wait me (2003) 03/31/2003

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Anchorperson: Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

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Studio Identified the identity of another person who has lost his memory.

The plot from Magnitogorsk. (Ether of 02/17/2003)

Sasha found himself on the street.

He suddenly realized that he exists.

Realizing that he was in an unfamiliar street in an unknown place, Sasha called an ambulance.

Sasha found a ticket for the Magnitogorsk-Chelyabinsk bus in his pocket and suggested that he came from Magnitogorsk.

Sasha is in excellent physical shape.

Perhaps he was engaged in gymnastics or athletics.

Good computer skills.

It is possible that Sasha is a former military man.

Our guest deputy.

Chief Doctor of the Institute of Forensic Psychiatry.

Serbian Zurab Kikelidze and doctor Svetlana Shport.

The plot from Orsk, where Nikolai Babansky lived and how he was searched.

Plant Stroymash.

Workers0 confirmed that Nikolay was in the plot.

Galina Vladimirovna, Nikolay's sister, came to us from the Rostov Region and she meets up with her brother in the studio.


Aunt Nicholas talks about his childhood, that he was married, he has three children.

Today we were informed about another case of memory loss.

The plot of the Voronezh region.

January 29 03 in the evening a man who lost his memory turned to the faculty.

In the police on duty, a man told how he had found himself just 20 minutes ago.

A little later, I realized that I did not know not only where he was, but who he was.

From the police he was taken to hospital.

Doctors did not find any injuries; only on the arm were traces of two injections made recently.

It was not possible to recognize what these injections were.

He reads a lot, especially he is interested in articles on economics.

It turned out that he knows how to drive a car and is familiar with the computer.

When he was asked to sign, he did it very quickly and easily, but it is not yet possible to decrypt the signature.

If you can help in the search, call us.

Teleconference Moscow-Cherepovets.

Appeals for search assistance:

1. Adekova Nina is looking for a sister to Krutov (Solodilova) Tatiana, born in 1956 native of the Tambov region, p.


Tatiana got married and they went to Perm. 15 years ago there was a last letter from her.

2.Guricheva Svetlana is looking for a son Gnedash Vladimir, born in 1984 01.28.2001 went to his father in the Stavropol Territory.

Then he called from the Krasnodar Territory and said that he would go to work in Abkhazia.

Since then, no news of him.

3.Floka Alexander is looking for brother Dranovich Boris, born in 1949

My brother has been living in Yakutsk for 30 years, and now in 1996 the connection with him was broken.

4. Vasily Pechenin is looking for Andrey Pechenin's son, born in 1963 05/06/1989, while descending from Elbrus in a storm, he lost his way.

As a result of the search, it became known that he had bypassed Elbrus, ended up in Georgia, and then went to Sochi.

Appeals for help in searching from the studio:

1.Slyshova Veronika is looking for brother Yadykin Pavel, born in 1972 and his colleague Karev Andrew, born in 1965

2.Boykova Tamara is looking for a daughter Svetlana Boykov, born in 1994 24.11. 2001 the girl left school number 28 in Vologda, but did not return home.

3. Polosuhina Lyudmila is looking for the son Polosukhin Artem, born in 1971

He was engaged in hang gliding.

On August 24, 2002, during flights on the territory of Kara-Dag, in the Crimea, it was carried away by a thunderstorm air flow and disappeared without a trace.


Julia Frolova is looking for her father's adopted daughter Elas Lydia.

The plot of the search for Lydia.

Julia herself tells her story.

My father, Mikhail Vetrov, did not return from the Second World War.

In 1957, he received a letter from the United States.

He was married.

His name was now Elas Michael.

They brought up the girl Lida, whose mother died.

In 1977, his father sent a call to the United States.

Julia stayed there for 3 months.

Lida then worked in a Chicago bank.

Father's wife Christina Elas.

Her father died in 1986, since then Julia does not know anything about Lida.

Videoscript from Lydia from Evanston, USA.


Wanted Christina Shuk, Braha.

In 1977, the law firm Inyurkollegiya received information from its correspondent in the United States that a legacy of some Shmul Weingarten was registered.

But the inheritance is unusual, - it is bequeathed to a person whose complete data were not known.

In 1943, Shmul Weingarten was in Auschwitz, where his wife and children were killed.

In serious condition, he was transferred to another camp, Mauthausen, in Austria.

In the hospital, he was looked after by a girl, 19-20 years old, all of her name was Brakha.

Shmul and Brakha fell in love with each other, and when the war ended, they decided to get married.

Before the wedding, he decided to go to Switzerland to settle financial matters.

Bracha stayed in Austria.

When he returned, Brahi was no longer there.

He searched for her for a long time, but without success.

Shmul went to America, went into business, and soon became a millionaire.

In one of them, the Zurich banks in the name of Brahi contain 15 million dallars ...

Detectives managed to find in Germany a former prisoner of the Munchenplatz camp, who recognized Brak from a photograph.

Only, according to him, the girl's name was Christina Shuk.