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Anchorperson: Aleksandr Domogarov, Chulpan Hamatova

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In 1931 or 1932, a young woman and her four-year-old daughter disappeared.

How exactly disappeared is unknown.

Family expropriated and exiled to Central Asia.

Upon returning from exile, my father cried, telling his older daughter, who was at home, that he had lost his wife and little daughter, her youngest sister.

He was told that they are not alive.

The whole family thought they were dead.

An excerpt of the program dated 12.09.2005: Evdokia Timofeevna Fokina is looking for relatives, talks about life in Kazakhstan and how she somehow ended up in Balashov with her mother Praskovya and after her death she went to an orphanage.

Video script from the Saratov region: found the nephew of Evdokia Fokina - Anna Nevskaya; A woman recounts her and grandfather's memories of family life in the village of Almazovo.

Meeting Evdokii with Anna.

Konstantin Aleksandrovich Momotov, born in 1981, is wanted, disappeared on July 15, 2005 in Nizhny Novgorod under unexplained circumstances; performed by a friend of the family.

Denis Sergeevich Nikolaev is looking for a mother and sister: Olga Viktorovna Chinayeva and Yuliya Aleksandrovna Bogdanova moved from Tajikistan to Russia in 1990.

Roman Bunaryov is looking for a friend: Andrei Kalachev, 23-24 years old, previously lived in the town of Shchelkovo, Moscow region, met while studying at preparatory courses near the Sukharevskaya metro station in 1998.

Wanted Lyudmila Alexandrovna Nam, 1994 p., Gone May 11, 2005 in Kustanai.

The plot of the unknown man, seemingly about 50 years old, memory loss.

He calls himself Peter, no documents, woke up in Kamyshin at the bus station in early August.

I got acquainted with a long-distance driver, he drove him to Moscow and suggested that a man could also be a driver.

Maria G. Boyko is looking for a son who left for work 12 years ago and disappeared.

Filming in Tolyatti: Roman Stepanovich Boyko tells his story; the last 5 years, since the loss of documents, he lives and works on a Russian barkovka farm on the Togliatti suburb.

Meeting in the studio.

The inclusion of Kiev.

Daughter is looking for her father: Kurban Shiberdyevich Kadamov, the connection was interrupted 13 years ago.

Valentina Bogdanovich is looking for a son: Svyatoslav Vasilievich Dudnik, 1970, in September-October 2002, went to Moscow to work, last time he called home in December of the same year, before the holidays.

Antonina Alexandrovna Kuklina is looking for cousins, children of Yevgeny Vladimirovich Kuklin, her father’s younger brother, in 1956 he lived in Stalinsk (Novokuznetsk), worked at the Kuznetsk Metallurgical Plant.

Alina Kubashevskaya is looking for a friend Elke Stark from Germany, the connection was cut off in 1983.

Zinaida M. Matsepras is looking for a son: Vyacheslav Pavlovich Matsepras, born in 1966, lived with his family in Tyumen, in 2002 he went to Nizhnevartovsk to work and disappeared.

Video script from Bishkek: Imambek and Ismambek Kaparov are wanted, children disappeared on August 6, 2004.


Sergey Kosarev is looking for Eugene’s childhood friend, whom she met in 1993 in the Burevestnik camp near Moscow, for her birthday she presented him a book; Zhenya was going to be on the set, but she didn’t come.

Olga Alexandrovna Terekhova is looking for her father: Alexander Grigorievich Terekhov, born in 1941, disappeared in Orsk in August 1995.

Eduard Anatolyevich Mostovoy is looking for his class teacher Lydia Ivanovna Bryukhov, thanks to which he also became a teacher; meeting in the studio with Lidia Ivanovna and her husband Gennady Pavlovich.

Dmitry Vladimirovich Vinnichenko, born in 1966, was wanted, in 1990 he left for work in the Kaliningrad region, the connection was interrupted in 2000; performed by a friend of the family.

Petr Mikhailovich Prodan is looking for a friend of his youth and his sister: Georgy Ivanovich and Anna Ivanovna Lukashevich, the connection was interrupted in 1967.

The family is looking for a son: Anatoly Anatolyevich Gusev, born in 1971, disappeared on March 30, 2004 in the Astrakhan Region together with a friend under unclear circumstances.

A man is looking for a brother: Vasily Vasilyevich Roponika, born in 1951, disappeared in August 1994 on earnings in the Belgorod region.

Excerpt from the program dated August 15, 2005: Nadezhda Filippovna Konstantinova (Divitskaya), date of birth on February 18, 1953, looking for her twin sister Vera, whom her mother gave to a childless family in 1956.

After the release of the program, sister Vera Dmitrievna Seregina (Akateva) herself called the editorial office.

Meeting the sisters in the studio.

10 years ago, 9-year-old Igor Drozdov disappeared.

When the boy’s mother, Svetlana Dmitrievna Belyaeva, became seriously ill and went to the hospital, Igor was taken to an orphanage, then her mother’s friends suggested she take the child to rest in Almaty, since there has been no news of him.

Svetlana wrote in “Wait for me” right after this program appeared on the air.

A federal search was announced, then an international one, Interpol was connected, but the search did not lead to anything.

A video from Kyrgyzstan about underground sect children schools.

Igor Drozdov landed in one of these schools.

Once he managed to escape, and the boy was lucky, he was picked up by good people, he ended up in the family of honored teacher Aku Talay, where he was accepted as his own, and for the next 10 years he lived in the village of Aya.

As an adult, Igor moved to Bishkek, where he lives with friends, has mastered the profession of a high-altitude installer, works on construction sites.

Meeting with mom in the studio.


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