wait me 08.08.2005 (2005)

Telecast №82121, 1 part, duration: 0:52:03
Producer VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Igorj Kvasha, Chulpan Hamatova

Reel №1

In the studio, Sergey Vitalyevich Kvashenko, who is wanted by his cousin Sergey Fedotov from Malaysia.

Chulpan Khamatova reads a letter from Sergey Chikachev.

On August 12, 2004 he set off on a round-the-world expedition by hitch-hiking, plans to visit many countries of the world and offers assistance in finding people, as in his travels he meets many Russians.

On the first cassette transferred to him for Sergey Kvashenko.

Video call from Malaysia, conversation with brother.

Sister is looking for a brother: Ildar Mehamatdinov, born in 1960, left for work in France in March 2000, the connection was cut off in 2002.

Hieromonk Seraphim is looking for a friend named Eugene from Severobaykalsk.

Nikolai Stepanovich Zalix (Vasyanovich), born in 1923, looking for his brother Vladimir and his sister Anna, parted in 1933 in the receiving center.

The inclusion of Kiev.

The plot of the Kharkov maternity hospital number 7: in the late summer of 2004 in the vicinity of the hospital appeared an unknown man without documents.

He remembers himself, that his name is Boris, he was returning from work, he was robbed, beaten and dropped from the train.

Perhaps the military, as the questions are often answered "so accurately", speaks of the marines, men in uniform and war.

Ukraine does not mention the settlements, several times called the city of Osh, could come from Russia.

Dmitry Zhutin from Orsk ran away from home on May 8, 2005. The boy independently turned into a program kiosk at the Kazan railway station after visiting Orenburg, Samara, Syzran and Penza, trying to get a job in some church or monastery to help the clergy.

Hieromonk Seraphim offers help in arranging a boy to a normal parish school.

Meeting Dima with mom.

One of the heroines of the previous programs, who was looking for an escaped son, is looking for relatives herself.

At the age of 4-5 years, she left home, arrived by bus in Bender, where police transferred her to an orphanage.

He remembers that parents Tolya and Lida worked at the farm, they do not remember the family name.

Filming in the village of Chobruchi: Lydia Momot talks about the disappearance of her daughter Nadezhda, a former local police officer of the village Chobruchi recalls the search for a girl and a criminal case.

Meeting Olga-Nadezhdy with her mother and sister in the studio.

Anna Anatolievna Yurkovskaya (Vanyashkina) is looking for all possible relatives.

On the mother’s side, through the grandmother Nadezhda Nikolaevna Kan (Landman), on the father’s side, the surname Vanyashkin.

Two siblings, the eldest Anatoly and the youngest Sergey, are also wanted, they last met each other in 1993 with Anatoly.

Aleftina Filipchenko (Sennovskaya) is looking for biological parents, her father's name was Yuri Semenov, he does not know any other data.

Valery Khudoborodov is looking for a friend: Igor Anoshin, born in 1971, may live in the Samara Region.

Video letter from Rotterdam: Tatiana Levitskaya is looking for Tatyana Solovyova, a friend of her youth, whom she met in 1968, and parted in 1991.

Arthur is looking for a father whom his mother met while studying.

After the 2nd year, my father went home for the holidays and did not return; he corresponded with his mother, but after the family moved to the Urals, the connection was broken.

Video script from Holland: Akram Suzai sends his regards to his son.

Meeting in the studio.

Video script from Haifa: a woman is looking for a brother who disappeared at the beginning of the Second World War.

Monya was born in 1936, 06/20/1941 was sent with kindergarten number 1 from Minsk to the country in the New Yard.

When the parents were able to go there, they learned that the head of Novodvorskaya gave all the children for whom they managed to come, hid the remaining Russian children, and gave the Jewish children to the Germans, they were all taken to the ghetto.

An aunt on her father’s side, Armor Botvinnik, tried to barter a child for gold, but the Germans said she should take his place in the ghetto; she agreed and later died in the camp.

Nothing is known about the future fate of Moni, her sister asks for any information about him.

A woman is looking for her sister: Tatiana Ivanovna Moldavan, born in 1955, disappeared on July 3, 2003 in Pechora.

Ziore Mukhetdinova (Husainova) is looking for a childhood friend: Nina Kostikova, lived next door in the Baumanskaya metro area, last met in 1965-1966, and is believed to be living near River Station, Moscow.

Wanted Alyona Roshchina, born in 1988, in February 2004 she left for work from Saransk to Moscow and disappeared; performed by a friend of the family.

Robert Aleksandrovich Samtsov, born in 1938, is looking for his sister Svetlana, whom he has not seen for 50 years.

The children were separated during the Second World War, when, after the death of the mother, Robert ended up in an orphanage, and his sister was taken to her aunt on the mother’s side, who lived in Kazan.

Later, the brother and sister corresponded, but then Robert went to prison and, not wanting to spoil his sister's life, asked a friend to write her a letter and report that he was allegedly shot.

The video script from Kazan: Svetlana Alexandrovna recalls a meeting with her brother when she was 12 years old, and the circumstances under which the correspondence was broken.

Meeting in the studio.

Locations: Malaysia [134] Ukraine [229] Moldova [145] Netherlands [155] Israel [109]

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