wait me (2005) 01.24.2005

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Anchorperson: Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

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August 3, 2004 man disappeared.

He came from Orenburg to Moscow to Kazansky railway station, the next day he was to take the train to Severodvinsk, but he was not seen anywhere else.

In Moscow two years before the premiere of the American film "K-19" about the accident on board the Soviet submarine.

Paradoxically, these events are related to each other, because Vyacheslav Stepanovich Pachin, one of seven volunteers who, after the liquidation of the accident had to drive the boat into a safe zone, was missing.

Personnel news: a brief history of the atomic boat K-19.

Filming in Orenburg: Vyacheslav's sister, Evgenia Stepanovna Pachina, talks about the disappearance of his brother.

Evgenia Stepanovna arrived at the shooting program.

One can only guess what happened to Vyacheslav Stepanovich at the station, why he did not get on the next train.

Most likely, he was robbed, he was left in the city without money and documents.

Perhaps, as a result of stress, the consequences of that long-standing accident, began to fail memory ...

On September 24, Vyacheslav Stepanovich went to the grocery store and tried to bring out a few chocolate bars (usually chocolate comes in submariners rations).

The officers detained him, called the police, and as a result, the man found himself in a remand prison and spent a month and a half in Matross silence, waiting for the trial.

Having found out who was arrested, the store manager wanted to withdraw the application, but the case was already set in motion.

All these months, former colleagues helped Vyacheslav Stepanovich to look all over the country; thanks to their help, the sentence was replaced with conditional, V.S. Pachina was released in the courtroom.

Visiting the program is Captain I rank Gleb Sergeyevich Bogatsky, discussing the search and the current state of health of Vyacheslav Stepanovich, who after his release lives at his home.

Considering all the circumstances, the meeting with the sister took place outside the studio.

Ksenia Kulikova is looking for a young man named Andrew, whom she met on July 28, 2004 on the Moscow-Stavropol train.

Olga Shumova (Spichkina) is looking for school friends Vera Makarova and Tatiana Melnik, whom she broke up with in 1974.

Mother is looking for her son: Alexey Vladimirovich Shudegov, born in 1988, disappeared on March 23, 2004 in the city of Rzhev.

Mother is looking for a daughter and a grandson, who in 1999 moved to Russia; The last letter was sent by the daughter in August 2000.

The plot of the orphanage: Cyril Ilyasov was here April 30, 2004 after his mother went missing, and the owner of a rented apartment drove him into the street.

Meeting Cyril with her grandmother in the studio.

Mother is looking for her son: Oleg Leontievich Andreev, born in 1956, disappeared on June 17, 2004 in Moscow; disabled childhood

Ekaterina Sheina is looking for a husband and his friend: Alexander Shein (born in 1972) and Alexander Kapustin (born in 1970), disappeared on October 22-23, 2004 in the Tver Region, while fishing on Lake Volgo.

Natalia Krivtsova is looking for a daughter: Maria Krivtsova, 1983, b. disappeared March 13, 2002 in Voronezh.

Later it turned out that she and her friend went to Moscow, lived and worked in Maryino, then the friend returned home, before that she and Masha broke up and did not overlap anymore.

An excerpt of the program of 12/20/2004: the story of the girls who disappeared in Moscow, Maria Krivtsova is mentioned among them.

Program staff found a similar girl in a Moscow market, but the name and surname turned out to be different.

To find out for sure, but not to frighten the girl off, the actors Natalya Selezneva and Spartak Mishulin volunteered to help, under the guise of filming an episode for the film, shot Masha and persuaded them to say hello to their relatives.

Masha's meeting with her mother and other relatives in the studio.


Bogatsky GS - Captain I rank in the reserve, a veteran of special risk units of the Russian Federation, corresponding member of the International Academy of Ecology, Human Security and Nature.
Seleznev N.I. - Theater and film actress, People's Artist of the Russian Federation, Honored Worker of Culture of Poland.
Mishulin S.V. - Theater and film actor, People's Artist of the RSFSR, Honored Worker of Culture of Poland.


12.2004 1961



Family; Veterans; Courts and prosecutors
Social life; State institutions