wait me 04/07/2003 (2003)

Telecast №82141, 1 part, duration: 0:44:04
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

Reel №1

Studio Anna Solomonovna Khudyintsova (Yasilevich) is looking for her sister Yaselevich Nina Semenovna, born in 1922, with whom she broke up in 1945 in Germany.

The plot of the story of the sisters Anna and Nina Yaslevich. (Chronicle of war, occupation, camps).

Anna Yaslevich herself tells. (

In 1942, the Germans entered Belarus, occupied Mstislavl, Mogilev region.

Mom with an older sister and a two-week child were shot.

Anne and Nina managed to escape.

They were 14 and 19 years old.

Six months later, people began to steal in Germany.

She spent 3 years in captivity; from 1942 to 1945, Anna worked with her mistress in field work.

Nina at a military factory.

But the sisters did not meet until the release.

Nina met a French prisoner of war.

Soon Anna was sent home, and Nina’s fate is not known, because she was going to stay with the Frenchman. (Ether of 01/27/2003) If you can help in the search, call us.

Photo: Oleg Frolov, born in 1976

In May 1999, he left Prokopyevsk on his white Zhiguli 11 models and disappeared.

Appeals for help in searching from the studio:

1. Oyun Alesya is looking for son Oyun Mergen, born in 1982

He disappeared in the army, in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, 4 months before the demobilization.

2. Hanaminyan Ashot, born in 1927 looking for the brother of Hanaminyan Azat, born in 1922 who in 1942 was drafted into the army and since then nothing is known about him.

Ashot is also looking for a nephew, Hanaminyan Suren, who went to Lebanon, Beirut, and, as they say, became the mayor of Beirut.

3. Anna Morozova (Vishnyakova) is looking for Nikolai Vishnyakov’s brother, born in 1929-1930.

In 1935 the family was repressed.

The children were in the orphanage.

The last letter from my brother was in 1943.

Maria Pimasheva found a friend with whom she met in Kupino, Novosibirsk region, in the harvest season in 1947. Then Maria went on a business trip, and Nicholas was drafted into the army.

Videopismo from Nikolai Balatsky, who recalls acquaintance.

This is the 21st case when a person who has lost his memory turned into our program.

The plot of the lost and lost memory.

He talks about himself.

Woke up on March 17th.

In the pocket of the jacket only the keys.

He realized that he did not know who he was and where he came from.

At the Kazan station, he spent 6 days.

In order not to die of hunger, began to collect and hand over the bottle.

With the money I got, I bought tea, a comb and a pen.

Then someone called him “Sanya!” And he realized that his name was Sasha.

About this "talked" and a tattoo on her arm: "Sasha."

He remembers that his wife has blue eyes.

Now Sasha is in the Institute of Forensic Psychiatry.


It became known that Sasha could drive a car and wrote good poems.

If you can help in the search, call us.

Continuation of appeals about the search from the studio:

4.Abramenko Tatiana is looking for Oksana Mokoseyev’s sister, born in 1974

After the death of her father, her mother left and took her sister away.

Tanya was then 14 years old, and her sister 4.

5. Haim Fratkin is looking for a woman to Hell, whom he met in 1954 in Kirovograd, Kazakhstan.

6. Elena Dubova is looking for Alexander's brother Erokhin, born in 1974 12.02. In 2002, he left Kaluga for work in Moscow and has not yet returned.

7. Rehina Seraphim is looking for the son of Rekhin Dmitry, born in 1975

He disappeared on 01/09/2002 in the Sokolnikov district, near the Riga trestle.


Gromakova (Mokoseeva) Oksana was looking for parents, two brothers and a sister.

Oksana was 2 years old when parents were deprived of parental rights, and children were distributed to different boarding schools.

And her very sister is looking for Tatyana, who is in the studio.

After many years, the sisters meet on the program.


Svetlana Murai was looking for a sister, Solovyova Nadezhda, and a friend of the orphanage Sergey Sergeevich Kotov.

We found Sergey Kotov.

A meeting took place.

And Sergei asked to find his father, a citizen of the Republic of Ghana, Samuel Datti.

The plot is from Tver. (Chronicle of the 60s, students at school, at the dance)

In 1964-1967 father studied at the Kalinin Medical Institute.

In 1966, he and Kotov Nina had a son, Sergey.

For some unknown reason, the boy was in an orphanage.

At one time, the father followed the fate of his son, wanted to take him to himself, but then lost sight of him.

Videopismo father from London.

After 33 years, the son meets with his father in the studio.


Calendar: 04/07/2003

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