wait me (2007) 26.02.2007

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Anchorperson: Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

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Video from Munich: Lydia and Ivan Brown moved to Germany in the early 1990s.

In the history of the family was a tragic page that they would like to forget.

February 4, 1975 in Orenburg, they had a daughter, who, according to doctors, died a few hours later.

And after 32 years, a letter came to Germany from some kind of "Xenia's woman", she said that the girl is alive and well, grew up in a family of Ukrainian doctors, got married, gave birth to twins, a good man husband, live in prosperity.

The fact that she is a foster child, Julia learned at the age of 15 years.

The adoptive parents always knew where the real ones were, but they told the daughter only what they considered necessary.

The letter did not have the name of the sender and the return address, in Orenburg they did not manage to find a single witness, all hope that Yulia would see the program and respond herself.


Herman Motuz is looking for his father: Valluri Srinivas, born in 1968, graduated from the University of Friendship of Peoples in 1992, worked in Moscow and St.

Petersburg, in 1998 he returned to India; there is a stepbrother and sister - Cid and Cindy.

Lidia Y. Vaseva is looking for a son: Andrey O. Vasev, born in 1972, disappeared on March 8, 1994 in the village of Zverosovkhoz near Ulan-Ude; The mother's friend was speaking.

Mariana Saraeva is looking for classmates Tatyana Trofimenko and Irina Balakhnina, we went to school number 2 in Chita together, and we parted after transferring military parents to a new place of service; Irina was last seen in 1990.

Elena Maximova studied at the same school and is looking for a classmate Olga Yuryevna Minaeva (Pribylov), born in 1971.

Video script from Chita: class teacher Natalya Nikiforovna Neznanova and classmates Svetlana Alferova, Oksana Khokhryakova, Elena Semenova, Stanislav Pugachev, Irina Plaksyuk, Irina Kalinina (Koreshkova), Sergey Sokolov, Oksana Chernova, Natalya Ershova talk about themselves, their successes, families, send greetings and invite guests.

Mariana meeting with Tatiana Trofimenko and Irina Balakhnina.

Meeting Elena with Olga Minaeva.

Nina Shaboldina is looking for a relative: Alexandra Andreevna Igolnikova, circa 1942-1944, grandfather and grandmother Sergey Ilyich and Anastasia Mitrofanovna Nosov they gave the child to an orphanage in Karachev, Bryansk (in those years, Oryol) regions in 1944-1946, the girl was her niece.

Nadezhda Sidyakina is looking for a son: Alexey V. Sidyakin, born in 1977, disappeared on June 29, 2004 in the Ryazan Region.

Search by photos:

Moroccan citizen Rashid Kamuni went to study in Russia and disappeared, her parents received the last letter in 1992, the envelope was the address of the hostel of the State University of Communications.

Vyacheslav Garkin, born in 1970, 10 years old on the photo, disappeared 26 years ago in Kuznetsk, Penza Region; relatives believe that he is alive.

Yevgeny Morozov disappeared in 1999 during his military service in Khabarovsk-41, the village of Krasnaya Rechka.

The plot of the brothers Igor and Sergey (no last name).

Filming in the village of Kazanka near Aktobe: neighbors say that the boys' father died, and after the death of the mother they had to sell the house for demolition to bury her.

They lived in this house for another two years, since there was nowhere else to live.

Then they were kicked out, then they went to look for a big sister in Russia.

Without documents they were detained at the border, Seryozha was sent to an orphanage, Igor was held for a week in the police in Orenburg, then released.

Five years later, a friend Rustam helped Igor send a request to the program's website via the Internet.

In the studio, Igor met his sister Svetlana.

Serezha lives in the same place where before - in the village of Kazanka.

Vladimir Fedotov is looking for his beloved girlfriend: Natalia Vladimirovna Gritsai, born in 1981, met in 2006 in St.

Petersburg, lost phones.

Leonid Elpineer is looking for a stepson: Ilya Vladimirovich Rezin, born in 1962, the connection was interrupted in 2005.

Mother sisters Natalya and Guanda (no names mentioned) are looking for fathers.

Natalia's father’s name is Grigori Yakovlevich Beneson, born in 1949, there was no information about him at the time of the release of the program.

Отца Гуанды зовут Исмаэль Кордоба Арройо, он учился в Университете Дружбы Народов, затем уехал домой в Панаму; Гуанда его не помнит, была слишком маленькой, а Наташа помнит, так как он прожил с ними почти четыре года.

In search of Ismael helped one of the former heroes of the program - Marcos Medalla from Chile, now living in Toronto.

Marcos also once studied in the USSR, met a girl named Victoria, then, like Ismael, was forced to return to his homeland, where in September 1973 there was a military coup,  Marcos was arrested, he was in prison; for a long time, Vika had no news of him, but she believed that he was alive, and many years later they met in the studio of the program.

Toronto video script: Marcos turns to Guanda and tells that he is looking for her father with the help of his acquaintances in Latin America.

The video script from Panama: Ismael Arroyo recalls the relationship with Guanda’s mother, tells us that she has a younger sister, Kathleen, in Russia, whose fate he has not known since 1982, and Ismael and Jonathan brothers in Panama.

Meeting Ismael in the studio with Guanda, Natalia and Kathleen.




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