wait me 02, 17, 2003 (2003)

Telecast №82135, 1 part, duration: 0:44:03
Production: VID
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Anchor:Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

Reel №1


This man, his relatives have been searching for him all over the country for a long time, they recognized him on the air of our program.

This is another case of memory loss.

This film we received from the Institute of Judicial Psychiatry.


This is already 18 cases of unusual memory loss.

The plot of the lost Nicholas. (Ether 12.23.2002).

He himself tells his story.

As 7.10.2002, I found myself at the Kazan station ..

He called himself Nikolai, he says this name is close to him.

After the examination, it was discovered that he speaks German, knows the device of the TV and equipment in general.

About him says the attending physician S. Shpor

Today in our studio, the sister of Nicholas, Galya, and she are dating her brother.

The plot of the village Osinniki, where Nicholas was born.

Perhaps, having looked at him, he will remember something.

About his childhood, his family say his brother and mother.

Guest in the studio Svetlana Shpor, Nicholas doctor.

And we received new information about a similar case.

This time from Magnitogorsk.

The plot from Magnitogorsk.

Sasha found himself on the street.

He suddenly realized that there is.

Then came the blackness in the eyes.

Then he began to see.

Realizing that he was in an unfamiliar street in an unknown place, Sasha called for an ambulance.

In his pocket, Sasha found a ticket for the bus Magnitogorsk-Chelyabinsk and decided that he had come from Magnitogorsk.

He is in great physical shape.

Perhaps he was involved in athletics.

Good computer skills.

It is possible that Sasha is a former military man.

Svetlana Shpor, doctor of the Institute of Forensic Psychiatry.

Serbian, ready to help Sasha find himself.

Appeals for help in searching from the studio:

1. Shumskaya Natalia is looking for the son of Shumsky Dmitry, born in 1990. On 28.05.2002 in Moscow, he went outside for a walk and did not return.

2. Maksimova Lydia is looking for daughter Tashlykovu Elena, born in 1971 11.03. In 2000, she left home in Samara and never returned home.

3. Alexander Zakharov is looking for his older brother Vladimir Zakharov, born in 1969

Since 1994, the relationship with his brother was interrupted.

4. Kozina Svetlana is looking for Kozin’s son Artem, born in 1968 8.09. In 2001, he drove his Ford Probe car out of the dacha settlement in the village of

Long Ledovo, Schelkovskogo district of the Moscow region and disappeared.

Videopismo from Holland.

Hone Sarink has been searching for Alexey Filyaev from Smolensk for 59 years.

Hone and Alexey met in 1944 in the Dutch city of Devinter.

Then 15-year-old Hone lived with her parents.

Alexey was a bit older than Hone.

He said that when the Germans entered Smolensk, they burned down their house ..

Alexei, along with two sisters hijacked to Germany.

They spent several months in a concentration camp.

Then Alexey was sent to work in Holland, and the sisters remained in Germany.

The Hone family decided to help Alesha.

They made an escape and hid it in their home.

Alexey confessed to Hone that he would like to marry her.

But she was too young.

Alexey gave her his photo, and promised to return as soon as he found the sisters.

But he did not return.


Pankratenko Vladimir, born in 1970 Found brother Pankratenko Alexander.

In 1973, the mother abandoned children.

They were assigned to an orphanage in the village of Dzhezkazgan, Kazakhstan.

Then Volodya stayed there, and the brothers were sent to Balkhash, to boarding school No. 1 or No. 2. The brothers did not see each other again.

It turned out that Alexander was looking for Volodya through our program.

After 30 years, the brothers meet in the studio.

Alexey came to the kiosk at the Kazan station.

Grishin Alexey, born in 1981 looking for mom, Grishina Tatyana Alexandrovna, born in 1959

The plot of the history of A. Grishin.

He tells about everything.

Mom left home 5 years ago, because of her son, when he began to drink and use drugs and lead a walking life.

Only when Lyosha went to prison did he think about his life.

He really wants to find a mom and start living again.

Teleconference Moscow-Kiev.

Appeals for help in the search.

1. Medvedskaya (Brezhnitskaya) Armor, searching for her sister Brezhnitskaya Nina, born in 1926

During the war, Nina was captured and ended up in Karlsruhe, Germany.

In 1945, Nina sent the last letter and photo.

2. Chernyakov Nikolai is looking for his elder brother Viktor Chernyakov, born in 1937

Mother passed Nicholas to the orphanage and since then the brothers have not seen each other.

Supposedly, he can live in Kustanai or in Krasnoyarsk.

3. Novozhilova Lyudmila is looking for a son Novozhilov, born in 1966

He disappeared on June 20, 2002 in Zaporizhia.

4.Popik Anatoly is looking for the son of Popik Dmitry, born in 1985. 19.11. 2002 he left home for school.

But he did not return home, and he was not at school either.

5. Bugayeva Zoya is looking for a brother, Dmitri Dmitrievich, born in 1927-1928, with whom she broke up in the war in the orphanage in Ananyev.

She is also looking for a grandson, Oleg Bystrov, born in 1963.

In 1995, he enlisted under the contract in military unit 81285 "B" of Murmansk and has not been made known since.

6.Bruslinovskaya Olga is looking for Dmitry Bruslinovsky’s son, born in 1983.

He went from Fastov to Kiev to get a job as a courier.

Since then, the connection with him was interrupted.

The plot from Bashkiria. (Chronicle of the early 20th century, revolution, civil war, pogrom of temples).

On the history of the search for the shrine of the Russian Orthodoxy of the Tabynsk icon of the Mother of God, which was lost during the civil war.

The icon was removed from Russia by the Orenburg Cossacks at the end of the civil war.

Brought her ataman Dutov.

According to one of the versions, the Cossacks took the shrine to China, where until 1961 it was located in an Orthodox church in the province of Uining.

There are still living Russian emigrants, native Cossacks who remember the icon.

According to eyewitnesses, during the years of the cultural revolution, the icon was saved by a Cossack Fedor Kuzmin, who hid it at home.

What happened next with the icon, no one knows.

This is not the only version.

There are people who claim that the icon is still on Russian soil, in one of its private collections, or simply in the home of relatives of one of the Dutovsky Cossacks who may not even be aware of its true value.

Studio Archbishop of Ufa and Sterlitamak, Vladyka Nikon, turned to us with a request to help in the search for the shrine of the Russian Orthodoxy of the Tabynsk icon of the Mother of God.

In Bashkiria, this search has been conducted for many years by the diocese, but to no avail. (Ether dated January 4, 2003)


The family Kirilyuk from Kazakhstan is a copy of the icon of the Tabynsk Mother of God.

They want to transfer it to the Tabyn temple.

The most interesting response came from China from the relatives of a man who witnessed the looting of the Temple in Kuldzha during the cultural revolution.

We hope he will help us in our search.

Calendar: 2003

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