wait me 01/10/2006 (2006)

Telecast №82149, 1 part, duration: 0:49:49
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

In the kiosk program at the Kazan station turned one more person with memory loss.

According to the driver, he came to Moscow by bus, he picked him up on the road between Sergiev Posad and Moscow.

The young man was decently dressed, with him was a bag with things and books.

On the cover of one of the books there is a dedication inscription, thanks to which it was possible to start collecting information.

The young man's name is Taras Sidorov, born in 1982, lived in Ukraine, was a novice in a monastery for 2 years, then left for work.

Taras, whom the doctors were able to fully restore the memory, says that he earned a decent amount, returned to Moscow from Kostroma.

On the way to him, the girl who communicated with the two guys sitting behind, sat down at some point, she offered Taras water, after which he woke up on the highway and did not remember anything else.

Filming in the Carpathian village of Lavriv: Svetlana Tsybaniak’s girlfriend, who presented the book to Taras, talks about getting to know him.

Filming in Ivano-Frankivsk, in the Basilian monastery and children's Catholic school: father Pakhomiy, brother Nikolay and parishioners talk about Taras and hope for his imminent return.

Taras is going to return, but at the same time wants to find some relatives, before his adoption, his name was Taras Nikolaevich Zelenchuk.

Wife is looking for a husband: Yuri Ivanovich Milyuschenkov, born in 1940, August 22, 2005 did not return from a hunt in the Kaluga Region.

The father is looking for his son: Abduvali Isakov, born in 1968, in December 2001 he left for work in the Sverdlovsk region and disappeared.

Yulia Vladimirovna Kotova is looking for her sister: Anna Vladimirovna Devochkina, born in 1978, disappeared on August 8, 1982 in the village of Malakhovka, Moscow Region.

Tatyana Nikolaevna Bykova is looking for a classmate Tatyana Klypa (or Klypova, inaudible), with whom she broke off in 1992 when her parents took her to Belarus.

Video script from Switzerland: Tatiana and her husband Ramon Obrist are also looking for a friend, are invited, and Tatiana promises to come to Surgut for the 10th anniversary of school graduation.

Grandmother is looking for her granddaughter: Elena Lebedeva, born in 1989, disappeared on October 27, 2005 in Moscow.

Antonina Vasilyevna Frolova (Zhukova) is looking for a friend of the war years of Paul, born in 1924, last met in 1943.

Australia videopismo: a woman is looking for relatives on the father’s side.

A Soviet soldier from Kharkov, Petr Patrushev, was captured in 1943, in the camp he met his future wife, the Polish woman Helena; daughter Krista was born in 1947.

In 1953, Peter secretly left Germany, changed his last name, received a new passport, and brought the family to Australia.

The surname "Patrushev" may not be real; all his life he was afraid that someone would find out that he was Russian, in the family it was forbidden to ask about the past, they spoke only Polish.

It is known that Peter had a brother and sister, a photo of whom he once saw in a newspaper and carried this clipping with him to the end of his days.

Anna Vasilkova disappeared in Chisinau more than 5 years ago, she was kidnapped from a trolleybus stop; the year before, she had asked the program to help find her father.

Anya said that she and many other people were kept in a house, perhaps somewhere in Kazakhstan; people often changed, they were constantly beaten, forbidden to talk, sold into slavery.

Anya was not touched, they ordered to cook food for everyone.

Once Anya tried to escape with two other girls, Zhenya and Regina, but they were caught, beaten again and threatened to kill the next time.

One of the guards took pity on the girls, took them out of the forest, three days later drove them to the station and put Anya on the train; she came to the city where her father worked as a crane operator, I did not know the exact address, went to the cranes, asked questions and by the end of the day I was able to find my father.

Anya came to the shooting with Georgi Filippovich and fiance Sergey.

Sergey told how he met Anya in a cafe where she worked as a waitress.

The studio hosted a meeting with mother Galina Vladimirovna and daughter Irina.

Petra Doymlen from Germany is looking for her father: Vitaly Z. Kodovbenko, a former Soviet soldier, his mother Petra kept his address, his daughter corresponded with her father for many years.

She wanted to visit him in the USSR, but she was not given permission to leave.

The video script from Lyudmila Vitalyevna’s half-sister: that the father had another daughter in Germany knew the whole village, for some reason he tried to hide it only from his family.

When Peter began to write to him, he also wanted her to come for a visit, but he was not allowed to invite her and he himself was not given permission to leave either.

He died without waiting for the meeting.

Meeting Petra and Lyudmila in the studio.

Locations: Ukraine [229] Switzerland [212] Australia [15]

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