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Anchorperson: Efremov Mihail, Shukshina Mariya

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I. Kvasha from home, addresses the audience and presenters M. Efremov and M. Shukshina with the New Year's greetings and wishes of success.


M. Shukshina.

Happy New Year!

The year begins ...

So let it begin only with the good - with love, hope, expectations of a miracle and thoughts about those who are really dear to us ...

The plot from Moscow.

Leningrad Station.

Search history Natasha Chesnokova.

She is looking for Maxim.

Natasha tells about her story herself.

She was traveling from St.

Petersburg in a sedentary car and saw at the end of the aisle a man who quietly plays the guitar.

She invited him to play in the vestibule.

And so they sang together in the vestibule, played the guitar, talked about something important ...

She did not dare to ask the phone number.

Natasha thinks that she and Max did a wonderful job of singing and playing.

She is also engaged in music and she would really like to create with such a creative person as Max.

Maxim was helped by the transport police.

The guy remembers the girl and is very happy to meet.

The plot of the photos of lost friends on the road, in trains, on vacation.

Photo: George Rusakov, 19 years old.

In 2006, he happened to meet Marina Starikova by phone.

They communicated until this year, but recently the connection was interrupted.

Photo: Alexander, born on April 22, 1986

In 2007, he met on the Internet with Yulya Korobeinikova.

They communicated until not long ago, then Sasha disappeared.

Photo: Dmitry.

In August 2009, he rested in Turkey, the city of Belek, the hotel Papilon Aisha.

There he met Maria Vladimirovich.

Dmitry flew home, leaving no coordinates.

Photo: Andrey.

In the fall of 2006, he met Olga Scherbakova in a trolley bus.

Andrei came to Moscow from Estonia for work.

They continued to communicate until 2008, after which the connection was interrupted.

Photo: Nadezhda, 23 years old.

In January 2009, Nadezhda worked as an animator at the Sharm El Sheikh Hotel, where she met Pavel Kuznetsov.

Before leaving, Pavel was ashamed to take her phone number, but he would very much like to continue communication.

Photo: Julia Fonina, 22 years old from Tartu, Estonia.

In 2008, Julia met in a chat with Sergey Gordeev.

They corresponded for about a year, but in the middle of 2009, Julia disappeared from the network.

He is waiting for her to respond to his search.

Photo: Nina Lebedeva.

In the late 50s in Leningrad, she met a Chinese student, Li.

For more than half a century, he, now a professor, Li Chan-Xing, has kept her photo.

Photo: Petr, born 9.10.83 from the Krasnodar Territory.

In September 2009, Peter rested in Tunisia, where, during a tour of the Sahara, he met Tatiana Teterina.

The young people communicated only a couple of days, but Tatyana really wants to resume communication with Peter.

Photo: Andrey Karpov, 20 years old.

In May 2008, Andrei served in the construction battalion in the city of Voronezh.

There he met with the girl Ekaterina Vlasova.

Katya can not forget Andrew and wants to see him.

Photo: Valentin Bylich.

Until 2000, Valentin lived in Moldova, where Alina Zheltikova visited for vacations.

Valya and Alina were very good friends.

After 2000, Valentin disappeared, nobody else saw him in Moldova.

Photo: Eir Said Muchtab.

He is looking for Irina Ilyunina, who lived in Moscow in the 80s and studied at the Pedagogical Institute.

Appeals for help in searching from the studio:

1. Jamshed Davlatmamadov is born, born in 1966

He disappeared in Dushanbe (Tajikistan) in 1992.

2. Irina Aleshina is born, born in 1987.

Gone on December 17, 2009 in Penza.

3Love Kalinina, looking for her friend, Tamara Askerova, born in 1947

Communication was lost in 1995.


Search history Nina Nikolaevna Usacheva (68 years) from Primorsky Krai.

She is looking for two brothers whom her mother lost about 74 years ago.

Names of brothers: Nikolay Xia-Yu-Tin (Kaulkin) and Anatoly Xia-Yu-Tin (Kaulkin).

Xia -Yu-Tin is the surname of the father, Kaulkina is the mother.

Their father, Anton Sya-Yu-Tin, was arrested around 1935, allegedly for smuggling.

After his arrest, for a year and a half, they put his spouse Domnu Kaulkin (for not reporting her husband).

She managed to give her daughter to her mother, and a relative of Anton, presumably to China, took the sons.

Ever since, they know nothing about their fate.

One of the brothers, Nikolay Kaulkin, was found.

The plot from Omsk about brother Nicholas.

He himself tells about his fate, shows photos from his archive.

About him and his family says his wife.

Today in the studio meeting of brother and sister, who for 78 years have not seen each other.

He is 78 years old, she is 68, all his life Nikolay Kaulkin believed that he had no relatives.

Until now, remembering how he was told the news about his sister, crying.

Photos and brief stories of the lost.

Photo: Pavel Kiselev, 22 years old.

He left in search of work in the city of Yekaterinburg.

In August 2006, he called from Kushva, Sverdlovsk Region, and said that he was going home.

Since then, nothing is known about him.

Photo: Artem Poluyanov, 23 years old.

In 2006 he left for work in Perm.

I never got in touch with my relatives.

Photo: Ivan Polikarpov, 31 years old.

He went to work in Smolensk in 2003. He worked as a laborer on the market.

Communication with him was broken since September 2005.

Photo: Igor Gromovoy, 22 years old.

He disappeared in Moscow on November 1.

Came out of a rented apartment in an unknown direction.

Photo: Sergey Nedelsky, 48 years old.

In 2007, he went to work on logging in the Tuapse district.

October 12, according to colleagues, left his place of work and disappeared.

Photo: Valery Soshnikov, 56 years old.

In 1998, he went to work in Nizhny Novgorod.

I got a loader at the bazaar.

He lived in the village of Shlu (S) kovo. 2 years wrote home letters.

In 2000, the connection with him was interrupted.

Photo: Sergey Kondratyev, 26 years old.

I left Mytishch to Chekhov on 05/09/06 and disappeared.

Photo: Farogat Sayfiyeva, 52 years old.

In 2004 she came to work in Moscow.

One day she just did not return from work

Photo: Anton Arsky, 32 years old. 01.21.95 I went to the village of Tsagan-Usun, Dzhinsky district, Republic of Buryatia to get a job.

Since then, nothing is known about him.

Photo: Maxim Mescheryakov, 32 years old.

Since 2006, he worked in Moscow at a construction site.

And now, three years no news.

The plot is from Kosovo, Serbia.

The search history of the brother Arseny Pavlovich.

About him says his wife Milanka.

Brother Arseny came from Kosovo in 1996 to work in Moscow, because The situation in the homeland was difficult, there was no work, and if there was, then the wages are meager, and Arseny has a big family - three children.

In Moscow, he worked as a carpenter in a Yugoslav firm, at first he wrote and called home.

In 2002, they offered work in Orel, and the salary was higher than in Moscow.

Lubish's brother dissuaded him from going to Orel, but he did not listen.

Since then there is no news from my brother.

The plot of the Eagle about the brother of Arseny.

About him say the locals.

He himself talks about his life-byte.

About how he stole his wallet with documents.

As he lives already a year on a heating main.

Local women feed him.

After 8 years, the brothers meet in the studio.


Sergey Demchenko, looking for a friend, Vyacheslav Morozov.

Friends - Seryoga and Slavka grew up in Norilsk.

Were friends since childhood, were fond of tourism, the northern extreme.

But in the 90s, when many families began to leave the North, Sergey's parents also got ready to go.

The connection was lost.

First, Vyacheslav was searched in Norilsk, and then, in the Leningrad region.

But it turned out that at the specified address he no longer lives.

The plot of the city of Luga, Leningrad region about finding a friend.

The chief of the Luga passport desk helped, finding out through the people where Morozov could live, the policeman and her husband went to look for him!

She herself tells about it.

Found Morozov in the village of Kryukovo!

He was extremely glad that his friend was looking for him, because according to rumors, he considered him dead.

The presenter gives Sergey the coordinates of his friend.


The history of the search for Valentina Alexandrovna, who came to Moscow for her brother Vladimir Kruglov, who lives and works in Abkhazia at the old Stalin dacha.

The plot from Abkhazia.

Stalin's cottage on Lake Ritsa.

He was helped to make the Abkhaz documents.

Did not help anyone - the President of Abkhazia - Sergey Bagabsh.

But it turned out that this is also not a reason for returning Vladimir home, to Yaroslavl.

Need special permission for border guards.

After numerous calls to the FSB, the border guards, the FMS, and the passport offices, they found out that in order for Volodya to cross the border with Abkhazia at the border checkpoint, form No. 1 from the Yaroslavl passport office must lie!

Volodya in the country as before.

Waiting can not wait, and when he can see his relatives and hometown ....