wait me (2003) 03.02.2003

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Anchorperson: Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

Reel №1

Studio I. Kvasha: have you lost any memorable thing?

Alexander Petrovich, does this thing remind you of anything?

He recognizes his "demobling album", lost 19 years ago.

The album was sent to us by mail with a short note: “This album wants to find its owner.

He was lost in Novosibirsk more than 15 years ago. ”

Teleconference Moscow - Grozny.

Appeals for help in searching:

1.Vizirkhanova Zeynab is looking for daughter Suleymanova Louise, born in 1965

In 1974, after the divorce, her father took her to Ust-Kamenogorsk to the state farm "Ushansky".

Communication with her broke in 1995

2. Umarov Lisa is looking for the uncle of Umarov Humida.

In 1942, Uncle Humid went to the front and did not return.

He was considered missing.

Presumably lives in the USA.

3. Aliyev Ablan is looking for his sister Bashayeva Bell.

In 1995, after the death of her father, she and her mother allegedly went to Elista, Kalmykia, in the village of


Since then, nothing is known about her.

4. Tagirov Sardal Sottayevich is looking for his brother Andre, born in 1945 native of Lyon, France.

In 1945, Sott’s father married a Frenchwoman in Lyon, their son Andre was born.

In early 1946, Sotta returned to his homeland.

Appeals for help in searching from the studio:

1. Mother is looking for the son of Ivannikov Michael, born in 1960 01/24/2002, he went to the country in the Pavlovo-Posadsky district of the Moscow region, to the village of Kuznetsy and did not return.

2. Pork Leonid father is looking for a daughter Pork Elizabeth, born in 1983 13,10. 2001 in Perm, Lisa went to a meeting with a classmate and did not return.

3. Koshkarova (Matveyeva) Tatiana is looking for a friend of his youth, Metzger Vladimir, born in 1957, whom she met in 1975. Perhaps now he has the surname Makukhin.

Not seen 20 years.

4.Luchaninov Margarita is looking for a son Luchaninov Semen, born in 1995 08/11/2001 he went out of the gate in the town of Gavrilovsky Posad, Ivanovo region, and disappeared.

The plot from Armenia. (Ether of 01.21.2002)

Hakobyan Vahagn Gareginovich looking for father Garegin Abelovich, born in 1918

In 1940 - 41 years. three friends from the village of Egaplu, Ato, Maso and Garo, at the request of a friend of Surik, helped to abduct the beloved girlfriend Vartush.

After the abduction of all caught.

The girl who was in love with her father's friend, begged for forgiveness.

The father agreed to release the kidnappers.

Immediately the future son-in-law is released from custody, the remaining three participants (among whom Vahagn’s father) are tried and imprisoned for a term of seven years.

This happens before the start of the war.

It is known that in 1943 one of the convicts was released for health reasons and came to his native village and in a few days died of the disease.

According to stories before his death, he said that his friends, father and friend are alive and well and are somewhere in the Leningrad region.

If you can help in the search, call us.


Kolomin Andrey came to our booth at the Kazan railway station.

At the request of Victor Furdyg, he wanted to find out if anyone was looking for him.

It turned out that his daughter is looking for, Ekaterina Viktorovna.

When Katya was 8 years old her parents separated, and her father disappeared somewhere.

After some time, a summons from the police came and it turned out that my father had stolen something.

But then his knight failed.

The plot of Victor Fourude.

It turned out that he had just escaped from slavery.

Father talks about work in the Volgograd and Astrakhan regions.

Several years ago, when there was no work, Viktor was offered to overtake the car in Dagestan.

They promised to pay well.

Victor awoke in the steppe without documents, poorly thinking.

Reached the nearest village, the police.

The policeman offered to work with him as a shepherd in order to earn money and leave.

By naivety, Victor, agreed.

And so, since 1996, he was transferred to work from one point to another.

He ran away, but there is nowhere to go in the steppe, you are a stranger, and you continued to work again ... in fact, a slave.

So it turned out that Andrei Kolomin is Victor Furdyg.

After 7 years, the daughter meets with his father in the studio.

I. Kvasha: Now we will return to the story that was heard in our studio 3 years ago.

Plot. (Ether from 12/21/1999 and dated 2/12/2002)

Pronina (Shardt) Tatiana Leontyevna, a pupil of an orphanage, is looking for a mother, Shardt (Fedorova) Ekaterina Maksimovna, born in 1919, repressed in 1944. Tatyana found out about this at 18 years old by chance.

Under Krivoy Rog in the village of Beykovka there was a camp in which chest Tanya and her mother were.

From Krivoy Rog they were sent to Perm.

There Tatiana and began her search.

Found documents that mom rehabilitated

Today, Tatyana Leontyevna is back in our studio, where she meets up with her sister Lyudmila and her brother.

The plot is from the town of Nyrov, and Nikolaev, Ukraine.

Remembers the daughter Ludmila.

In 1944, Catherine Shardt was sentenced to 10 years of forced labor and sent to Siberia.

She was from an intelligent family.

Received a good education and married a German, the son of a patron of arts and the largest industrialist in the city of Nikolaev.

After the birth of his daughter in 1944, her husband, Anthony Shardt, was shot.

After the long stages, she herself turned out to be in the Ural city of Nyrov, where she served her sentence.

Two more children were born there.

After her release, Ekaterina Maksimovna could not go to Nikolaev, since was not rehabilitated.

All her fault lay in the fact that she married the son of Joseph Shardt, who built a cast-iron foundry in Nikolaev.

Her daughter Tatiana, who was taken from her at the stage, she remembered all her life.