wait me (2003 № 1 ) 03.24.2003

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Anchorperson: Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

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Studio This photograph was sent to us from Orenburg with a letter: “My father, Kolyada, Mikhail Eliseevich, went to the front on September 17, 1941. He fought under the command of Marshal Zhukov, reached Berlin.

Dad had a wife and two small children there.

This photo was in my father's album.

It seems to me that this is that wife. ”Perhaps this photo really keeps a secret.

Suleiman Mohammad Amini is looking for his parents Mohammed Azhan Ameni and Faroh Taj Amini.

His father is a wealthy Iranian Persian rug merchant.

The plot from the clothing market, where Suleiman Sasha works.

He talks about himself.

He was born in Tehran.

When he was 6 years old, the family moved to Kabul, where civil war soon began.

To save his son, his parents sent him to study in the Soviet Union.

In Voronezh, Suleiman had a wife and a child, but they died in a car accident.

Parents live in Australia.

Until 1997, there was a telephone connection with them, but they moved, and Suleiman does not know their new address.

If you can help with the search, call us.

Appeals for help in searching from the studio:

1. Eremina Oksana is looking for the son of Eremin Anton, born in 1974 4.10.01, he left the town of Plast of the Chelyabinsk region and was supposed to arrive in the village of Varna, but did not appear there.

2. Vladimir Tishin is looking for Vyacheslav Podkolzin’s friend, born in 1939, with whom in 1959-1960. studied together at st.

Nodal Tula region. in GPTU number 5.

3.Polkhovsky Leonid is looking for the son of Viktor Polkhovsky, born in 1968 17.01. In 2000, he left Moscow for work and since then has not made itself known.

4. Wanted Kamil Valeev, born in 1966 who disappeared on September 24, 2002 in Samara under unexplained circumstances.


Natalia Polyantseva from Finland is looking for relatives of her grandmother Esther Gustavson, born in 1900, who lived in Kazakhstan in the 50s.

Her mother, Lydia Polyantseva, was born in Astrakhan in 1926 in a family of immigrants from Finland - Petr Petrovich and Gustavson Esther.

In the family she lived up to 5 years.

Then began a strong famine, her parents died.

The girl Hirvi Lydia was taken by some people, and then they identified her in the orphanage No. 1 of Astrakhan.

All her life she considered herself an orphan and suffered greatly from it.

In December 1941, she moved to the Aktobe region of Kazakhstan, where in 1954 she was recognized as a citizen of the USSR. Grandmother was alive all this time, and my mother did not know anything about it.

Unfortunately, mother died in 1994. Photos and brief stories of the lost.

Photos of Nikolai Konovalov, who went missing in 1941. Most recently it turned out that he was still alive, married in Finland.

Photo by Ella Korhi looking for relatives in Finland.

Ella got lost during the war.

He only knows that he was born in Kokiyoki in 1935-1939. and his parents died during the siege of Leningrad.

Photo Mark, who is looking for a daughter who is already 20 years old.

Photo by Andrei Malanov, who disappeared in 1997. Judging by the investigation conducted by Andrei’s mother, he must be sought in one of the Finnish prisons.

Photos of Nicholas.

He served in the Tsarist Army, at the Degaro military base on the island.

There lived a girl, Tire Janson.

In March 1918, Nikolai left, and Tire Janson soon had a boy.

Grandchildren are looking for their Russian grandfather.

Teleconference Moscow - Thessaloniki, Greece.

Appeals for help in searching:

1. Gulnara Margieva from Tbilisi is looking for classmates from 64th Tbilisi High School, Zoya Popova and Vladimir Vocalchuk, with whom she studied in 1972

2. Yanakidis Georgios is looking for brother Nugzari Yanakidis, born in 1952

In 1993, his brother came to Greece, in 1999 he went to Cyprus, and in December 1999 he went to Rostov-on-Don.

3.Aphrodite Ioanidi (Ivanova) is looking for a cousin Dinu Ivanova, born in 1968, a graduate of IISS. The last time the sisters saw each other was at the station in Moscow, in 1990.

4. Svetlana Metreveli is looking for a former neighbor, mother’s friend Rita Davidova (Gelman), who now lives in Israel.

Before leaving for Israel, Rita lived in Tbilisi on ul.

Ninoshvili, 24

5. Zosimova Lika is looking for her friend Violetta Alekperova, they studied together in 1980-1985. in the Krasnodar Polytechnic Institute.

Supposedly, she lives in Sochi.

Studio Continued appeals from the studio:

5.Melnichenko Love has been looking for a daughter for 11 years, Alexander Melnichenko, born in 1987. 06/23/91 at the age of 4 years disappeared in Leninsk, Baikonur (Kazakhstan).

6. Victor Saraev, born in 1958 11/9/02, he left home in the village of Uspenka, Kastorinsky district, Kursk region and did not return.

He suffers from Down's disease.

Video script from Ulm, Germany.

Search history Reinhold Stora.

He says that 12 years ago, he and her daughter were traveling from Moscow to Vladivostok and on the train, met a girl Olya Sultanova, then they corresponded with her parents.

Olya wanted to get a Barbie doll as a gift, but the connection was broken 3 years ago.

Today R.Stor speaks by phone with Olya from Arsenyev.


Frau Tilly from Germany is looking for an old acquaintance of the Russian officer Alexander Ivanovich Reva, whom she met 40 years ago.

They met only six months.

Then A. Reva went to his homeland, and they were forced to part.

Forty years later, Frau Tilly meets A. Reva.

The plot of the German village in which they met.