wait me (2005) 03.10.2005

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Anchorperson: Aleksandr Domogarov, Chulpan Hamatova, Igorj Kvasha

Reel №1

Galina Ivanovna Pushkareva from the village Prosyanka of the Stavropol Territory is looking for the son of Nicholas.

February 16, 2004, he went to Moscow to work, initially was in Lyubertsy, wrote home, called, and then disappeared.

The last note from him was on the back of some receipt: "Hang on, mother, I will come soon, I'll tell you everything."

Video of the garbage truck driver Sergey Troshin, who once met Nicholas at the dump and began to help; Nikolai talks about life on the street and about trying to earn at least for food.

If he had documents, Sergey would immediately give him money for a ticket to the house, but without documents nothing could be done, therefore Sergey called the editorial office.

Galina Ivanovna meeting with Nikolay, Sergey and his son Anton.

Alexander Domogarov asks Galina Ivanovna to help with the search for people in the villages and villages next to Prosyanka: Yulia Olegovna Ryzhova (Dry Buffalo), Ivan Ivanovich Modest (Donskaya Balka), the Shcheblanovs family (Vysotsky).

Video script from Berlin: Peter Frey is looking for a Russian girl Svetlana from Leningrad, whom he met during the Second World War at a factory in Breslau; Because of the communication with her, they took him to the Gestapo and sent him to a concentration camp; he did not even have time to say goodbye to her.

The inclusion of Kiev.

Orazgeldy Babaevich Amangeldyev is looking for a brother: Palta Babaevich Amangeldyev; He is also looking for other sisters and brothers living in Turkmenistan.

Larisa Vasilievna Shantadze is looking for a husband: Shota Shantadze, born in 1961, disappeared in 1999 in Lugansk, suffers from memory loss, may be in Brest.

Olga Ivanovna Godnya (Kotsyuba) is looking for a cousin: Alexey Mikhailovich Kotsyuba-Avramenko was taken to work in Germany during the Second World War, allegedly returned and lived in the Tambov region.

Elena Nikolaevna Solopul (Derevyanko) is looking for a father: Nikolai Firsin, 1927; other relatives are also wanted.

Father is looking for his son: Felix Akhtarov (or Okhtarov), born in 1958, in 1980 his parents moved from Tajikistan to Ukraine, Felix with his wife and son remained; Last called in 1992 or 1993 from Togliatti.


Galina Stepanovna Loskutova is looking for a son: Dmitry Viktorovich Loskutov, born in 1987, disappeared on November 27, 2004 in Engels, Saratov Region, last called home November 29, and on December 1, fellow students saw him.

Evgeny I. Kuznetsov is looking for Catherine, born in 1983, whom she met in August 2002 at a friend's wedding.

Irina Peterson is looking for a father whom she hasn’t seen since her parents divorced when she was 2 years old.

Video script from Toronto: Viktor Vladimirovich Peterson says that after his parents died, he moved with his sister to Canada and at first wrote letters to his ex-wife, but received no answers.

Meeting in the studio.

Galina Krasnopolskaya is looking for her sister Nina, brothers Nikolay and Valentina Vinogradov, who were taken to Germany during the Second World War.

The family is looking for a son-in-law: Andrei Ilyich Luzgin, date of birth August 10, 1967, disappeared in Ulyanovsk on the night of August 21-22.

Photos of the missing:

Yuri Ivanovich Milyuschenkov August 22, 2005 did not return from hunting in the Kaluga region.

Alexander Vakhrushev, 16 years old, disappeared in April 2005 in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Yevgeny Alekseevich Kalistratov disappeared in 2002 in the Leningrad region, possibly, was the victim of an apartment scam, as he was discharged to a non-existent address.

Vladimir Vasilievich Kondratyev is looking for Yuri, the son of his commander.

Ivan Dmitrievich Khristyukha commanded the special purpose regiment of a group of Soviet troops in Germany, the city of Plauen, in 1958 transferred to the Lviv Military District.

Meeting with Yuri in the studio.

Video script from France: Jacqueline Viefru, her sisters and brother are looking for their mother.

Maria Kurdyumova, date of birth 12/10/1924, met Andre Vieufru in a prison camp.

After the end of the war, they married and lived in France until 1963, when Andre died, and Maria, who never learned French, was deported to Kursk; children grew up in orphanages.

Mother’s grandmother Olga Rozova, grandpa Mikhail Kurdyumov.


Harrison Altraide is looking for her mother, Natalya Vladimirovna Aseyeva, who moved with his father to Nigeria, but soon returned home, previously living in the Crimea.

Nikita Efimov is looking for a friend: Edward M. Danilin, born in 1967, worked as a model in the USA, the connection was cut off in 1991.

Mother is looking for her son: Alexey Nikolaevich Arzamastsev, born in 1980, disappeared on December 22, 2004 in Yekaterinburg.

Zinaida Mikhailovna Sologubova (Kotova) is looking for a sister: Nina Mikhailovna Kotova, born in 1935, brought up together in orphanages in the Penza region, the reasons are unknown, lost in 1949.

Filming in the village of Pavlovskaya: Nina M. Kotova recalls life in an orphanage and invites her sister to visit.

Excerpt from November 1, 2004: Evgenia Vasilievna Mazur is looking for a boy whom her daughter Tatyana found after the earthquake in Leninakan and raised her as her own child.

Tatyana was seriously ill, came home in a wheelchair and died three months later; Zhenya could not bring the boy, because he had not yet received a passport.

Filming in Gyumri: excerpt interview with Zhenya.

Meeting with the grandmother at the Sheremetyevo airport on November 2, 2004.

Continuation of the story, filming in Moldova in September 2005: Zhenya, grandmother and their neighbor talk about life in the village of Frunze; Zhenya works at a bread factory, her grandmother is happy that she again has the meaning of life.


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