wait me (№ 1 ) 10/03/2003 (2005)

Telecast №82166, 1 part, duration: 1:00:01
Producer VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Domogarov Aleksandr, Hamatova Chulpan

Reel №1


A year ago, a man disappeared.

He went to Moscow to work, wrote, called, and then disappeared.

The last note from him was hastily written on some receipt: “Hang on, mother, I will come soon, I'll tell you everything”.

And that's all.

Now Galina Ivanovna Pushkareva, she is 75 years old, from the village of Prosyanka, Stavropol Territory, came to us - to look for her son.

Son of Nicholas, found thanks to the garbageman Sergei Troshin, who in July called us.

The plot is about how Nikolai was found and how he lived all this time.

So once, about two years ago, Sergey, loading garbage on one point - he found a man among the boxes.

The peasant called himself Nikolai, immediately laid out his story about how he came to Moscow to work from Stavropol, he was “thrown” here, and in addition he was robbed.

So he can not go home.

Now he lives in the garbage.

Sergey helped Kolya with food, sometimes he gives money.

He was thinking of sending Kolya home.

Money for a ticket would give - it is not difficult.

The problem is in the documents.

How to restore them?

Collection and delivery of dishes.

Friends Kohl.

Meeting mother and son in the studio.

The plot from Berlin, Germany.

A love story.

His name is Peter Frey, lives in Berlin, was born 10/10/1923. in Breslau, now it is Wroclaw, Poland.

During the war, he was in a labor camp - he worked in a factory in Breslau, and he would very much like to find a Russian girl, a student from Leningrad, who also worked there.

Unfortunately, he does not remember her name, since more than 60 years have passed, maybe Svetlana.

She was 2-3 years younger than him.

She studied German in Leningrad.

He remembers how she spoke German: "Peter, you are a frog!" and really would like to know how her life was.

Teleconference Moscow-Kiev.

Appeals for help in searching:

1.Amangeldiyev Razgeldy is looking for brother Amangeldyev Palt and relatives in Turkmenistan.

2. Shantadze Irina is looking for her husband Shotadze Shota, born in 1961

He disappeared in 1999 in Lugansk, Ukraine.

3.Godnya Olga Ivanovna is looking for a cousin Kotsuba Alexey.

Gone during the Second World War.

He was hijacked to Germany.

4.Sovkun Elena is looking for his father Firsenko Nikolai born in 1927

5.Akhtarov Nurkhen is looking for the son of Akhtarov Felix, born in 1958

Communication with neither discontinued in 1993

Appeals for help in searching from the studio:

1. Loskutova Galina Stepanovna is looking for the son of Dmitry Loskutov. 27.11. In 2004, he left home for classes at a university in Saratov and did not return.

2. Kuznetsov Eugene is looking for a girl.

In August 2002, at a wedding with a friend, I met a cute girl Katya.

Unfortunately, the phone did not have time to take ...


Irina Peterson, 20 years old, Uryupinsky district, Volgograd region, found her father, Viktor Peterson.

The plot is from Toronto, Canada.

Father Victor Peterson tells how he got there.

Beautiful plans for Canada, Toronto.

Says that he wrote many times, but without an answer.

Shows photos of his daughter from his archive.

After many years, father and daughter meet in the studio.

Continuation of appeals about the search from the studio.

3.Galina Krasnopolskaya is looking for brothers Nikolay and Valentina, and sister Nina Vinogradovs, with whom, in the winter of 1942, the war separated her.

They lived in the village.

Ivanovo, Mginskogo (now Kirovsky) district of the Leningrad region.

4. Andrey Luzgin, born in 1967, is looking up 07/21/2005 left home in Ulyanovsk and still has not returned.

Photos and brief stories of the lost:

Yuri Milyuschenkov.

August 22 did not return from hunting in the Kaluga region.

With him was the dog you see in this picture.

Dilbar Mamadzhanova, she is 18 years old. 12/14/2004 she went to work in Khimki and since then nothing is known about her.

This boy was detained in September 2004, in the Moscow region, on a highway near Noginsk.

He does not give his name or surname ...

In appearance he is 9-10 years old.

This picture was sent from Albania.

And it was made about 40 years ago, in Leningrad.

This is Nina Vasilievna Demurina ...

Albanian Lucan Shiti is looking for her.

And here they are with her daughter.

Sasha Vakhrushev, he is 16 years old.

He disappeared in April of this year, in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Went to a rock concert and disappeared.

Evgeny Alekseevich Kalistratov.

He disappeared 3 years ago, in the Leningrad region.

It is likely that he was the victim of an apartment scam.

Please respond to everyone who knows something about this story ...

And this picture was sent by Vladimir Vasilyevich Kondratyev from Kazakhstan.

In military uniform, he himself, only 50 years ago.

And in his hands - the son of the commander, Yura - he wants to find him.

I wanted to find that I came to the studio and met with Yuri.

The plot is from France. (Chronicle of the b / w war years, France)

This story began during the war.

In the German captivity, the Frenchman Andre Weifru met Maria Kurdyumova.

After the war, he took her to France.

They had four children.

In 1963, Andre died.

Maria, not knowing the language, could not work.

Authorities took away her children and deported her to their homeland.

Now, according to the youngest daughter of Jacqueline, the children would like to find their mother.

Continuation of appeals from the studio:

5.Altraide Harrison is looking for her mother, Natalia Aseeva.

His father Altaidea Godstime, a Nigerian citizen, studied at the Simferopol Medical Institute, where he met N. Aseeva.

6.Nikita Efimov is looking for a friend of Mikhail Danilin, born in 1967

Communication with him broke in 1991

7. Alexey Arzamastsev, born in 1980, is looking up 12/22/04 left home in Yekaterinburg and has not returned so far.


The story of the search for Zinaida Kotovoy, 69 years old, who is looking for Kotova Nina Mikhailovna, born in 1934

They were pupils of Mezhdurechensk orphanage, Penza region.

After the orphanage was disbanded, I was sent to Narovchatsky orphanage, and my sister was sent to work in N. Pestrovsky district, at a glass factory.

More we have not seen her.

Fifty years looking for her.


Chronicle b / w.

Stalin, Moscow of the 30s, children in physical education.

The plot of the village of Pavlovsk, Rostov region.

The older sister N.M. Kotova.

Talking about his family.

Invites her sister to visit.

After more than 50 years, the sisters were found.

Leading hands Z.M. The sister's cat address.

Fragment of the transmission from 1.11.2004

Mazur Evgenia Vasilyevna found her grandson Eugene, who lived in Leninakan, Armenia.

The plot is from the city of Gyumri, Armenia.

Chronicle of the earthquake in Leninankan in 1988, says grandson Eugene.

He remembers those terrible days.

Tells about his life-being.

Airport Sheremetyevo-2.

Grandmother meets with her grandson.


Frunze, Moldova.

Eugene tells how they were met at the station.

Grandmother cares for the dog's grandson.

Eugene at work in the bakery.

Calendar: 03.10.2005

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