wait me (2009) 10/5/2009

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Anchorperson: Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

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The story of Anatoly Kruglov, who is looking for Svetlana Bushev.

He met her in a sanatorium twenty years ago.

But, a holiday novel, as such, was not.

And being widowed, Anatoly Alexandrovich began to search for Svetlana, in the hope that maybe they didn’t meet once by chance ... maybe the rest of the years they could live together.

The plot from Kazan. S. Busheva talks about himself, recalls his long acquaintance with Anatoly.

She was even going to come, and only at the last moment she was shy to come to the studio ...

But, it seems to us that she is waiting for Anatoly.

In general, we found her, and then they will understand it themselves.

Appeals for help in finding from the studio.

1.Vyacheslav Shiyanov is looking for half-sisters: Valentina Shiyanov, born in 1952 and Tatyana Skutneva, born in 1954

2. Ivan Tsekhanovsky, born in 1966, is looking up

He disappeared in 2004 in Smolensk

3. Galina Shulga (Glinkina) is looking for Eduard Lazurenko, born in 1937

We met in Hungary in 1960. In the photo, Galinka Glinkina on the right and Valentina Novikova on the left.

Perhaps Edward will recognize the girls and respond.

4. Roman Fomin, born in 1987 looking for his father, Jamal Beridze, born in 1959-1961

Presumably lives in Georgia.

5.Tamara Kashin is looking for her husband, Maura Gondre Jorge, born in 1964

Separated in 1988

6. Shukhrat Khaitaliyev, born in 1979, is looking up

He went to work in Moscow and disappeared.

M. Shukshina shows a series of photographs and presents the stories of the lost.

Photo: Nikolay Sudakov, 46 years old.

In April 2000, he went to work in Naro-Fominsk, worked at a construction site.

In November, he called home and said that the brigade was robbed, the money and all documents disappeared.

He said that he would get to the house on foot.

Since then, it is not.

Photo: Lyudmila Volodina, 21 years old.

At age 18, came to work in Moscow.

She worked as a waitress in a cafe.

Regularly called home.

Since December 2008 there is no news from her.

Photo: Alexander Petrovich Grishichkin, 48 years old.

In 1998, he came to look for work in Moscow.

Since 2000, there is no connection with him.

In 2004, he was seen on the market at the Koreans in Rostov-on-Don.

We kindly ask him to respond!

Photo: Oleg Saksunov, 31 years old.

About 15 years ago, he came to Uzbekistan to earn money, lost documents, was left homeless.

Photo: Andrey Kiselev, 43 years old.

Since January 2005, he has been working in St.


The last known place of residence is Strelna, Zhilgorodok. 04/23/07, he said that he was going home, but so far he had not arrived.

Photo: Andrey Tihun, 34 years old.

In 1996 he left for work in Moscow.

He lived in the Moscow region, Narofominsky district, village ZIM. He worked at the Kiev station.

Since 1999, the connection with him was interrupted.

Photo: Andrey Smirnov, 41 years old.

He went to Moscow to work on April 27, 2003. At the beginning of June a letter came from him that everything was normal with him, and since then nothing has been known about him.

He was last seen in the Reutovo area.

Photo: Maxim Mescheryakov.

In 2006 he went to Moscow to earn money.

Twice he called from Moscow.

Almost three years does not make itself felt.

Photo: Alexey Melekhin, 34 years old.

In April 2007, he left to look for work in Samara.

He settled down not officially, the passport stayed at home.

Since then, nothing is known about him.

The plot of the village Paryug, Kirov region.

Victor Semukhin himself watched the story about the farm, which spurred to send a response inviting everyone to a permanent place of residence in his collective farm.

He said that the collective farms in the area went bankrupt.

Victor himself paid the debts of one thing - the collective farm "Victory" and bought it out.

The area of ​​the collective farm is 6.5 thousand hectares.

The population is about 100 people.

The main part - pensioners.

Houses are empty.

At the moment, the collective farm is ready to accept 20 families in built houses (with only minor cosmetic repairs).

Viktor Alekseevich says that his goal is not to allow the collective farm to be empty, because the territory (this is a rich forest fund) can and must be developed.

Phone 8-83342-334-71

Continuation of appeals about the search from the studio:

7. Irina Tkacheva is looking for a classmate, Vasily Mashchenko, born in 1973

8.Doroshenko Vladimir, born in 1982, is looking up

He disappeared in August 2008

9. Anastasia Vedenina is looking for her sister, Olga Gubareva, born in 1989, and brother, Sergey Gubarev, born in 1996.

10.Elena Mustafayeva is looking for Amirshan Yusufov, born in 1986.

We met in 2004

11. Nadezhda Galushchenko, born in 1948, is looking for her father, Valentina Efimova, born in 1919-1922.


The story of Oksana Dorosevich, who is looking for her father, Leonid Dorosevich.

Nina Sergeevna, the woman from p.

Kupriyanich, Moscow region.

She reported that she has a homeless Leonid, a Moldovan from Tiraspol.

She tried to help him recover documents for a long time - nothing happened.

Leonid came to Moscow to work in 1998

The plot of with.

Kupriyaniha, Moscow region about L. Dorosevich.

People and familiar villages speak about him.

The descent of the catamaran on the water for fishing.

Leonid carpenter.

Repairing TV.

He himself recalls what happened to him when he was robbed and beaten.

About a year after this story, he recovered his health.

Tormented by constant headaches.

Work - worked, but not as much as before.

A little recovered Leonid left Kraskovo in Kupriyanich.

He worked there as an electrician, a carpenter.

There he met Nina Sergeevna, who sheltered him at her dacha.

After 11 years, the daughter and father meet in the studio.


Irina Babina and Marina Abkhazava, are searching for the sister of their late grandmother, Alexander Mikhailov.

The plot from the village of Popova.

The history of this village is told by its inhabitants.

After the death of the mother in '39, Pauline.

Olga and Leonid, went from the village of Popova to Moscow to his uncle, to work.

And the younger Shurachka father took into his new family in another village.

There, seven-year-old Shurachka worked as a nurse.

Since the 60s, they sent requests to the Red Cross, to the radio, but there was one answer - they went missing.

In the year 80, there was information received from distant relatives that the Germans had hijacked Shura.

Pelageya Ivanovna (Polina) all her life worried that her mother had asked her to follow Shurochka, and she did not protect her younger sister.

And before her death she asked her daughters and granddaughters to find Shura.

The plot is from Volzhsky, Volgograd region.

Sister A. Mikhailova recalls her very difficult life.

About the village of Popova, about his family, about the war.

After many years, relatives meet in the studio.