wait me (2005) 12.09.2005

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Producer VID

Anchorperson: Aleksandr Domogarov, Chulpan Hamatova

Reel №1

Is it possible to recognize a person from a child’s photograph taken almost half a century ago?

Alexander Domogarov begins the program with the announcement that his brother and sister, separated in childhood, are trying to find each other and sent the same photos.

These people themselves still do not know about anything, but both are already going to the studio.

Filming in the Zhitkovichi central regional hospital: doctors take delivery.

Alexander Vladimirovich Verkhozin is looking for a friend: Vladimir Gostev, born in 1960, became friends in 1983 while studying at the Mozhaysky Military Engineering Red Banner Institute.

Vladimir was a novice military physician and saved a friend from amputation of his leg after a serious injury.

Alexander heard rumors that Vladimir served on the border of Afghanistan and died after becoming infected with a dangerous disease.

The continuation of the story from the Belarusian hospital: Vladimir Gostev is alive and well and has been working in the hospital for 15 years.

In Afghanistan, he really suffered from typhus, then malaria, but he recovered and, after being fired, moved to Zhitkovichi.

Also, Vladimir is the chief doctor of the local football club.

Meeting friends in the studio.

Evdokia Timofeevna Fokina, circa 1926–1927, is looking for the sisters to Martha (1915–1917), Anna (1920–1924), Maria (1920–1922), Anastasia ( 1917-1920, b., And also brother Michael (perhaps he is not his own, but a cousin).

Communication with the family was lost during the eviction to Kazakhstan during mass collectivization, the 1930s.

Evdokia with her mother Praskovya somehow ended up in Balashov (Saratov region), after her mother died, she ended up in an orphanage.

The family is looking for a grandson: Nikita Khamrakulov, born in 1998, disappeared on August 1, 2005 with his grandmother in Anapa.

Video script from London: the Raufi family is looking for a son and brother.

Mahmoud Shah Raufi was born in Afghanistan, he had 7 brothers and sisters.

In 1975 he entered the Polytechnic Institute in Kabul, he was disaccustomed for 3 years, on April 25, 1978 he was arrested and put in prison, for which his relatives do not know, perhaps something political.

After some time, it became known that about 20-30 thousand students were sent to Russia.

Whether Mahmoud was among them is not known for sure, but someone seemed to see him in 1980 in Moscow at one of the stations.

The Raufi family fled Kabul to Holland in the early 1990s, then moved to England; only the eldest brother lives in the old address in Afghanistan.

Evgenia Vladimirovna Arsenteva is looking for Turkish singer Abidin Ozshakhin, whom she fell in love with after seeing his photos and clips.

The girl wants to find him and meet him, for the sake of this opportunity she is learning the Turkish language.

Abidin's video writing for Zhenya.

The presenter sends Zhenya to meet his parents; concerned about the disappearance of their daughter, they came for her to Moscow with the whole family.

Valentina Alekseevna Moskaleva, born in 1962, was wanted.

She disappeared on July 17, 2005 in Kirzhach, Vladimir region.

Mother is looking for a son: Alexander Viktorovich Troshin, born in 1971, in 2003 went to work in Mariupol and disappeared.

Oksana Pashinskaya, adopted in 1972 in Kerch, is looking for a brother born in 1971, can live in the Crimea.

Anatoly Dmitrievich Dolganov is looking for a son whom he has not seen since the divorce from his wife when the boy was 5 years old.

It turned out that Dmitry Anatolyevich Yekimtsev also appealed to the program with a request to help him find his father.

Meeting in the studio.

Photo from Perm: a woman was found in Kungur district, looking 25-30 years old, a complete loss of memory.

She had a son, they were sheltered by one of the employees of the maternity hospital, but the young mother suddenly felt ill and again went to the hospital.

Doctors with the help of the program hope to find her relatives.

Anatoly Mirovyenko is looking for a younger sister: Tatiana E. Shiryaeva, born in 1956, mother died soon after giving birth, Tatiana’s father wanted to take Both children returned to their homeland in Kyakhta, but Anatoly’s grandmother on the mother’s side left the boy in her family.

Vladislav Izotov is looking for a mother: in 1997, Lyubov Petrovna Pakhomova married and left for Turkey, does not make itself felt.

The inclusion of Kiev.

Mother is looking for a son: Vladislav Kovalenko, born in 1995, disappeared on May 22, 2005 in Zhytomyr.

Svetlana Lysenko (Kovalenko) is looking for a brother: Anatoly Petrovich Kovalenko, born in 1963, previously lived in Syktyvkar.

Evgenia Grigorievna Ivanova (Vasilyeva) is looking for friends in the Tyumen Cooperative Technical School, graduated in 1965; He is also looking for a former cadet of the Tyumen Military Engineering School, Valery Ivanovich Kovalev.

Galina Ivanovna Shevchenko is looking for her sister: Vera Ivanovna Lyagaeva, the connection was interrupted in 1992.

Anatoly Semenovich Nazarenko is looking for a son and his friend: Sergey Nazarenko (b. 1975) and Vladimir Sergeevich Gudz (b. 1980) disappeared on November 8, 2003 in Berdyansk.

Tatiana Khodovaeva (Shiryaeva) came to the studio, she is looking for her brother Anatoly, who has already spoken in the stands, and shows exactly the same photo.

Long-awaited meeting with his brother.

Ahmet Pshukov is looking for his father: Sarabi Khasanovich Pshukov, date of birth 04/21/1952, jockey, spoke in Almaty, disappeared on September 11, 2002 on the way to the airport.

Mother is looking for a son: Ivan Akimov, born in 1980, disappeared on May 29, 2005 in Vologda.

Excerpt of the program with the participation of Luigi Pedutto, a former soldier, who during the Second World War, while in a camp in Austria, met Mokrina Ursuk and her daughter Nadezhda.

After the war, Luigi wanted to go to Ukraine, but he was not allowed to.

After many years, lovers met in the studio program.

Continuation of the story, shooting in Ukraine: Mokrin meets Luigi at the station.

In the village, Luigi talks about his house and garden and helps Mokrin with his housework.

A fragment of the parade in Castel San Lorenzo on June 2, 2005, the day of the proclamation of the Italian Republic: at the head of the column is Luigi Pedutto, he is the most famous person in his hometown.

Luigi does not lose hope to persuade Mokrin to move with him to Hope to Italy.





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