wait me 07.11.2005 (2005)

Telecast №82145, 1 part, duration: 0:51:22
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Igorj Kvasha, Chulpan Hamatova, Aleksandr Domogarov

Reel №1

The inclusion of Africa.

A girl named Mpume of the Zulus tribe is looking for an uncle, he is a shaman-sangoma (healer), now he is about 70 years old; Last seen in 1992, according to rumors, my uncle went to Swaziland.


Lyudmila Dmitrievna Komissarova is looking for a niece: Anastasia Dmitrieva, born in 1990, disappeared on October 5, 2005 in the village of Verkhopolye of the Bryansk region.

Anatoly Pavlovich Radko, born in 1955, was wanted, in 1995 he left for work in Moscow, the connection was cut off in 2000, then he was in Zvenigorod; The mother's friend was speaking.

Dinara Dadajanova is looking for her father: Edgarali Dadajanov, the connection is lost in 1993 after the children moved with their mother to Bashkiria.

Sister is looking for a brother: Valery Davydov, born in 1953, disappeared on October 23, 2003 in Kaluga or Kaluga region under unclear circumstances.

Video script from Pretoria: Tatiana Selezneva is looking for a friend of her youth, whom she met in Dzhambul, broke up in 1997 after Alexey moved to St.


Aleksey Sergeevich Potayenko was in the studio and did not immediately believe that this was not a joke.

Meeting with Tatiana.

Video script from Luxembourg: Alex Frank is looking for a former prisoner of war Dmitry Kalashnikov from Voronezh, whom he and his father helped in July-September 1944; I last met in 1946, when Russian prisoners of war were sent home.

Tatyana Nikolaevna Skrynnik is looking for a daughter: Bogdana Leonidovna Skrynnik, born in 1990, ran away from home in Sumy on September 15, 2005, leaving a note.

The plot of Dan: a girl talks about traveling to Russia and about life on the streets.

In search of work, Dana reached the Kazansky railway station, and the sellers of the food stalls immediately informed her of the program’s kiosk.

Dane was asked to sort the letters.

Meeting with mom in the studio.

An excerpt of the program dated 04.07.2005: Arthur Pyrkin from Grozny is looking for relatives; meeting in the studio with aunts Marina Alexandrovna Pyrkina from Izhevsk and Olga Vladimirovna Mikhaylova from Nizhny Novgorod.

An excerpt of the program dated 9/19/2005: the director of the orphanage Bella (Birlant) Kasayeva brought Albert, Arthur's younger brother, to Moscow, the boy was finally able to meet with the family.

The list of children who are in a Grozny orphanage at the Staropromyslovsky district, Butenko village, 85 Ugolnaya Street, the director of the orphanage Birlant Kasayeva:

Evgenia Valerievna Ter-Sarkisians, 1993 p. (father Valery, middle name does not know).

Victor Nikolaevich Lavrentiev, 1995 p. (mother Svetlana, sister Tatiana, brother Igor).

Anzor Aptiyevich Dadaev, 1990 p. (mother Olga, father Aptius).

Dmitry Y. Akhmadov, born in 1986, and Lyudmila Yuryevna Akhmadova, born in 1990, (mother Larisa Khasanovna is killed, there are relatives in Astrakhan).

Ruslan E. Aduev, 1988 p.

Adam Abdulazimovich Dzeitov, 1986 p.

Margarita Vladimirovna Dzhamalkhanova, born in 1991,

Svetlana Vladimirovna Lazovskaya, born in 1994; Anna Vladimirovna Lazovskaya, b. 1995; Elena Vladimirovna Lazovskaya, born in 1998; Julia Vladimirovna Lazovskaya, 1989 p.

David Anatolyevich Naumkin, born in 1990; Emma Konstantinovna Naumkina, 1990 p.

Natalia Ivanovna Ponomareva, 1987 b.

Kirill Vyacheslavovich Peganov, 1994, p .; Victor Vyacheslavovich Peganov, 1989 p.

Nadezhda Peganova, 1996 b.

Ramzan Ruslanovich Tsybishev, born in 1998; Topal-Ali Ruslanovich Tsybishev, 2000 p.

Video letter from Italy: relatives are looking for Antonio D'Amino, born in 1922, with whom communication was broken in 1943.

It is known that Antonio married a Ukrainian girl, his letters from the Kharkiv region remained.

Brother Salvatore wants to inherit an orange grove and a house.

Olga Leonidovna Smirnova is looking for a father: Leonid Mikhaylovich Chernykh, born in 1961, lived in Barnaul.

After the divorce, the mother took her daughter to Ukraine and forbade her to seek meetings with her father, told that he was in prison.

After her mother died, Olga found the address of her former neighbor in Gornozavodsk and wrote to her; the woman replied to the letter and said that the father had not been in any prisons, on the contrary, he was a very good person.

Meeting in the studio.

An excerpt from the program dated 08.22.2005: the son of a Russian officer Dmitry Mikhailovich Znamensky, Pierre-Ivan Dmitrievich Znamensky is looking for relatives in Russia.

According to the memoirs of his father, the family had 10 children.

Immediately after the revolution, Dmitry Znamensky fled to Constantinople, from where he moved to Belgium in the early 1930s and maintained active correspondence with Russia before World War II, then the connection was cut off.

Pierre-Ivan Dmitrievich Znamensky arrived at the shooting program with his daughter Isabel and his son-in-law.

The plot from Belgium: the program staff sought out one of the nephews of Pierre-Ivan, who lives with his parents in Brussels, and arranged a meeting in the park.

A meeting with five more relatives took place in the studio.

Calendar: 07.2005-09.2005

Locations: South Africa [202] Luxembourg [129] The Chechen Republic [756] Italy [110] Belgium [22]

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