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Anchorperson: Igorj Kvasha, Mihail Efremov, Mariya Shukshina

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Turning on from London.

Margarita and her grandmother, Anna Fedotova, are looking for their uncle: Valery Turonok, born in 1966, disappeared in 2009 in Latvia.

Rimma Porter is looking for a girlfriend: Nadezhda Antsiferova, born in 1952, was friends in Kyrgyzstan, the connection was interrupted in 1992 after Nadezhda moved to Kursk, and Rimma - in Novosibirsk.

Alla Borisova is looking for her cousin: Tatiana Vladislavovna Chumakova, date of birth 01/25/1970, supposedly lives in Novocherkassk, her father’s name is Vladislav Georgievich,  mother's name is Svetlana; the adopted son of VG Chumakov, Sergei, is also wanted; The girlfriend Marina acted.

The Middleton family is looking for Tadeush Rudelevski, born in 1933, disappeared in 1941 in Uzbekistan.


Yevgeny Mikhailovich Sheryshev is looking for a friend: he does not remember his first and last name, in 1960-1962 they served together in Zaporozhye, military unit 22650; Rimma Sharifulovna Nigmatullina performed.

Maria Yarmosh is looking for a mother: Valentina Petrovna Demko, born in 1964, in August 2009 she left for work in Moscow, in November 2010 she was going to go to Vorkuta and disappeared.

Arman Avetikyan is looking for a grandfather: Haykaz Yeghikian moved to Greece in the early 1990s, allegedly still there.

Videopismo from Thessaloniki: the grandfather tells about life in Greece and wishes his relatives health and happiness.

Telephone conversation with Arman grandpa.

Turning on from London.

Tamara Vasilyevna Laykova is looking for a sister: Nelli Naumenko (Galina Vasilyevna Egorova), born in 1943-1944, in March 1947 after the death of her mother was sent to an orphanage in Roslavl  Smolensk region, in total there were 8 children, all the rest were found; Oksana Razina, granddaughter T.V.Laykova.

Pavel Aleksandrovich Podolyak is wanted, the date of birth is 03/05/1922, stolen to Germany in 1943, in 1953 relatives received a letter, according to which he lived in England with his wife and two sons.

Nikolai Kostenko is looking for a grandfather: Vladimir Gerasimovich Grishilo, 1925-1928, after the Second World War, he lived in Kiev, where he was arrested; Nikolai is also wanted Fedorovich Kostenko from Komi and other relatives, with whom communication was lost during the perestroika period.

Olga Malkvest is seeking a father; Alexander Pitusilnik, 1960, p., Lives in the USA, the connection was interrupted in 2002.

Svetlana Kirilinska is looking for a brother: Sergey Linkevich, date of birth 12/03/1967, left Latvia in 1992, last time he called home from the Kaliningrad region around 1994-1995.

Melinda Gorshanova is looking for a half-brother: Kirill Sergeevich Gorshanov, born in 1988, allegedly located in Voronezh; the girl is given a photo with a message from her brother and his phone number.

Search by photos:

Magira Kharisovna Kopytinskaya, born in 1936, disappeared in November 2010 in Solnechnogorsk.

Nikolai Pavlovich Strelov, born in 1954, August 16, 2009 left Moscow for Velsk in the Arkhangelsk Region, last seen at the railway station.

Andrew Malyuk, 26 years old, disappeared in April 2007 in the village of Chernobay, Cherkasy region.

Andrei Sibirtsev, 26 years old, disappeared on March 10, 2010 in St.

Petersburg after a quarrel with a girl.

Alexander Martynets, born in 1973, disappeared in August 2005.

Alexander Vasilyevich Sigurov, born in 1925, disappeared in late March 2008 in Alma-Ata, was last seen at the bus stop when he got on a bus.

Andrei Fadeev, 21, disappeared on May 9, 2010 in Kaluga, was last seen after the end of the festive salute on the Oka embankment.

Ruslan Bliev, born in 1966, is looking for Bella's niece, last time she saw her uncle in March 2005, then he worked in the village of Veselom in the Sochi district.

Andrei Degtyarev, born in 1967, left for work in Moscow in the spring of 2003 and disappeared.

The history of the Bakhtin family.

Alexander Mikhailovich Bakhtin, date of birth 02.11.1965, went to work to raise money for a vision correction operation, disappeared on June 12, 2009 in Nizhny Tagil.

Mother Nina Fedorovna and one of her colleagues tell us how Sasha got a disability and lost her ability to work.

Interview with Alexander: documents were stolen from him, he lived for more than a year on the streets of Moscow, without documents it was impossible to get a job even as a janitor he was interrupted by odd jobs, visited a social hotel, lived at the temple, once even thought about committing suicide, but he was told about the pussies of the program at Kazan station.

Alexander turned there and eventually returned home.

Filming in Yekaterinburg: Director of the Yekaterinburg branch of the IRTC Eye Microsurgery Oleg Shilovsky promises to help Alexander; According to the results of the first operation, the forecasts are positive.

Turning on from London.

Olga Dittler is looking for a friend and a colleague: Sergei Suvorovski, born in 1964, left the UK for Cyprus in October 2010, the last time making itself felt on December 25, 2010.

Angela Tatyanina is looking for a grandfather: Yegor Matveevich Bekrin, born in 1938, the connection was lost in the late 1940s, there are relatives in Transbaikalia and Almetyevsk.

Sergey Pantserov is looking for his brother Alexander, who lives in Magadan, however, the response video came from Chukotka, now his brother lives there.

Ramula Navaraskaite is looking for her sister Dale, with whom she last spoke more than 10 years ago, when Dale lived in Vladivostok; sister found and promised to help organize a telephone conversation.

Filming in the village of Karpunich of the Nizhny Novgorod region: the story of the local nursing home and the youth volunteer movement “Grandchildren by correspondence,” the official name of “Old Age to Joy”;  volunteers write letters to lonely people, prepare gifts at their own expense and help provide old people with the necessary things.

After the release of this story, many new volunteers joined the movement.

Filming in the hospital of the city of Sovetsk Tula region: volunteer Marina Kochevalova, chief physician Elizaveta Vlasova, senior nurse Alexandra Chuprakova, Tatyana Zagulyaeva, the host sister, and patients talk about the gifts and the attention that young people give to the elderly.

Turning on from London.

Andrew Savage (Savage) and his family talk about participating in the filming of the program "Wait for Me" in Russia.

The story of Vasily Danilovich Tarasenko, who lost contact with his relatives during the Second World War.

In 1943, the family received a notice that the son was missing, but the parents never believed that he was dead.

Vasily was captured and was in Germany until the end of the war, he understood that he would be shot at home, so he did not return home, and with the British troops that liberated his concentration camp, he moved to England and became Walter Sevedz.

An excerpt of the program dated December 10, 2007: a meeting of the Tarasenko-Savage family with Russian relatives.

Andrew says that his father wants to go to Russia to celebrate Victory Day, his family says hello to all his relatives in Minsk, Vladimir and Kostroma.


1941-1945 2007 2010


Sverdlovsk region
Nizhny Novgorod region
Tula region
Chukotka Autonomous Okrug

Family; International cooperation; Veterans
Space; Social life