wait me (2005) 19.09.2005

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Anchorperson: Aleksandr Domogarov, Chulpan Hamatova

Reel №1

The lieutenant colonel of the medical service, Sergey Nikolaevich Kryzhanovsky, in his youth, when he served in naval aviation, argued with a friend on a box of butter about who would be the first to be born - a son or a daughter.

Sergey was convinced that the firstborn will be a son, and a friend said that he would not have sons, only a daughter.

After many years, Sergey, the father of three daughters, was completely convinced of the friend’s rightness and decided to certainly give him a lost debt.

Knat Akbarovich Almagambetov gets a box of butter, and friends meet in the studio.

Vladimir Gritsayev is looking for a childhood friend: Maria Rokina, went to kindergarten No. 153 in Dushanbe together, broke up in the early 1990s after moving to the family of Masha, presumably to the suburbs.

Alexander Anatolyevich Polikarpov is looking for first love: Barbara Resutykova, in 1981-1983 we studied together in the Moscow school № 843, Alexander helped the girl to master the Russian language;  parted after Alexander's admission to the military academy, then he was forbidden to meet with a foreigner, and Barbara soon left for Bratislava.

Maria Mikhailovna Machekhina, born in 1960, is wanted, July 28, 2002 did not return home in Bryansk.

Video script from Ukraine: Fedor Ivanovich Bliznyuk (Blyznyuk, born in 1925) is looking for her sister Maria (born in 1930) and her brother Dmitry (born in 1922).

In 1932, when famine began in Ukraine, the family was dispossessed and sent to Kyrgyzstan, from there the father and neighbor were able to send their wives and children back, but since they were driven out of the train, they had to walk for a long time.

Fedor was too small to go on his own all the time, but there was no one to carry him, as a result he was left at some station.

The boy grew up in an orphanage, and as an adult, he managed to find his native village Ivanovka.

There he learned that his mother died during a raid in Kharkov, and his brother and sister disappeared.

The story is similar to the series.

The little girl is left orphaned, brought up in her stepmother's house, but she does not love her, beats her, reproaches at every turn, and the girl dreams all her life to get out of this house.

When she turns 14, she leaves where her eyes are.

One day she meets a man who seems to her an ideal, they have a daughter, but the man turns out to be a monster, and for the sake of saving the child the young mother runs again, returns to her stepmother, but she makes it clear that she is not going to endure the guests for a long time.

Then the stepdaughter persuades her to look after her daughter and leaves to look for her grandmother, the only native person.

On the way to the grandmother, the woman goes to the hospital, and when she comes back for her daughter, the stepmother informs that the father took the girl.

Later, witnesses of the events say that the father is in prison, and the child is given to a childless family.

It took more than 20 years to find a family, and when the heroine finally found their address and wrote a letter, it returned with the note “do not live”.

The name of the mother is Lyudmila Prokhorovna Pugacheva, her daughter's name is Olga (at birth Elena Dmitrievna Murashova).

Meeting in the studio.

Maria Nikolaevna Makarevich is looking for father: Kamo Sargsyan, born in 1963, met his mother in 1984 in Moscow, broke up in 1986, previously lived in Armenia.

Alexandra Ivanovna Ganchonkova (or Ganchyonkov) is looking for a friend: Sergey Sergeevich Bikeev, born in 1934-1935, was brought up together in an orphanage in 1945-1952; spoke daughter.

Alexander Sergeevich Shelobanov, date of birth 08/13/1971 (at birth Alexander Anatolyevich Pashinsky, date of birth 01/25/1971), adopted 01/27/1972, looking for his own father - Anatoly Pashinsky.

Konstantin Sokolov is looking for the girl of his dreams, with whom he wants to meet on September 25 at the monument to Alexander Pushkin on Pushkin Square at 2 pm; young men offer assistance in the compilation of identikit.

Shokri Zadok from Tunisia was looking for a daughter, Yevgeny Sorokin; due to problems at work, he could not come to the shooting, but Chulpan Khamatova congratulated the girl on the fact that her dad was finally found.

The plot of the Crimea.

An unknown man was found not far from the Crimean Observatory, he came to the village council of the village of Dobroe, did not remember anything about himself, and could not even read and write.

He was taken to the hospital in Simferopol.

Later, he remembered that he knows a lot about old medicine, but his main profession involves physics.


Lyudmila Borisovna Skopova is looking for a half-brother: Vladimir Borisovich Grachev, born in 1949, last met in 1972, when Volodya was a student at an oil institute in Grozny.

Ludmila is also looking for a former Finnish colleague with whom they worked together in 1985 in Norilsk.

Lyudmila does not remember the name of the man, he was embarrassed to speak Russian and knew only two words: "I want" and "trash."

So they called each other, she called him “I want”, he called her “Haltura”.

It was not a shame because they had a good relationship.

Svetlana Babiychuk (Shiryaeva) is looking for a brother: Fedor Vladimirovich Shiryaev, date of birth on 10/24/1964, the connection was interrupted in the 1970s.

Elena Kruglova, born in 1983, is wanted, disappeared in 1992 in the village of Novodugino, Smolensk region under unexplained circumstances; according to the neighbors, the girl was taken away in a car; was a friend of the family.

Yuri Petrovich Okunev is looking for a girlfriend of his youth, Galina, whom he met in 1961 in Khakassia; when Yuri was drafted into the army, the young people corresponded, but in 1962 he forgot a photo of a girl with her address in her parents' house; meeting in the studio.

An excerpt of the program dated 04.07.2005: Arthur Pyrkin from Grozny is looking for relatives, the boy turned to local television for help, brought him to Moscow journalist Louise Andieva; Two aunts, Marina Aleksandrovna Uranbayeva (Pyrkina) from Izhevsk and Olga Vladimirovna Mikhailova from Nizhny Novgorod, came to meet with the child.

Filming in Izhevsk: Arthur immediately found a common language with the children of Aunt Marina - Ruslan and Sasha, the family lives in a hostel, Arthur wants to return his younger brother Albert, whom he left in an orphanage in Grozny.

Acting mayor of Izhevsk, Alexander Ushakov, promises to help in solving housing problems, and in Albert’s school they are already waiting, just like at home.

Alberta was brought to Moscow by the director of the orphanage Bella (Bierlant) Kasayeva.

Meeting in the studio with Arthur and Aunt Marina.




Ukraine [229] Crimea [981] The Chechen Republic [756] Udmurtia [754]