidentified citizens who ended up in hospitals in Moscow and the Moscow region.

After we showed them in our program, out of eight people, family identified seven.

Most of them are already at home I. Kvasha shows a few photos of the lost:

1. This man claims to have come to Moscow from Ivanovo.

Calls himself Sergei Black.

2. The young man calls himself Maxim.

He was hospitalized immediately after the New Year.

3. Unknown, was discovered on January 7 last year at one of Moscow restaurants.

4. Another unknown.

Doctors say about this guy that he constantly calls different addresses in Moscow and calls himself Voronin, then Voronov.

5. This man calls himself, Odile Bagirov.

He speaks presumably in Azeri.

It was discovered by officers of the Department of Internal Affairs of Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo on December 23 in serious condition.

6. Native of this woman, we have already managed to find, literally just.

We will tell this amazing story in detail in one of the upcoming programs.

Appeals for help in searching from the studio:

1.Elena Kachkova is looking for relatives of great-grandfather, Philip Singer.

2. Ekaterina Shokova, born in 1985, is looking for her father, Ognyan Kenev, born in 1954, who lives in Bulgaria.


Search history Alexey Shulev, who is looking for a friend, Alexander Shuplyak.

When Alexey returned from the army, he worked as a turner and went to study at the dance group, where he met Sasha and Zhenya.

The guys created a group of clowns.

At first they went with concerts to the pioneer camps, and six months later began touring the country.

Then he finished his artistic activities, and Sasha and Zhenya continued.

Now Alexey lives in St.


Communication with friends was interrupted.

The plot of the Moscow school of circus art about Alexander Shuplyak.

He shows one of his tricks.

Then, talks about his life-being.

Now he is on staff - a psychologist, assistant to the head of the group on the educational part.

Today, he came to Moscow to meet with a friend

Continuation of appeals about the search from the studio:

3. Lyudmila Lugovskaya looking for relatives in Brazil

4. Hope Birskaya is looking for Igor.

We met in 2004 in the town of Gubkin, Belgorod Region.

5. Ruslan Svistin is looking for a friend, Eduard Kislyakov, born in 1974

The connection was lost in 1993.

6. Sergey Strelnikov is born, born in 1974

In 2004 he left for work in Moscow and disappeared.


The story of Nikolai Ciocana.

He left Moldova for Russia in 1995 with Gypsies - they promised to get a job.

We arrived in Bratsk.

There, Kolya worked for some time in the market - he sold some brushes ...

Then the gypsies disappeared (taking Kolina's documents with him).

The plot from Moldova about the search for Nicholas.

Say about him sister, wife, brothers and neighbors.

The plot, in which Nikolai talks about himself.

Four years (from 96 th to 2000) he worked at logging ...

There - he met the future "owner" - and for seven years now he has been working at his stable, where there are 43 horses!

Nikolai loves horses very much, but he wants to return home.

For Nicholas, in the studio, came his brothers, Ivan and Konstantin.

After 14 years, the brothers meet in the studio.

The plot from Holland.

This man's name is Hank de Rijk.

In Holland, there is a program similar to ours, she is also engaged in finding people, but only lovers.

The transfer is called "Memoir".

That's where Hank turned to find his Lisa ...

He met her after he went to Germany for forced labor during the war.

This was in 1944 in the city of Kleve.

He was twenty, she was about eighteen.

Hank and Lisa talked for only three months, then Lisa was sent to another city - to Dortmund ...

More they have not met.

The only thing left for Hank to remember is Lisa’s letter.

Now Hank is 84 years old. 64 years old he is looking for Lisa.

We began the search.

Found the children of a certain Lisa Bogdanova ...

She herself is no longer alive.

The plot of the village in Ukraine, where she lived Liza.

Her relatives, friends and fellow villagers recall her.

Upon learning of this, the Dutch decided to bring Hank to Moscow.

In the studio today, Hank meets with Lisa’s daughter, Tatiana, who brought with her photos of her mother, Lisa Bogdanova.

Continuation of appeals about the search from the studio:

7.Raisa Kordyukova is looking for Alexey.

We met on 09/21/08. We were traveling on the same train to the station.


He is a native of the Krasnodar Territory, works and lives in Moscow.

In 2005, rested in Sochi, Sukhumi.

They didn't have time to exchange their phones ... the electric train was moving too fast.

8.Vasily Drozdov is looking for a friend, Vladimir Minaylov, born in 1926

Together they fought in the partisan detachment.

9. Alexander Bulatova is looking for cousins.

We left Mordovia in 1963.


Continuation of the story of Hank from Holland.


What a blessing, Hank recognized his Lisa.

This is very nice for us and very important for Hank.

And this time our quest was not in vain.